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Happy Monday…

Last night, I got back from 3 jam-packed days of fun and learning at the Haven blog conference in Atlanta.  I had a good time, but my mind is on overload. It was non-stop – sessions, learning, meeting hundreds of bloggers, catching up with friends and… parties!

You also come home with tons of inspiration not only from all the bloggers you meet and what you learned in the sessions, but in the way of new products you receive,  literature, and catalogs from companies that have come up with innovative or pretty new products to make a DIY’er swoon.


I had every intention of finishing a post on how I trimmed out new white bed sheets, but when I woke up this morning, all I wanted to do was make some tea and snuggle back into the soft new sheets and go back to sleep. I did for a while, but then felt like a slacker and thought, why not bring my work up to my bed.


That is exactly what I did. I grabbed a tray from my family room and then took the pile of information I accumulated at the conference and brought it to my bed to work while snuggled in.  It was a nice little indulgence.


Last week I got new sheets for the bed…we desperately needed them because a little tear became a rip and after a few weeks it got bigger and bigger and became a hole when my foot went through it.  I usually have a back up set for when we have sheet emergencies like this or when one set is in the wash, but didn’t have a back up anymore.

Remember the post I wrote about Feeling Good in your Home?  You know that sheets come in many different qualities and this is not a time to skimp. I want soft and smooth sheets. If they feel scratchy or pill – it affects how I sleep.

It’s not always thread count that matters. While threadcount has long been used to determine how soft or unsoft, how luxurious or cheap a sheet is, it’s definitely not the end-all be-all. I always check the type of materials used as well – often a variety of cotton, linen or even polyester and other fiber blends like rayon are used.  The gold standard is Egyptian Cotton, Sea Island Cotton, or Pima Cotton. The new set I got online from NovosBed are Pima cotton. They are a 600 thread count sateen set. They feel a bit thicker than the last set I had and feel so good.


When I put the new set of sheets on, I did feel like the pillow cases needed a pop of color and detail, so I went to my ribbon stash and sewed it on along the edges of the 2 pillowcases in the set.

Since we have a king size bed, but prefer standard size pillows to sleep on, I cut the pillow cases down to standard size simply by turning them inside out and cutting the end off 6-inches and then sewing it closed again.

Adding the ribbon to turn the cases into pretty bed pillows and making up the bed with the new sheets reminded me of when I worked in retail display where I had to make 5 – 6 beds a month with the featured bedding the store was promoting. I would have to iron the skirt, comforter, spread, or quilt as well as the sheets and pillowcases to make each bed look perfect. I even did a touch up with a steamer on a daily basis since shoppers would take them apart and kids would play on them.

I normally do not iron my bed sheets, but to make the photos look nice for this post, I brought the iron up to my room last week and pressed them!  A little deja-vu.  Normally I would take the sheets right out of the dryer and put them on the bed – wrinkles and all. :-)  If you want a nice crisp look and not slave over the iron, just dry your sheets 95% before immediately stretching to fit your bed. Obviously you’ll want to do to this in the morning so that they are perfectly dry by the time you crawl in.   I bought the quilt at JCP earlier this year. It is from the Jonathan Adler collection.


I took a few more photos this morning as I read through all the catalogs and info from Haven. For now, I am still snuggled in and getting inspired with lots of cool new products and ideas…I will be sharing the news about some of the products and companies with you in the coming months.

The rest of my day is all about catching up. I had planned to answer your questions from my last post while I was in Atlanta, but I kept losing WIFI and finally gave up.

If you asked me a question, I will be answering all of them this afternoon.  If you still have one, don’t be afraid to ask.

See you back here on Wednesday. I will be showing you the progress I have made in the transformation of my daughter’s bedroom. I may even reveal what it is going to be :-)



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  1. Hey Diane, at one time i had a king, but have downsized
    to a queen. I still have my pillow covers and still use them.
    I never thought to turn them and sew them to make them
    fit my regular size pillows….duh. Thanks once again for a smart idea!

  2. I love your purple quilt – can I ask where you got that? I’ve been looking for a purple quilt and it’s hard to find purple ones!!

  3. Diane, your photo quality is just absolutely STUNNING! You are rockin’ it girl. If you don’t mind me asking, what camera do you use? I’m getting ready to purchase an upgrade because mine is super old and my DSLR sensor got messed up when my camera was in a vehicle accident (no people got hurt though, thank God). :)

    1. Hi Susan –
      Glad no people got hurt in the accident, sorry that your camera did. :-(

      I started with a point and shoot and then bought a Canon 60D. Last year I wanted a full frame camera and bought a used full frame Canon Mark II 5D. I shop at Keh camera. They always have top of the line used equipment.

      I really think the camera you have is not as important as the lenses. I used to use only prime lenses – Canon 50mm 1.8 and 1.4, and a 100mm 2.8, but recently bought a used Canon 2.8 24-70 lens after seeing so many great photos using it. I love it. It never leaves my camera except if I need a close up, then I use the Canon 100mm.

  4. i have way to many sheets. go to goodwill and buy you
    top sheets for a 1-2 apiece. a whole set will run 4, single pillowcases
    to add to plain white sheets. lots of fun

  5. So many places, so little time…

    It sounds like a successful trip all-around. I’m looking forward to seeing your new projects.

    Lovely pillow cases!

  6. That weekend at Haven was faster than fast paced. Wish I had gotten a chance to meet you. Maybe next year. This was my first year attending, and I think I will still be processing new ideas all the way through August!! Love the idea of adding just a touch of color to the pillowcases. I will definitely be using this idea as I wanted to add something to my daughter’s linen.

