Style Scouting: Vol. 27

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I normally post my weekend Style Scouting posts on Sunday, but I have a project post that I am very excited to share with you on Monday.

I like to space my posts out with at least a day in between. So this is an early edition of my weekend’s Style Scouting post. A round-up of the random stuff that captured my attention or inspired me this past week.

Before I get to the links, I wanted to thank all of you for the nice comments you left me about my updated blog photo in my blog’s sidebar. I was hesitant to to add a new photo of myself since I am not thrilled with having Vitiligo, but I have come to terms with it and am working with a dermatologist to lighten, lessen and stop it from spreading. XO

I never have seen this house before. Have you?

Not sure if I am a fan of this design trend. How about you?

Decorating in your own style should always be the goal…. even if it means removing something that many would find beautiful just as it is.

Have a staircase in your home? This is great post on many ways to hang art on the staircase wall.

I love the smell of lemons – so fresh and clean. I made a batch of this earlier today. Only 3 ingredients that worked better than a store bought household product, plus no chemicals!

How to make your bed so it looks like it is from a Pottery Barn catalog. Hint… size up!

How much fun would it be to win this!

Things to keep in mind as you are cleaning and organizing this month. The benefits of minimal living.

I am not big on decorating my house for Valentine’s Day, but this display idea made me want to!

Something sweet to make for your Valentine.

I need to do this!!!

I never knew such a product existed. Doesn’t look very safe, but it’s a very popular item.

Delicious options for a cold winter afternoon. This looks delish, too.

One of those really good tips you never knew about when reheating things like rice in the microwave.

Fun new vocabulary I learned this week:

Boomeritis: I have it in my right hip! Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Nicholas DiNubile coined the term “boomeritis” to describe the wear, tear, vulnerabilities, and injuries that baby boomers are experiencing as a result of lifelong commitments to staying active on their aging frames. In many cases, repeated stress on the knee can lead to osteoarthritis. Motion is lotion.

Manslipping: I have witnessed this many times when out and about and it is always older men doing it. Never women. Interesting phenomenon. :-)

See you on Monday – If you love “before & afters” done on a super small budget, as well as easy, no paint or power tools needed – then you are going to like this post.

Enjoy your weekend!

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    1. Hi Maria – I love the smell of lemons and after reading your post, I went and made a batch right away since I had all the supplies. It works well. I like that it is non-toxic too.

  1. I love your new picture, and I think you look great! I have also been enjoying the FB group. Thanks for the links, and I enjoy all of your posts so much and look forward to them.

  2. Hello my friend! Thank you for the link to my staircase post, how lovely to see it pop up here! I’m not sure I’m into the reed look either, it just looks a little difficult to clean and I prefer flat or classic Shaker cabinetry. I miss you and I hope our paths cross someday soon!

    1. Hi Kate – So happy to share. I love all your posts, but knew my readers would really like this as I get many questions about what and how to hang art and more on a staircase wall. Maybe once Covid is in the rear-view mirror our paths will meet up again at a blogging event, conference or brand sponsored trip or who knows what else the future will hold… I am hoping travel! XO

  3. I am painting some rooms in the house so I took a wall in garage and hung alot of pictures, now when I open garage door it feels like extension of the house not a dumping ground. I so enjoy your blog, that it has alot of topics to read. Thank you

  4. Thanks for the invite to the FB group, The Decorating Panel – I’m thoroughly enjoying all the posts! Along with your blog posts, which are always interesting, thought provoking and inspiring. I actually look forward to each new one.