POLYWOOD Outdoor Furniture For My Deck

How I made an unused section of a deck become a favorite spot after adding a POLYWOOD La Casa Café 5-Piece Farmhouse Trestle Bar Set.

This post is sponsored by POLYWOOD, it is my favorite outdoor furniture. All selections and opinions are my own.

If you are a long time reader, then you know I like to be outside as much as I can.

POLYWOOD Outdoor table set up for entertaining with drinks, plates and flowers.

In the summer, I like to take my computer outside on the deck when writing my blog posts, eat most meals outside, and have a place to entertain family and friends.

Two black POLYWOOD outdoor rockers on deck over looking a lake.

But my favorite outside pastime is simply sitting on the deck in one of these POLYWOOD rockers to enjoy the lake view.

My love of POLYWOOD outdoor furniture all started with this set of two Presidential Rocking Chairs and side table (in the picture above).

They are comfortable & stylish pieces of outdoor furniture that are good for the Earth and built to last. I can attest to these facts as my rockers are 7 years old.

The set of rockers stay out all year long in the hot summer sun, rain, and high wind that comes off the lake.

They also stay outside through the cold winters. Even with all this thrown at them throughout the change of seasons, they still look as good today as they did the day I got them.

POLYWOOD 5-piece La Casa Cafe Farmhouse Trestle Bar Set Table and chairs with people sitting around it with drinks in hand.

This summer, we added a bar height table and chairs to the deck on the side of the house where we have our grill. It is an unused section of the deck as the only thing we do here is grill. And by “we”, I mean “Ed.”

Adding the table was one way we could make this section of the deck feel more a part of the main deck where we spend most of our time.

Having a fun party style bar table near the grill offers more places to sit and enjoy a drink when we entertain and Ed is grilling.

Friends and family can now sit over by the grill with him so Ed won’t feel like he is all alone while the food is cooking and everyone else is on the main part of the deck. Now he can feel like part of the party.

We wanted the table set to be POLYWOOD since we knew it would last for a very long time and is backed by a 20-Year warranty and best of all, the furniture is maintenance-free!

A set of black POLYWOOD outdoor dining furniture on a deck over looking a lake.

We also wanted a higher table and chairs so when seated, the deck railing wouldn’t block the view of the lake.

We chose the POLYWOOD La Casa Café Farmhouse Trestle Bar Set in black to coordinate with the rocking chairs we already have.

POLYWOOD bar height table set for dining with placemats, plates and flowers.

We have had the new trestle table and chairs for about 2 weeks. It has become our favorite spot to dine now, even though it wasn’t our original intention to eat meals at the table.

It was supposed to be used just for parties, but we found we really like sitting up high and getting a better view of the lake than at the table we previously used. That table is on the main section of the deck and was left by the previous owners of our home.

Is POLYWOOD Comfortable?

Close up of a POLYWOOD La Casa Cafe Farmhouse Trestle Bar Set chair. in the color black.

The rockers that we already own are so well-built and comfortable, even without cushions.

We also like the fact that POLYWOOD furniture is solid, durable and maintenance-free. It’s also beautiful with details like curved seats and foot rails to maximize comfort.

Birds eye view of a POLYWOOD La Casa Cafe Farmhouse Trestle Bar set in black on a backyard deck.

I am all about trying to help the environment and like the fact that all POLYWOOD outdoor furniture is made using recycled plastic and constructed of genuine POLYWOOD lumber, a proprietary material which includes landfill-bound and ocean-bound plastics.

Is POLYWOOD worth it?  Yes! It is the best outdoor furniture I have ever owned. I have had 2 sets for 7 years and recently got this bar height set for entertaining.

Each piece of furniture is built to withstand all weather conditions- the hot sun…

POLYWOOD outdoor furniture is the best for so many reasons. The furniture is built to last and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure the furniture won't splinter, crack, peel, or rot no matter what the weather conditions are.  It is maintenance free and made of 99% recycled materials.

…to strong winds, rain and snow.

The furniture is built to last and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure the furniture won’t splinter, crack, peel, or rot no matter what the weather conditions are.

Black Bar height POLYWOOD outdoor bar set table on a deck set for dining.

There are several POLYWOOD furniture collections and colors from which to choose.

So no matter what your decorating style is, there’s a POLYWOOD set just right for the way you want to live outside.

How Is POLYWOOD Furniture Shipped?

Empty shipping boxes that POLYWOOD furniture was delivered in.

All POLYWOOD furniture ships free, direct to your home regardless of the size of the order within the contiguous United States.

Each furniture piece is shipped simple knock down which means it is “partially assembled” and very easy to put together.

POLYWOOD La Casa Cafe Bar Side Chair instruction pamphlet, screws and screwdirver.

When you unbox it, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to finish assembling, all the screws needed and a screwdriver and a screwdriver bit for a power screwdriver.

How Long Does It Take To Assemble POLYWOOD Furniture?

Instructions showing how easy it is to put POLYWOOD furniture together using the screwdriver that is included with each piece of furniture.

Assembling one POLYWOOD chair with the included screwdriver takes about 14 minutes.

