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Spring Fever

I got it bad…


… spring fever hit me hard this week. Smack right into the project side of my brain. It altered my focus, compelling me to get outside to enjoy the warm sunshine. I didn’t fight it, instead I went along with what my brain was telling me to do, plus my actions were reinforced after I read this post.

creative ideas for garden markers

I did a little gardening… it has been warm here the past couple of weeks and everything is in bloom and growing.

Summer outdoor decorating

….rode my bike through a nearby state park, kayaked and just lounged by the lake reading, this book.

It felt good to get away from my computer screen, but being away from it meant I didn’t get any of the 7 projects I have in progress finished.

I also have Netflix to blame.  I can’t stop watching Doc Martin. I may have to buy Season 7 because Netfilx stops after Season 6. :-( Should I break down and spend $20 and buy the DVD?   I love the seaside Cornwall village called Port Wenn on the show, but in reality the village is Port Isaac. I would love to visit someday.

Now that it is Friday, I need to get working on hosting Easter at my house this weekend.

It will be a low-key Easter brunch, but a fun one spent with friends. If it is nice outside, we will eat outside. I assembled this no sew tablecloth last year and will use it again.

I will be using quite a few items that I store in this closet I call my China Closet. Having it highly organized helps make it easy when preparing to entertain.  My plan is to use one of my white pitchers and plop some tulips or daffodils in it for the table centerpiece.

Ed will be making this…. oh so yummy, but not haute cuisine. :-)  If you are a foodie, don’t bother checking the recipe out, you won’t like it even if they are delish and always have our friends and family asking for more.

My hydrangeas are not in bloom yet, but look how pretty this pot will make them.

I just saw this. It is made with pencils and straws!  I love all the colors. I may have to add it to my spring project list.

Do you have plans this weekend?

Whatever you are up to, I hope the holiday weekend is perfectly perfect. Enjoy!

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  1. Just loved your comment about Doc Martin. I was going to recommend Acorn TV (but happily noticed someone else mentioned it). Home Fires is great along with Call the Midwife … tears and laughter … leaves you with that good feeling. I love all the Brit Coms and Mysteries. Around our house we say someone always dies Monday nights at 9 pm … that’s when we watch Midsommer Murders and Foyle’s War.

  2. Thanks so much for mentioning Doc Martin. I was looking for a series and I love it! And to have so many season ahead of me is wonderful!

  3. Happy Easter, Diane! So glad you were able to take a break and a breather. You certainly deserve it.
    I did a little “yip” when you mentioned Doc Martin. I just LOVE that program. Everyone in it is memorable and cast so well. I’ve seen it several times and will now look forward to season 7. I really love watching any British show. Think I’ve seen nearly all the detective shows. The scenery is just spectacular! They are not as enchanting as Port Wenn, but gorgeous nonetheless. Hopefully you will be able to visit.
    Have a happy . . . .

  4. Hi Diane – I read Lilac Girls awhile back & absolutely loved it – hope you do also! I, too, have a bad case of Spring Fever – I can’t wait to start planting my flowers. Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend:)

  5. Hi Diane,
    It sounds like you had a lovely week. I don’t know about Doc Martin, but I do know about Lilac Girls. It is a wonderful book, so moving and thought provoking. I can just see you pedaling along and the book in your bike basket! (If your bike has one)

  6. Netflix is so addicting… I got caught up in Grace and Frankie and so happy that season 3 is now available. My husband and I visited Dreher Island State Park last year to meet up with friends. We stayed at the state park in one of the cabins. They are really really nice. More house then cabin. Your area is so beautiful!

  7. Diane – I love all the ideas you post, your blog is one of my favorites. I also can’t believe you love British shows! My family thinks I have a Brit obsession! I’m not sure if it’s on Netflix, but the actor who plays Doc Martin played Arthur Conan Doyle in a show that was on PBS. It was great – it happened after his wife had died, and he was in the retirement time of his life. He did great.

  8. Diane,
    Thanks so much for sharing the link for the post on living a quiet life. I clicked on it even before reading the rest of your post. I spent a good amount of time exploring that website and found yet another article that really hit home for me entitled “What if All I Want is a Mediocre Life?”. Thanks so much for introducing us to the idea of a quieter life. As a 61 y o homemaker my day is filled with enjoying my home and the quieter lifestyle my husband and I enjoy. I find myself sometimes embarrassed because I have the time to relax and I am not hub-bubbing here, there and everywhere and pretending I am busy all the time. I made NoSideBar a favorite and plan to spend some more time exploring their ideas. Thanks for not only sharing you great ideas for a happy home for now, for a happier life! I urge you other readers to check it out if they have not already. I would be interested in hearing more of your thoughts on a simple life.

