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The Forgotten Decorating Secrets

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Are you feeling like home decorating is becoming more about buying new décor every season and that the only way you can have a beautiful home like the ones you see on decorating blogs and social media is to buy, buy and buy more through affiliate links?

Do you often feel discouraged when you scroll through decorating sites and Instagram and see image after image of perfectly decorated rooms where every item in the room is brand new, trendy or too expensive for your budget?

Even as a home decorating blogger – I, too often feel the tug for the need to keep buying new décor every season to keep up with “the Joneses”, but….

…then I reel myself back in, remembering that “new and trendy” doesn’t always mean you have a well-decorated room or home.

If these thoughts have gone through your mind, then I want to remind you of something very important that we tend to forget in our consumer driven culture.

If you truly want every room in your home to be beautifully decorated, even on a small budget – then I want to remind you of what I call The Forgotten Secrets of Decorating.

You can make the furnishings you own look more cohesive and fit your vision when you don’t forget about these tried and true decorating concepts, no matter what your decorating style or budget is.

We forget about these concepts when we are so focused on thinking we have to buy something new to achieve a well-decorated room. When you follow the Forgotten Decorating Secrets, the rooms in your home will not only look better, but feel better too.  You will begin to love our home.

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Through the series, I want to encourage you to look beyond the latest trends and pretty pictures you find. Instead think about what kind of decorating will truly serve you and your loved ones.

Your history, your needs, your budget, and your tastes are unique… your home should be, too.

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