    1. Hi Tina – It sure was non-stop. I also didn’t get a chance to meet so many bloggers that I wanted to. The hotel was kind of chopped up and spread out which was not great for running into people. Adding the ribbon to the pillows is one of those simple but special details that adds up to lots of decorative impact in a room.

  7. Diane… so glad you had fun and gained lots of new knowledge at the Haven Conference. I love the spiffy ribbon trim on pillow cases..You are the best..I love all your unique ideas and tips..

  8. Yeah how about that WIFI in Atlanta. I snuggled in too while looking through my stuff. It was so good to hang out with you again. Carrie and I talked about hanging out one day after I get back from Germany. Maybe we can all do it together?

    1. Hi Julia – I would love that. We can meet somewhere in between. Enjoy your trip – I look forward to seeing your photos and your brothers new home.

  9. Glad you enjoyed and made the trip back safely. Love the ribbon-trimmed pillowcase!

  10. Is that a Le Pen in your photos? They’re my favorite! I find that they’re a bit pricey but they make me SO happy every time I use them.

    1. Hi Emily – Yes, it is. Us LePen users can spot them a mile away :-) I love them and have them in every color. I like how my handwriting and printing looks when I use them, plus they are simple and elegant looking. I have them in a clear drinking glass on my desk. The make me happy, too.

    1. Hi Serena – It was great seeing you – lots of fun all around. I usually am up and about by 6:30. It was overcast and rainy so that just made my energy level even less. It felt good to sleep in. If I didn’t tell you at the conference – you looked Fabulous!!!!

  11. Glad you had a great time at Haven, Diane. I so wished that this was going to be my year to meet all my blogging acquaintances in person and gain a ton of tips.

    Enjoy your slow re-entry back and sweet dreams tonight in your lovely sheets.

    1. Thanks Diane – I think next years conference is scheduled for July 18th. It is a lot of fun getting to meet your online friends in person. I think that is the best part. You do learn a lot about blogging, too.

  12. When you go to a shop to purchase ribbon, how do you determine which ribbon will stand up through repeated washings? I’ve never felt that the spool gives much info in this area. Any tips?

    1. Hi Evie – You are right, ribbon spools usually don’t have much info on them. I use Grosgrain ribbon that does not have acetate or wire in it. It holds up well in the wash. I never use satin – it does not hold up as well. I also find brand names like Offray are better quality than store brands.

  13. Really pretty finishing touch on the pillows. If I have time I will iron at least the pillowcases just because I like the first night’s sleep on them after they are freshly ironed, especially if I’ve hung them outdoors. It’s rare though. The only time it’s a must is when my mom is visiting. ;) Glad you had a nice time in Atlanta.

    1. Hi Lore – I have fond childhood memories of sleeping on sheets after they have been hanging outside to dry. They felt so fresh and clean. I have not had that luxury in awhile since I don’t have a clothesline. Thanks for the memory. :-)

  14. Love the pillowcases…amazing what a little ribbon will do! And thanks for the reminder about a back-up set of sheets…I’m currently using the back-up! ;)

    1. Hi Donnamae – I need to get a back up set – I think the life of the sheets lasts so much longer since you don’t have to wash them so much. I really just need the fitted sheet, they are what get the most wear and need replacing the most. :-) I remember when they sold them separately.

  15. Welcome back home. I hope you enjoyed some good dining in Atlanta. We just returned from a week at the beach, so my head is not exactly back in the game either. Your pillowcases are lovely. The ribbon added just the right accent to them. I am one of those crazy people who LOVE to iron their sheets. So just send yours over and I will be happy to press them for you! LOL

    1. Hi Kelly –

      My MIL loved to iron everything and when she came to visit, I scheduled washing my draperies at the same time, since I knew she would press them to perfection. I wish I could send you my sheets every week, since they do look so nice wrinkle free. XO

  16. Love the update on the pillows.
    Do you have any ideas on how to make a quilt or comforter longer on the sides? My king sized bed has a 17 1/2 inch mattress and the king sizes do not fit properly, part of the mattress sheet always shows.

    I use a king size on my queen bed and it always looks great. Just have not come up with a way to add length to the king.

    1. Hi Dee

      I have had this problem with some comforters too and don’t understand why the industry standard is not larger. They have not kept up with the new deeper mattresses. Someone should send them a memo. ;-) The only way I have thought to remedy the situation is to add trim in the way of fabric that is cut the length needed to cover each side and then sew it on each side. You could even add ribbon along the fabric edge to make it look more decorative. You could create pleats in so it flounces out a bit, too. From the underside of the quilt you would see the seam, but not when the comforter is on the bed. You could also buy pre-made trim at a fabric store if the gap is not too large – they have lace and pleated fabric trim in many colors. If you can’t find a color to coordinate or match, you could dye it to match and then sew it on all around the comforter or just on the sides.

    2. Hi Dee.

      A king size comforter/quilt is thick (at least mine is). The only way that I can see adding length to one is by adding a border. What about sewing a bedskirt around your comforter/quilt? A king size would already be a near perfect fit. Cut off the thin, white fabric, that would normally lay on top of the boxspring, and attach the skirting to the inside of the comforters border.
      Just my thoughts. :)

  17. I guess I an the only one now who has torn sheets (from the dogs playing) and no back ups! Thanks for the tips on buying bed sheets. Welcome home!

    1. Hi Melissa – The hole in my sheet started by our dog who loves to jump up and snuggle into the softness of the bed, too. She did the same thing to my sofa slipcover – created a small hole that keeps getting larger. Love her still – just one of those things we dog owners get used to.