My Weekend in Vermont

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My husband and I went to Vermont over the weekend to see our daughter. The Weather Channel said it was going to be sunny – they were wrong!  It was overcast and rainy the entire weekend, but we did not let that hamper our activities. Vermont is always a beautiful place to visit no matter what the weather.

We went to Burlington which is the the largest city in the state.  It is a college town that sits on the eastern banks of  Lake Champlain.  There is so much to do in Burlington from outdoorsy stuff to great shopping, window browsing, people watching, and enjoying delicious cuisine at the many restaurants in town. We always try to fit in as much as is possible. It is a 7 hour trip for us. We leave early in the morning so we can arrive and still enjoy biking along the waterfront bike path before it gets dark.   The foliage was still pretty, but past its peak.

Bike Path in burlaington Vermont

The bike trail is one of the best I have ever been on.  It takes you out into and over the lake on a causeway that was once used for a railroad that connected to the Champlain Islands. We didn’t go that far, but did cross over quite a few bridges.

Bike path along Lake Champlain

We went hiking on Saturday afternoon even though it poured. When we got up to the top the scene looked like something right out of Field & Stream magazine. I didn’t want to disturb this fisherman and his dog.

Hiking in Vermont

But we were pretty excited to have made it all the way up.

On the way back down I was tempted to take a few branches of pepper berries that lined the trail.

My mind was on overdrive and coming up with many ways that I could use them to decorate my house for the holiday season. I was a good nature girl and let them be.

We were soaking wet when we got back down to the car.  To warm up we stopped at the Boyden Valley Winery for a wine tasting.  I liked the Big Barn Red the best and came home with a bottle.

Boyden Valley Winery

The Willard Street in Burlington VT

On Sunday morning we were invited to have brunch with the owners of the Willard Street Inn. It was delicious and a treat to get to sit down and enjoy getting to know the Innkeepers Larry and Katie Davis. They were so warm and inviting, the Inn is just beautiful – down to the smallest detail.  They have owned it for the past 6 years and run it with the help of two of their grown children.

The Inn was built in 1881 and has quite a history.

The Willard Street Inn

I noticed every detail – the brick design on the front step landing.

Front Door of the Willard Street Inn in Burlington Vermont

Decorated grapevine to greet you.

The Willard Street Inn

The breakfast room or Solarium is my favorite.  Look at the wall of windows XO  If you follow me on Pinterest you know I have a whole board filled with nothing but rooms with windows like these.

The Willard Street Inn

The molding and architecture is so detailed and everywhere you look.  Look at the size of that door

Old House Interiors

Paneled walls throughout and ceilings, too!

Ceiling molding ideas

So much detail to take in.  This fleur de lis pattern is made of plaster and in the room where guests check in.   I am not sure of what it is called, but you just don’t see decorative treatments like this anymore.

Decorative Plaster Walls

Big crown molding sits on top of the fleur de lis walls.

Crown Molding Ideas

I wish I could have a door like this in my home. It opens up to the back porch and gardens and a view of Lake Champlain.

Window Wall Ideas

If you are ever in Burlington, Vermont and want to stay in style then you will love The Willard Street Inn. You can find out more about the house, the inn, and the innkeepers by visiting their website The Willard Street Inn.

Fireplace Decorating Ideas

On Friday night we went to an Art Show. One of the chefs at the inn, Trevor Sullivan, paints on old window sashes. Here is a painting he did of the back of the Inn that was on display and for sale at the Art Show.

Wilalrd Street Inn Art on an Old Window Sash

The weekend went by way too fast, but we had fun spending time with our daughter.  On our 7 hour drive home we stopped the car a few times so I could get a few photos of some cute and clever hay roll cats-

Hay Bale Art - Cat

Gray cat made of hay bales and rolls

and hay roll dogs.  Are they not a cute way to make art out of all the big rolls of hay you see in the farms and fields you drive past?

Hay Art - Dog made of hay bales and rolls

Farm hay roll art - Doy

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  1. Hi – just happened to fall onto your website and have spent the last 4 (very lazy) hours perusing your site! OMG! where have you been hiding! Love the pics of NY (haven’t been since I was 4) and the pics of Vermont make me want to go out and get my passport. Yes, sadly there was a time when passports to cross the border from Montreal to Vermont were not needed. Haven’t been in ages!! Thanks for sharing!!! Love those cat and dog bales of hay!!!

  2. Fabulous post on Vermont!! I’m going next weekend – my daughter is finishing her degree @ Marlboro College, going for her senior show + side trip to Woodstock :)
    love your blog and creativity <3

  3. SO GORGEOUS! I especially loved the hay cats and dogs.

    I live in Southern California where we don’t have seasons like other parts of the country do. I was lucky enough to drive from NYC to Vermont in the month of September many years ago. The leaves and colorful foliage was so beautiful and something we don’t get in the L.A/Orange County area.

  4. This is a great post, we are hoping to go to Vermont next weekend to check out the foliage. I love your highlights and took note of the inn you stayed in which looks wonderful as well. Thanks for sharing the natural beauty is breathtaking and looks like you had a blast!