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Over the holidays I went into Pottery Barn and fell in love with the boxwood globes in planters that were displayed all over the store.


I was thinking I was going to end up splurging and buy myself one as a gift from-me-to-me.  When I saw the price tag of $79 – I just could not justify the purchase. Since then, I have been searching for a way to make them myself or to find a less expensive version.


I had success yesterday. I was out most of the day shopping. I hit all the stores – the supermarket, Target, Walmart, Home Depot – as my list was long.  I still wanted to get to HomeGoods as you never know what goodies they are going to have, but it started to snow. On, no! – wait snowstorm until I get to take a stroll around HomeGoods. :(

It started to come down fast and heavy – covering everything quickly. I am not afraid to drive in the snow, but it was getting close to Friday night rush hour and I didn’t want to get caught in a big mess trying to get home. The lure of HomeGoods and the anticipation of what I would find was just too tempting. HomeGoods won out.  I am happy that I made the decision – look what I found!


Boxwood globes for $9.99!   Fake, but so were the Pottery Barn ones.  I was delighted when I saw the price  – then all sorts of ideas starting racing through my mind on how I could use them.  I ended up buying 3.


When I got home, I shopped my basement and garage for pots to place them in.


Right now I have them in my studioffice, but have been moving them from room to room to see where I like them best.  They look good everywhere :)

When spring arrives I have plans to make some new posts for them and may even use them outside.

I think HomeGoods slogan was or still is – HomeGoods – Happy. Well, I am just that – happy that I said no – to expensive and took the time to seek out a less expensive version.  I have been rewarded for my patience and persistence.

Have you found a less expensive version of anything recently that you have been searching for?

Happy Weekend!


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  1. This post made me very happy! And excited about heading out to HomeGoods again sometime soon. I do love that store, but I really love shopping the way you did: you had an idea for something & found the perfect piece(s) @ a bargain. LOVE IT! I am constantly inspired by expensive interiors but like you, can’t bring myself to always splurge (some are worth it), so I start scouring for alternatives @ my favorite haunts (HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, Michaels). Such a good feeling when you have success!!! Way to go.

  2. Diane, I’m so glad you did this post. I had been thinking about putting some sort of artificial greens in empty urns I have outside and everything I looked at was too expensive. I’m going to HomeGoods tomorrow and hope they still have what you bought. Love their look! Thanks for sharing.

    1. but dont u think they are so fake looking?
      I was thinking of painting them another greed then a matte finish…