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My Perfectly Imperfect Thrift Store Find

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You know me –  I love to find old stuff and give it new life with paint, fabric, or something decorative.  I am not afraid to get down and dirty to clean a piece up and make it shine again.  Every time I go into a thrift store I always get super excited as I never know what I may walk out with. That is the fun of thrifting – the thrill of the hunt.

A few weeks ago – I stumbled upon this – actually two of these tall round metal stacking tables at my favorite thrift store – 2nd Avenue in North Wales, PA.


As soon as I spotted them – I swooped them up knowing they would be perfect to use in a tight spot by a chair in my family room.  The pair cost me $6.00.

To make the tables fit more into my style – I saw only two flaws and I knew I could fix.  The first – I didn’t want the crystals  – easy to remove.  Done. (Don’t worry I saved the crystals and you will be seeing them come to life again in another project soon.)

The second flaw was that after removing the crystals,  small holes were left in the scalloped edge of each table.  I figured I would use Bondo filler to fill them in and would do that on another day. In the meantime I placed the tables in their new home.

Thrift Store Decorating

Every time I was in the room and caught sight of them – I smiled – just perfect.  With so many square edges in the room – the round shape of the tables added a pleasing contrast.  The dark metal finish also accents the vibe I am trying to achieve in the room.  The tall one for a reading lamp, the small one for a hot cup of tea or cider now that Autumn is right around the corner – perfect.

Decorating with Thrift Store finds

My family room is the room in my house that has always been the hardest to decorate. It is long and narrow, open concept on one wall  and has a focal point on the other 3 walls.  When Ed lost his job over 3 years ago I was in the midst of redecorating it.  That news put my plans on hold. They are still on hold and I have added a tweak here and there, but nothing major in the way of new furniture, rug, and lighting.  These little $6 tables have brought decorating joy to my life and have inspired me to make a few positive changes to the room – like finally getting around to painting the corner cabinets white. :)   This makes me –  beyond happy as I have wanted these cabinets white since the day I bought them.

Painting Furntiure white

After a few weeks had gone by I decided – if I love them so much just as they are,  why change them?  I found I liked the tables, holes and all – they remind me of just how much joy a thrift store find can bring me.   The holes make them imperfect – yes –but they also give them character and charm and make me smile knowing that they were “a find”.

If I cover up the holes – they will look perfect – something that I could pick up at any furniture store, plus no one would take notice. On the other hand – flawed with holes – friends and family will be curious and ask– why the holes? It will start a conversation – like when you place a book on your coffee table that shows your interests.  These tables do that for me – my passion and interest in all things diy, affordable, and decorative.    Fun – they are an extension of my style and what I am all about.   Perfect, I don’t need – charm, style, and character -I thrive on.  These perfectly imperfect tables remind me of that –so I am going to keep them just the way they are.

*Later on I added some temporary paper to add a little flair. Check out the updated tables here.

Decorating with white

Now I  have to turn my attention to holes that do need filling.  No charm or character to be found in holes in the wall above the tables where there used to be  a wood valance, curtains, and two rods.


These holes don’t add any character – they are just eyesores that I need to take care of with some Spackle and paint – ASAP.  This wall I want perfect – or at least close.



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  1. Immediately I thought they were perfect with their little holes. In fact….they make the little tables come to life. I’m so happy for you to find such a delightful blessing for such a tiny investment. Your family room is lovely. What a wonderful spot to relax in. I hope your husband finds works soon. It was 2.5 years for us. A year ago we were house hunting…can’t believe it’s just a month less than a year since we moved here and started a new life. I pray that for you too. {hugs}

  2. Hi Diane, I think the little holes add a lace-like element. Very cute and I don’t think you should ever fill them! If you wanted to add a fun twist, you could thread some colorful ribbon in and out of the holes. I love your family room!

    1. I have to remove big wall anchors first – my holes are going to be huge. I will think of you when I Spackle. :)

  3. Great tables. There is nothing better than the treasure hunt walk down the aisles of a thrift/second hand store at that moment when I spot something. And you are so right, there is a smile on my face when I see my finds in their new homes.

    I love the tables the way they are. But I was also thinking they would be fun and femme for a teenager painted a light color with faux gems or beads covering the holes. Such versatile tables. Great find!

  4. Diane,

    I love your find at the thrift store and how you made it work so nicely in your home! I am always looking for good thrift stores and I live very close to North Wales. What is the name of the thrift store you love in North Wales? I would love to find some treasures there myself!

    I get alot of inspiration from your blog! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Nothing is better than a special find under $10! Love it! My hubby and I just hit up a bunch of thrifty spots last weekend and scored some good treasures. So much fun!

