The following 7 gadgets are low tech, but high on functionality! A few will make chores easier and one will even help you relax with the turn of a button.


Take-n-Slide Medication Tracker & Reminder

The easy way to know "did I take my medicine today?" Slide indicators left to right, no batteries needed. Sticks to any size bottle, keep medicine in the original container.

Ceiling Fan & Light Pull Chain Set

Never have to guess again what chain to pull when you want the fan or the light on.

Drapery Baton Wand with Stainless Steel Snap Hook

Attaching one of these to curtains & drapes makes them easy to open and close, plus keeps the fabric clean.

Incandescent Lamp Holder Socket Dimmer

Turn any lamp socket into a dimming socket easily.  No need for an electrician to be able to add mood lighting at the turn of a button.

Silicone Kitchen Sponge Double Sided Cleaning Scrubber

Easy to clean and dishwasher safe silicone sponge. Dries fast and will not get smelly & moldy.

Plastic Bag Drying Rack

Eco-Friendly way to dry plastic freezer bags after washing them so you can reuse them many times.  Good for the planet - good for your wallet.

Safety Utility Cutter and Package Opener

Save your fingernails and. use one of these handy box cutters to open packages your online orders come in.

Plastic Dropcloth with Tape Attached

Ingenious pre-taped mask film. The perfect protection to use when painting areas where straight lines are needed

Sleek Socket Ultra-Thin Electrical Outlet  Cord Management Kit

Eliminate ugly plugs & cords in areas where you only have one outlet. Perfect for kitchen counters when you have more than two appliances.

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