Craft Room Organizing & Storage Ideas

When setting up a craft room in your home - get creative with these DIY ideas that include a worktable all the way down to storage for small items.


Build your own work surfaces or desks by combining file cabinets and hollow core doors or plywood.


Paint all the pieces the same color for a built in look.

Browse listings on Facebook Marketplace and check out thrift stores to find unique furniture that can be used as decorative storage.

Refit an armoire or a closet for the ultimate in hidden craft supply storage.

Make use of craft store bought organizers for spools of thread.

Use low-sided baskets to hold printer and scrapbook paper.

Label every drawer, box and bin.

Use small boxes that jewelry comes in to hold small items in drawers.

Styrofoam sheets and fabric can be made into an inspiration board.

Peg board bought  at the home improvement store can be painted any color to create stylish tool organization.

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