Reverse Furniture Transformation

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While I am busy focusing my efforts on packing up my house, I thought I would show you a reverse furniture transformation that I did over the weekend….actually Ed did it.

You are used to me taking cast-offs and updating them with paint and new hardware.  This is not one of those, but I think you will find this intriguing.

Ed and I have had a few unique pieces of furniture handed down to us from our relatives. My faves…

Painted furniture tutorial

…the library file cabinet

Chalkboard painted furniture tutorial

…the jelly cabinet

Antique furniture makeover

and the armoire in my studioffice that I use to house all my craft supplies.

Well…Presto Chango…

Antique furniture makeover

…the armoire comes apart like a jigsaw puzzle which makes it easy to move.

It has 8 pieces and 4 shelves that fit together with tongue and groove style fittings.  Ed and I have taken it apart and reassembled it many times when we moved a lot when we were first married. We were not sure how easy it was going to come apart this time since it has been assembled and in the same place for the past 22 years. It came apart fairly easily.  It was Ed’s grandparents, but we don’t know much more about it. Only that it is old and very unique. When it was handed down to us, it was orange. You can see a little hint of it on one of the side pieces.

When we land in our next house, I will document how it goes back together. I also want to paint it a different color. I have been wanting to do it for a long time, but have not been able to decide on a color.  Once I see it in its new home I am hoping color inspiration strikes.

It is now in the PODS that we are using to move and I am off to labeling all the moving boxes that hold the supplies I had stored in it.

Do you have any interesting or unique furniture in your house?

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  1. Having it regular wood conditioned? I know you want it. I simply love them specially this library file cabinet and I even have a plan where to place it and what shading do i need to pick.

  2. I have a similar armoire that I purchased in 1991 from an antiques dealer. She called it a ‘knock down” because of the way it disassembles. Supposedly mine is English mahogany from the turn of the century in the Edwardian style. Can’t wait to see what color you decide to paint yours.

    1. Hi Janet – Thanks for taking the time to share about your armoire. It is good to know that it is classified as a “knock-down” since I don’t know much about the piece except that it was my husband’s grandparents. I am hoping it all goes back together as it has in past moves.