Instructions showing how easy it is to put POLYWOOD furniture together using a power screwdriver.

If you use a power screw driver with the included bit, assembly takes only 10 minutes for each chair. The table took about 12 minutes to put together.

Umbrella hole on table with a removable cover.

The trestle table has a hole for when you want to use an umbrella with a cover that easily pops in and out for times when you don’t need an umbrella.

Black POLYWOOD bar height table set for dining alfresco.

So now I love my deck even more that we broke the outdoor living space into zones – one for dining, chilling and now grilling. :-)

Polywood UnBoxing & Assembly Video

YouTube video

Find Out More about POLYWOOD Outdoor Furniture:

If you have any questions about POLYWOOD furniture, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

POLYWOOD Bar Set in Black on deck. Text overlay says Why I Love POLYWOOD Furniture.

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  1. Beautiful pieces, Diane! If I order, how will you get credit? Using the link in your narration up there?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Jackie – I am not sure if you will get this reply, so I sent you an email. Using the POLYWOOD link in the first paragraph of the post is not an affiliate link, but if you use it, it lets POLYWOOD know that my post is generating traffic and sales for them. Thanks for asking. Right now all the furniture is on sale.

  2. Pat Fisher says:

    I noticed that you had saucers under the barrels on your deck. I’ve been looking for saucers that fit under a barrel for some time. Could you share where you found these. Love your blog.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Pat – Under the barrel planters on my deck are rolling metal plant stands.They are 16.5″ in diameter.

      Mine are old, but they look like these which are 16″. Here is the link: https://amzn.to/3JbkDW9

      You can see many different styles and sizes of them also here: https://amzn.to/3VPBiGd

      Thanks for reading my blog. :-)

  3. So I’m on our HOA and we were looking into permanently upgrading the current pool loungers (PVC wicker, starting to unravel) to Polywood’s. We figured if we kept the #’s lower from Covid it’d be more affordable and in a few years supplement the numbers. We were worried they would be too stiff and heavy for a pool deck. Because of a lot of supply chain issues, we decided to wait a pool season and research. My questions are, how hot does the black get? Does most of their products have knock down assembly? I’ll be in the team, assembling whatever we choose in the end.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi – Getting to buy new furniture for your HOA sounds like a fun and daunting job at the same time as you want to make everyone happy. POLYWOOD is heavy and sturdy, it will last forever. I am not sure how heavy a chaise will be as I only have rockers, bar chairs and Adirondack chairs.If people are going to be moving them around on the pool deck to follow the sun or keep out of it, then a POLYWOOD chaise may be heavier than what you are used to, but I am sure it will be comfortable.

      The black color does get hot when out in the sun, but once you sit on it, it won’t burn you and cools down. Lighter colors like the tan Adirondack chairs I have do not get hot. The assembly for any of the furniture is very easy. If you have a team, it will go very fast. All you need is the screwdriver that comes with the furniture or use a power screwdriver for even faster assembly.

  4. christine wilson says:

    What a great way to enjoy a different view of the lake and your gatherings!
    I like the smart design of the Polywood, it looks both classic and modern. The rich black color of the table seems perfect to showcase everything from your beloved hydrangeas to various place settings.
    Thanks for this and all your posts:)

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Christine – We hadn’t really thought about getting a better view with the new bar height POLYWOOD table, but it sure is a nice extra. :-) Thanks so much for reading. I hope you are enjoying the summer so far. XO

  5. Julie Schalka says:

    Your deck looks lovely, what a beautiful place to spend time!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Julie – Thank you. :-) I never thought the new POLYWOOD set would become our go to dinner table when it is just Ed and I – we really love that we sit up higher and get a better view of the lake.

  6. I have had the Polywood glider, bench, and 4 side tables for quite some time now . I love all of it. It is sturdy, will last a long time , and does not fade. It is a plus that it’s made from recycled plastics. Whenever an industry can create sound, usable products from items destined to become trash I am inclined to try them out. Thanks for bringing these great products to the attention of your readers.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Missy – I think once you have one set of POLYWOOD, you want more since you know just how long it lasts and that it is maintenance free. :-) Like you, my interest always gets piqued when I hear reuse, recycle and repurpose. :-) I have a POLYWOOD glider on my wishlist. :-)

  7. Looks like it is well made – not only that, you got the best engineer on the job. Very beautiful Diane. I love it!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Jane – Yes – Ed is the best ever! He had the set assembled in less than 2 hours. The furniture is very well made- heavy and sturdy. Ed says hi! XO

  8. I ordered a POLYWOOD (Trex) table early last summer. Due to the COVID restrictions, I didn’t receive it until mid-September. I love it! It’s so easy to keep clean and is practically indestructible. I just might get some chairs, too.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Patti – I have been reading and hearing from many others that orders from all manufacturers are taking a long time. I am happy to hear that you did get your POLYWOOD table and are enjoying it. The furniture truly is maintenance-free and never fades. I replied to another reader that I know once you get one piece of POLYWOOD and see all the great qualities first hand, you will want more. I see POLYWOOD chairs in your future. :-)