Spray Painting Tips Not to Overlook

Spray painting makes it fast and easy to paint or make over almost any item, but it can be tricky to apply if you don’t follow a few basic tips Here you will learn how to create the perfect spray painted finish on any item.


Lifts can be purchased at the paint store, but you can use a can or jar from your recycling bin or blocks of Styrofoam from packaging to  make items easier to spray paint.

Use lifts to hold objects off your work surface.

Then shake it again for another minute and also while you are spraying.


Shake, shake, shake the can for a minute 

Try to spray when the temp is between 65 – 85 degrees. Cooler is better.  75 degrees and no humidity – perfect. If you spray when it is very hot and humid , it can dry to a grainy texture.

For optimal paint adhesion & drying:


...then fewer heavier coats. Thin coats dry faster and adhere better. Sand lightly between coats and remove the sanding grit. Then apply another light coat. Continue this until you have the desired coverage.


Use more thin coats...


If you can’t get this done, wait 48 hours to apply a new coat. If you add a coat before this waiting period, you run the risk of the paint wrinkling.

You must get all the coats needed on the piece you are spraying within an hour.

If you follow these tips and learn a few more...

...the next time you spray paint an item, you will be rewarded with a perfect painted finish.

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