How to Hide Wires On a Wall Mounted TV

Do you have a wall mounted TV or are you thinking of hanging one? Not sure how to hide the cords without hiring an electrician? Find out what three options you can use.


3 Options to Hide Wall Mounted TV Cords

Totally Hidden

Decorative Covers

For Renters




Read about each to decide what the best option for your TV will be.


To completely hide the cords, you can run them through the wall.


Using this kit.

Cons: Power tools needed.

Pros: Can easily add and remove cords when new components are added.

If you are a renter, you can make the TV cords less visible by covering them with a sleeve of fabric that is the same color as the wall. 



Pros: Inexpensive. No damage to wall. Cons: The cords are not totally hidden.

This makes the jumble of cords less noticeable.


Purchase pre-made cord covers that stick to the wall. 



Variation: If you have DIY wood working skills, you can place the cords under trim molding that you add to the wall as shown.


Pros: Adds architectural interest.  Cons: Requires woodworking skills and tools. New component cords will be hard to add.

Paint the area all the same color so it looks like a recessed paneled wall.

Which cord cover option would work for your TV and style of decor?


To learn more about ways to hide the cords on wall mounted TV's. 

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