If you have a carpeted staircase in your home that is in need of a makeover, consider looking at the wood beneath the carpet.    

For only $65 you may be able to paint and stain it  - no new carpet needed.

Palm sander Pliers  60 - 100 grit Sandpaper Painters Tape Pre-Stain Conditioner Wood Stain Polyurethane Paint Brush  Wood Staining Pad

supplies needed:

Remove existing carpet using a utility knife. Once carpet is removed, use pliers to remove carpet tacks in the wood. 


Clean each riser and step with a damp soapy cloth. Let dry, then go over the surface with a tack cloth to pick up dust, hair and dirt. 


Apply Pre-Conditioner  Starting at the top step, use a paint brush or wood staining pad to apply one coat of pre-stain conditioner.  Let dry.


Start with the top step and work down. Apply an even coat of stain to each step. Let dry. If needed, repeat to deepen color. 

Apply Stain to Each Step



Once stain is fully dry, brush on a thin coat of polyurethane. Use either water or oil-based.  Let dry. Apply a second coat.


Lastly, paint step risers in semi-gloss white. 

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