How to Paint a Ceiling Fan

Without Having to Take It Down

How to paint a ceiling fan without having to remove it from the ceiling and deal with the electrical wiring.  This post will take you through the steps to paint the ceiling fan in a desired color.

Use a spray paint + primer in one formula for the blades and hardware.

Use a semi-gloss brush on paint for the motor base.

For a Smooth Finish

2. Remove light globe and fan blades with a screwdriver.

1. Turn power off to the fan from your home's breaker or fuse box.

3. Remove all hardware from blades. Put screws in small bag for safekeeping while painting the blades.

Two options to spray paint the blades: 

Place on foam lifts or hang on a clothesline.

To Paint Motor Base

Sand surface with 100 grit sandpaper and then clean with damp cloth and let dry.

Use a wood craft stick and small artist's paint brush to paint the surface of the motor, being careful not to paint the vent screening. Let, dry and then add a second coat.

After the motor base and blades are dry, reattach the blades and light globe if there is one.

Then attach new pull chains.

All Done!

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