6 Home Decorating Painting Hacks That Will Make the Job Easier


When painting furniture with legs such as chairs and tables, attach a screw under each leg so the bottom of the legs are raised and not touching the work surface. Remove when paint is dry.

Raise Furniture For Easier Painting

Using a padded edge roller, makes painting along a ceiling line, windows and trim a breeze.

Use  Ready-Made Paint Tools



Don't have a paint bucket? Make your own using an empty gallon container.  Cut out as shown so it holds your brush.


Make Clean Up Easier

Line paint tray with foil before pouring paint in. When done, simply remove the foil and throw it away.


Keep Paint Can Rim Clean

Place a rubber band around paint can as shown. After dipping brush in paint, brush it across rubber band to remove excess paint.


Place toothpicks in a foam block. Place screw holes on pulls over toothpicks.

Spray Paint Cabinet Hardware

Now you can spray both sides at the same time.

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