Doorway Curtain Made Using Paint Chips or Scrapbook Paper

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This is a fun decorating idea for a teenager's room.  It can be made to use in a doorway or as a colorful window curtain. 

–Paint chips  -Yarn -Tension rod to fit doorway width – Paper hole punch – Extra-hold glue stick – Scissors – Paper cutter

supplies needed:

Using scissors or a paper cutter, cut each paint chip into a square or rectangle. 

Cut the Paint Chips

Use a glue stick to glue the back side of one paint chip to another. Make sure they are squarely lined up. Repeat until you have enough to cover your doorway or window. 

Glue Paint Chips



Punch Holes

Use a hole punch to to make a hole in the center top and bottom of each paint pair of  glued paint chips. 


Hang Rod & Add Yarn

Cut yarn to the height of your door or window and add about 6 inches extra to secure bottom chip with a knot. 


Thread paint chips onto yarn. Repeat for each length of yarn, 

Thread On Yarn

Tie yarn onto tension rod  and knot to secure.  Trim excess yarn. Repeat for each length.

Hang it

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