Summer Vibes…

Today may not be the official first day of summer, that is a few weeks away, but as far as I’m concerned…

4th of July Buffet table settings for entertaining

…the weekend that Memorial Day falls on kicks off all the summer vibes that make summer….summer! 


Here in SC, it has been rainy, rainy, rainy so no lakeside BBQ’s happening, but we have been able to enjoy a few breaks in the weather to get out kayaking and take some time to just relax with drinks and good books on the deck.

Most of the weekend though has been spent putting in the new flooring into the game room. It looks awesome. The room looks so open and bright now. I will be sharing a sneak peek later this week and then a Before and After post next week.

I also painted the louvered closet doors for the game room the same way I did these …with one of these “can’t live without tools when spray painting detailed items.

Since I have been in “new flooring and wedding prep mode” lately, I haven’t had time to complete and post other projects, but did want to share some ideas and more that I found inspiring this week.

-Did you watch the Royal Wedding. It was lovely and so are these colorful illustrations.

-I have always wanted to go to Machu Picchu, but this mountain in Peru has just been added to my bucket list of places I want to go.

-If you like to create, you will love what Sarah did to her garage.

-A really smart idea for window flower boxes.

-Since summer is here and I live in my bathing suit on most days, I bought this bathing suit coverup.  So cute and comes in many different colors.

-A few good tips to be happy and live in your own style.

and lastly….

…I am in charge of making a few decorative items for my daughter’s wedding.  I am not feeling overwhelmed yet with all that I need to do, but have been trying to keep my focus to give equal time to the blog, personal stuff and the preparations for the wedding that is 3 weeks away.

Donut holder for wedding

I am working on making something like this for the wedding.  Not serving wedding cake, but wedding donuts.

I will post all about how I made it in late June and soon I have something really exciting to share.  Can’t tell you quite yet, but soon.

Now I have to go back into “game room floor mode”… painting the baseboard and shoe molding. Almost done!

XO for now.

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  1. Wedding donuts! That ought to be the go-to wedding dessert! So many to choose from!

  2. Hope you enjoy each and every step of the wedding preparations. Congratulations and God bless.

  3. Last year at my son and daughter in laws wedding they served donuts, cookies and pie. It was a fun idea and went over great!!

  4. Looking forward to your game room makeover. As for no wedding cake, my daughter had Coldstone Creamery ice cream cakes at her wedding reception. Each table had it’s own cake. No leftovers for sure! Love the donut idea.

  5. Somehow I’m sure that you will do a fabulous job with the wedding! I’d take one of those iced donuts my own self!

  6. Is the paint sprayer REALLY easy to use AND clean? The cleaning part really has held me back from purchasing a paint sprayer!

    1. Hi Barb – I used to feel the some way about the cleaning part until a blogging friend told me to just try it out and I did. I was sold. Years ago I had a Wagner sprayer and it was so complicated. I threw it out. Things have surely changed. I have two sprayers from HomeRight and they both are very very easy to clean. The spraying mechanism is pretty much the same with only a few parts. You simply unscrew the nozzle section and spray water inside with a garden hose to clean. I swish it all in a bucket of water and let dry. The only part that I don’t like about the sprayer is that you need to thin the paint you use in it. HomeRight makes a newer model that doesn’t require as much thinning. I would look into this one if you are thinking about getting one. I would have never been able to get the louvered doors painted with a smooth pro finish without it. Another thing I like about the sprayer, you can control the spray pattern, so there is little to no overspray. Unlike a can of spray paint that smells awful and has to be done outside.