Freezer Drawer



If the contents of your freezer drawer looks like this or you can never easily find what you need. Try this easy and budget-friendly freezer organizing hack.

 20″ x 30″ plastic corrugated sheets  4″ long white zip ties Craft knife Scissors Yard stick or t-square Hole punch Pencil

supplies needed:

Use the divider that came with the freezer as a template to cut new dividers from a sheet of corrugated plastic.


Figure Out Divider Placement Use the actual contents of your freezer to help you determine how to space the dividers in the basket.


Punch Holes in Dividers Mark dividers with a pencil along each edge. Using a paper hole punch or an awl, make a small hole and thread a zip tie through each hole.


Attach Dividers With Zip Ties Line a divider up with a horizontal wire on the basket. Then use the zip tie to secure it to the frame of the basket.



Repeat process for bottom drawer.


Lastly, put drawers back into the freezer and organize the contents in each divided area.

All Done!

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