Sylvia Tribel · 31 Aug, 2020

DIY Budget Friendly Craft Room Ideas

Doable  Ideas to Up Your Creativity & Crafting Skills

Look for ways to create a worktable with easy to access tools as well as a place to store paint and craft supplies behind closed doors. 

Also consider a desk where you can set up a computer, printer and a vinyl cutting machine.

Storing and organizing everything is key to making the room be functional as well as a pretty place where you want to spend time. 

Make it happen with these ideas...


Label everything.

Hang a memo board to keep inspiration in sight.



Create decorative storage on the walls.

Stacked paper boxes make an inexpensive scrapbook paper organizer.



Add the finishing touches  and don't forget lighting and electrical outlets  for your power tools. 

Voilá !

A functional, pretty space where your creativity will thrive. 

The Result

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