  9. Despite having visited Cornwall many times, I don’t believe we’ve ever been to Port Isaac. It truly is a lovely county, Diane; I’m sure you would love it. Good to hear you took some time out – we get so wrapped up in all the things we “ought” to get done, Indo think sometimes we forget to stop and smell the roses. Have a lovely Easter my lovely. Sue x

  10. I would have sworn you don’t ever have a chance to watch TV! I love the British shows too, Home Fires is one, and Sherlock Holmes… any shows about castles! Thank you for sharing the post about winding down. Always a good idea. Enjoy your Easter, thanks again!

    1. Hi Linda – Sometimes when I write my posts at night, I watch movies, but when the shows are really good, I put my computer down so I can enjoy them without distraction. I will check out Home Fires. My list is getting long. Happy Easter

  11. I sometimes forget how small the world has become, so surprised to read your love of Doc Martin, as for Cornwall, it really is one of the most beautiful places on earth Diane, stick it on your bucket list and give yourselves at least a month to see it all…love your blog…have a fab Easter.xx

    1. Hi Janette – I agree – the world is literally at our fingertips and device screens. :-) I hope I can take the trip soon.I know I will love it. Happy Easter

  12. As an FYI…Doc Martin season 7 is available from Acorn TV. One month free trial and $4.99 per month after. It’s our most watched Roku channel and well worth the price to us!

    1. We also would suggest watching A Place to Call Home (Australia). It’s been a recent favorite as well as classic British shows. Acorn has been a goldmine of delightful non-US programs and if you like Doc Martin, you’d probably enjoy their offerings.

    1. Hi Amy – When I saw the wreath in your post this morning, it made me smile. I loved it and seeing items repurposed in such a clever and pretty way. Happy to share it. I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend, too.

  13. Hi, Diane!

    I’m sorry you’re not in Philly anymore. Sakura Sunday was this past Sunday and there were actually cherry blossoms with petals blowing in the wind. I can understand why you have spring fever, though.

    I hope you got to see Doc and Louisa’s wedding and brief “honeymoon”. I thought I would laugh ’til my sides split! I don’t remember which season it was, though.

    It’s nice to look for the real villages where some of these shows are shot. Ballykissangel is another one of them, shot in Avoca, County Wicklow. (and there really is a Fitzgerald’s)

    Does anyone know where “The Last of the Summer Wine” was shot? The scenery is so beautiful.

    1. Hi Helen – I did see the wedding episode. All of the seasons are wonderful. I am sad I don’t have any more episodes to watch at least until they add more to Netflix.

      I have never watched The Last of the Summer Wine, but enjoy most shows done by the Brits and will check it out. I Googled it and the show was set and filmed in and around Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, England.

  14. Go ahead and enjoy Spring – you and your husband have been working so hard you deserve to reap the benefits of your new home. Hope you and your friends enjoy an outdoor Easter meal!
    Thank you for sharing

    1. Hi Teresa – It does feel nice to take a break especially when the weather is perfect. Pretty soon July and August will be here and it gets too hot to be out in the afternoon. Getting my fill now. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  15. We all love Doc Martin in our family!! On Netflix there are also Martin Clunes nature shows that are wonderful. He really loves animals. I can’t remember what the show is called but it’s worth finding. :)

    1. Hi Stacey – He is such a great actor, I saw him on a recent talk show and it was very interesting to see him just as himself. I will browse through Netflix to see if I can find the show with animals. Funny how his character in Doc Martin, hates animals. :-)

  16. I am totally hooked on Port Wen as well. I told my husband, I want to move there. I love that it is surrounded and protected feeling. That you can walk everywhere in that town. It is so quaint. I seriously love the cobblestone streets and the restaurant where they sit and drink wine and look at the water. I am addicted to it. I understand your passion for it.

    1. Hi Pamela – I feel the same way, so does my sister. We would love to take a trip there so we can see all the quaintness and detail in person. I sometimes wish the camera shots in the show would go into slow motion so I could take in all the details.