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Decorating My Granddaughter’s Nursery

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I am back!

Back home after spending the last week with my new granddaughter, her mom and dad as well as my younger daughter. It was hard leaving… really hard, but it was time for Ed and I to get back home, back to our routine, daily life and work.

Baby Zoe-with-Diane

So many of you asked to see more photos…. so here you are. I took a million as I am sure you totally understand. :-)


I enjoyed every second being able to help my daughter and son-in-law enjoy the first week of being parents. Getting to hold this little cutie was what I enjoyed the most!

Thank you for all your congratulatory comments and emails :-) after I posted last week that I became a grandmom.  Many of you asked about the baby’s nursery – how it was decorated or if I was helping to decorate it?

To answer these questions, I thought I would share what I have done so far for the nursery. Of course I am helping as much as I can, but living far away doesn’t make it easy.

I did mention a few weeks ago that I was helping my daughter by painting a few pieces of furniture that she bought at her local ReStore.

With these factors in mind, my daughter didn’t want to spend a lot on the nursery since they will soon be selling or renting the home. For the next few months the baby won’t even use the room as she is sleeping in a bassinet in their room where they also have a comfy rocking chair.

Before the baby was born, they painted the room in a neutral color knowing that they were not going to be staying in the house.  Once they put the house on the market or for rent, it is ready to go for showings.

Baby nursery decorating ideas on a budget

The nursery colors are going to be a mix of lavender, purple and wood tones.

The crib was bought at their local Restore. It is going to stay as is. They cleaned it and bought a mattress and new lavender and white bedding for it.

The bench/toy chest was green when they bought it which you can still see on the underside of the lid. I painted it over the last few days with DIY chalk paint that I made using acrylic craft paint and Webster’s Chalk Paint Powder. If you can’t find Calcium Carbonate Powder to make chalk paint, I like this powder. It is a little bit more expensive but mixes well into any type of water-based paint to make chalk paint any color you desire.

If you are new to making chalk paint, you can read more how to do it, in this series of posts: DIY Chalk Paint Recipes

Second hand crib and toy chest being painted in room that will be turned into a nursery.

The paint is still drying in this picture but when fully dry, the color will match the purple and white African print blanket that is hanging over the crib rail.

The paint color looks kind of blue in this photo, but it is purple. The blanket is one of many decorative items my daughter brought home with her when she lived abroad. It is nice to see her use it in her home in such a special way.

How to Mix DIY Chalk Paint and Store It

Since I was working away from home, I only brought a few painting supplies with me. I didn’t have my complete set up, I had to improvise a little. Here are two furniture painting tips that I found worked extremely well and will be using from now on. The best part is they won’t cost you a dime.


To mix up the chalk paint, I had to go in search of something to hold and store the paint. When I am at home, I have saved all sorts of containers with lids to use when I make my own chalk paint. At my daughter’s house I had to be resourceful and headed to their recycling bin where I found these cleaning wipe containers.


They turned out to be a total win. They have a built-in place to wipe some of the paint off the brush before applying it. This feature, plus the snap-on lid that you can “burp” to remove air from the container, makes it a really nice container to mix and store paint.

I also didn’t bring blocks of wood or hard foam to use to raise the chest off the floor to paint it. My daughter suggested cat food cans to raise it. They worked perfectly.  So if you need to lift a piece of furniture off the floor to easily paint the bottom sections – grab 4 cat food or tuna cans in your pantry to do the job.

The paint I used on the chest is Apple Barrel Brand, the color – Purple Pansy. I used four 2-ounce bottles, 2 tablespoons chalk paint powder, and 2 tablespoons of water to make the chalk paint.

Second hand furniture being painted and transformed for a baby nursery decorated on a small budget.

Once the paint is completely dry on the bench/toy chest, my daughter is going to distress the edges a little with sandpaper and then apply dark wax over it.

As far as the other furniture they bought for the room, you can see the changing table that I painted white on my last visit.  The pine dresser will be my next piece to makeover. I am thinking I may simply stain in a darker tone to match the crib. I stained once over pine and it turned out great.

For the remainder of the room I am in search for a new shade for the lamp, art for the walls and if their new home has wood floors, an area rug. It will be an ongoing project, but one that I will enjoy doing to create a colorful happy place.

Now that I am back home and back to projects for my house, I will finish the post that I was working on about how I am decorating one part of my living room for spring. Stay tuned…

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  1. Zoe is sooo beautiful. Her nursery is going to be just darling. I can’t wait to see all of it.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS ED AND DIANE!!! Zoe is adorable!!
    It is an amazing feeling when you hold your grandchild for the first time!! Blessings to you and your family!

  3. Congratulations! You are in for more love and fun than you can imagine! Our first grandchild is 16 months old. Although, I heard how much fun it would be… I’ve still been overwhelmed by how much he has stolen my heart! I’m blessed to have him close by. So, I get to keep him one day a week. Treasure every moment.

  4. Welcome to the greatest club on earth, “the Grandparents club.”. Congratulations to all, she is beautiful. Welcome to the world Zoe.