Friday Fun: What You May Not Know About Me

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I’ve been writing this blog of mine for 7 years now and while things have changed and grown in ways I never could have imagined when I first started out, my favorite part will always be connecting with you as if we were we’re sitting across from each other for coffee.  I know when you leave comments,  you feel like that, too. This is the best part of blogging for me.

easy to do hand lettering

I know that you know what I can design, decorate and create, and I am doing a lot of that behind the scenes right now. Unfortunately, I don’t have a completed project to show you yet. So in the meantime, I thought I would share a few things you may not know about me and would if you were my best bud sitting across a table having coffee or tea (hot tea for me please) and chatting like girlfriends do.

So here is a short list of things you would know about me if you knew me in “real live person” and not only through a computer screen. :-)

  • I bite my nails. Not in a horrible kind of way, but when I get stressed or am thinking hard about something, I may start to nibble one.
  • I wear black leggings pretty much everyday. I even have a few pairs that I have labeled my “painting leggings” that I am OK with getting paint on.
Twin sisters
My twin sis and I
  • If I didn’t color my hair, my hair would be pretty much all white. My hair turned grey in my early 40’s and I rocked it for a while by getting a chic cut, but about 5 years ago, my twin sister and I who is on the same genetic time clock as me found our hair was getting more white and we didn’t like it anymore, so we decided to color it. She did it first when she was on a business trip in Las Vegas. When she came home, I loved how she looked and went out the next day to get mine colored too. It is a pain to upkeep. I do it myself at home, but every few months I splurge and have it done at the salon.

  • I never pull into a parking spot when I am out and about shopping or running errands. I always look for a spot where I can pull through the spots so my car faces out. Sometimes I have to park pretty far out in a lot to do this. I look at it as a way to get some exercise in my day, but really do it because I dislike backing up. I am always afraid I will hit something.
  • I drive a silver Mini Cooper that I named Genevieve. It is my mom’s name. I remember a TV show growing up that starred Jerry Van Dyke called, My Mother the Car.  His late mother would talk to him through the car’s radio. My car doesn’t do that :-) but I know my mom would be smiling that I named my cute little car after her with this story line in mind.
  • I don’t mind elevator music. I actually kinda like it and most easy listening styles of music. My family has gotten used to coming home to find that I have the easy listening music station on the TV.  I think it takes me back to a simpler time when I was a child. My mom always had it playing on the radio when I was growing up, so to me it brings happiness and contentment.
  • Speaking about elevators, I don’t like them or any closed-in space since I am very claustrophobic. I avoid them at all costs and always search for the building’s staircase. I will never ever get in one alone. I would rather walk up the staircase to get to my destination. If it is on a very high floor in a very tall building, then I will wait for someone else going up, get in with them, and try to stay calm.
  • I wear a size 10 shoe. I used to be a 9 until I had my first daughter, Kelly, then I went to a size 9 1/2. After the birth of my second daughter, Mandy, my foot size went up another half size to a 10 and that is where they have been for the last 26 years. I mostly wear flats, but do have two pairs of wedges and one pair of black heels for when I need to get dressed up. In the summer I live in flip flops.
  • I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. I used to make beaded necklaces and bracelets and enjoyed wearing them, but over the years I have pared back to my basics. I have worn the same few pairs of earrings for the past 30 years. Fake diamond studs and lever backs and a pair of drop pearls. I prefer silver jewelry over gold.
  • I like cross-body handbags that allow me to keep my hands free. If I have to carry more than my handbag holds, I use a straw tote.
  • I am trying to pare back my wardrobe into a Capsule style wardrobe where you only have a few mix-and-match pieces that you wear everyday in different ways. By creating a capsule wardrobe you’re taking steps towards reducing stress and living with intention. I find it is perfect for me since I always choose the items from my closet that make me feel good. The rest was fun to buy, but sits in my closet unworn. I will update you on my progress with this as it is still new to me, but I am going to try to make it happen as I clean and organize my first very own clothes closet. Up until we bought our new house on Lake Murray, I have always shared a closet with a sister or Ed.

So that’s a little bit about me.  How about you? If we were chatting over coffee or tea at a cute little cafe in town, what would I know about you?

Happy Weekend! XO

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  1. Hi Diane.
    I used to bite my nails, but now I just pick at them. I can never seem to grow them out much. My way of dealing with stress I guess!
    I also color my hair. I am sure I would have white hair if I stopped. Not ready to see that!
    I ONLY carry a cross-body bag now. I hate dealing with purses, so this is so much easier. I stopped carrying a purse when I was in nursing school many years ago, especially when we were doing our clinicals in the hospital. There was nowhere safe to store a purse. Just put my car keys and some money in my uniform pocket and away I went.
    I enjoy crafting, but mainly I like bead weaving. I don’t wear much jewelry and seem to give away most of the jewelry I make to my sisters, cousins, and nieces.
    My wardrobe will be pared down very soon as I am going through things and packing up for our big move from AZ back to my home state of SC. I have been out here 28 years, and, yes, I still have my southern accent! I get comments all the time out here in AZ about my accent. Once I move back to SC I will finally blend in. LOL!
    I like hot Chai tea latte in the wintertime and iced tea in the summertime when I sit down to chat with friends.
    Thanks for letting us get to know you a little better.

  2. Hi Diane, I love your blog. I am not much of a handyman in our house and neither is my husband. But I love to see what you have done with your house. It is beautiful . And that lake view -WOW! I too bite my nails and have all my life but it seems that once a year I am able to grow nails. Weird! I like your idea of parking your car. I might try that. Especially in Walmart – I have had a couple of mishaps there, nothing serious. I look forward to your next blog.

  3. Loved your column today and clicked on the links to the other “what you dont know about me” that you had written over the years. So you peaked my curiosity when you said one if these days you would tell us the story of how you met your husband. So, how DID you meet your husband? Maybe we can find out the next time you do an “about me”. If you already told that story, sorry I missed it?

  4. Forgot to mention that I bleach my hair white and have kept it that way for a couple of years as I have a lot of grey underneath. When I want another color I wear wigs and vintage hats. I went thru a craze of making jewelry and selling it also, but my life is too crazy right now to make any lately. I do collect jewelry, vintage and modern but have been sharing my jewelry with church people, and the Rwandans. They love the flash! Now that I am not working, I only really dress up for church and then I go hog wild.

    1. I love hats too but my head is too big. Unfortunately. I tell people that but they think I’m joking. I’m not.

  5. Hi,
    Wow, I feel way less quirky! I have actually hit things 4 times backing up. In my 50 years of driving…not my long suit..and live in total fear.I don’t even trust my back up camera! It is supposed to be a gas saver to pull through, so that’s MY justification. And who are those people who drive right behind you when you are backing up? Uh oh, curmudgeon alert!
    So happy for you in your new house…we spend our summers on a lake in NH…and winters in TX…and we justify the expense (!) that we have one child in each area. And…my hair…I keep threatening to let it go natural, as I started to go gray at 19,…but my family looks at me in horror!…
    And I am inspired by your are creative, sensible, and I aspire to have your energy!