  6. You have just described how I FEEL after finding the perfect thrift store treasure! Great knowing a kindred spirit!

  7. It’s tough to find small and cute tables, but you scored with yours–only $6–well done, Diane! They look just right in your family room. I hear you–we are on a really tight budget, so I try to do things for our home as inexpensively but creatively and prettily as I possibly can, and you certainly do a fantastic job of this, and then share all your wonderful tips with us, which I appreciate very much!

  8. Amazing how those tables gave you the inspiration and motivation to paint those cabinets! The room looks fantastic! I’m am envious of all of the white… with a black dog, ginger cat and a parrot, white will never be an option in our home!

  9. I’ve enjoyed watching this room come about! I am behind the times technically, and am going to have to get a new TV. I like your flat screen above the fireplace (which I loved seeing how you “rocked” it!) but where are your TV and cable cords? This question has delayed me from getting a new TV!

    1. Hi Beth – I should write a post on what I did – not perfect, but it works OK. We could not drill behind the wall to run the cords to an electrical and cable outlet since the wall behind the TV is brick. This is what I did. I bundled all the cords coming out of the back of the TV every 10-inches with plastic cable ties. I then covered the long expanse of bundled wires with a long sheath of white fabric that is essentially a fabric cord cover. I added Velcro along the entire length of the fabric cover so it would stay around the cables. It rests along the top of the mantel. Since it is white and the walls are white it sort of disappears. Not the perfect solution of running them behind the wall, but it does hide all the cords in a nice neat way.

      1. Thanks, Diane! My wall is a corner brick fireplace flanked by built-in oak bookcases on each side. Since I can’t drill into the wall & don’t want to mar the bookcases, I can try something like that which will blend in with the color of my brick and wood. I have taken so many fun ideas from your posts!

  10. Diane,

    Those tables are adorable and add just that extra special element to the room. I just love your blog! Even though I don’t comment a lot, I get so much inspiration from you.

  11. Oh, I am so glad you decided to leave the holes! My first thought when I read that you were going to fill them with bondo was “WHY?” I think they are “perfect” just as they are!

  12. Diane,
    I actually like the holes. It adds an extra element and almost makes the borders look like eyelet or doilies. Love the new tables!

  13. It looks like I am in fine company with my thoughts on your tables… the holes are a feature and look great. When I read that you were planning to fill them, I was disappointed as they suit the tables – actually even better without the crystals.
    Such a great buy. The op shops here in Australia seem to be very expensive.

  14. Beautiful. Beautiful post. Beautiful tables. Beautiful room. Beautiful you. I love following your blog. Thank you for your inspiration. I’ve never done the DIY, but you give me courage. :) Thank you.

  15. You make it all look so easy, fun too. Happy the tables were left holed! Great onversation piece plus gives them a bit of unique style . . .

  16. I love the tables just as they are. At the beginning of your post when you said you were going to fill them up – I thought, “No. Don’t do it!”. :) They look like a scalloped scrapbook border – maybe that is why I like them so much! Your room is beautiful!

  17. I love your description of walking into the room and smiling every time you see your new purchases. I do that too when I find something “just right” for the space. It is obviously even better when I get a good deal like you did.
    I think the holes look like they should be there. If you ever change your mind about them, you could get some cute brads to put in the holes.
    Looks like your kitty photo bombed a couple of pics : )

  18. Hi Diane! You find the best items in thrift stores!!! I love metal tables. They add character to an area if placed in the right way. And yours definitely adds character to your family room. The entire scene is just gorgeous! Your sweet cat looks like he wants to be mischievous and get into that beautiful mum plant. Watch out!

  19. Oh yes, of course I love those tables.

    And are you going to leave your doors uncovered now?

    I am positively moving my curtain rods to almost the top of lowest wall, leaving room for someday crown molding. I have short vaulted ceilings, the almost flat roof ones here in Florida. Plus, since I have I have given up on Plantation Shutters, I have been oogling the window film/clingy window coverings, but like everything else I will have to wait for who knows how long to afford even those. lol

  20. Oh, you did paint your corner cabinets. You have been busy. And is that a new round table too? And a new pillow? You stay so busy.

    And tell little Trax how cute he is… as always.

  21. Pretty tables, Diane! I like them as they are with the holes, too. I don’t think they are a flaw. I may have some curtain rod holes to fill myself. I hung a rod a tiny bit too low in our sunroom and it is noticeable compared to the other rods, so it’s got to move up.

  22. Diane…so funny. As soon as I saw the holes, I thought I LOVE them! It looks like the Fiskars border punch that is scalloped with holes. I think it adds to the dainty edge. Glad you are keeping it! :)