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I am still living in the slow lane and savoring every minute of it. I have been working on a few things, but “not-a-one” of them is completed yet. Soon enough though, I promise I will be posting all of them.

Sailing on Lake Murray

The weather this week has been delightful. The 98 degree heat and high humidity of July has gone.  I should have waited until this week to paint my front doors. I hope it stays this nice… balmy breezes, clear skies and temps in the 80’s make it hard to get anything in the house done. I actually reached for a hoodie earlier in the week.  I am not quite ready for fall, but that will be here before we know it. I want to enjoy every bit of summer.

I did manage to do get a few things done this week…

While I was inside for a bit, I did a little clearing out in my storage area where I keep decorative accessories. It is the attic and a mess since I stash and grab when I go in there. I intentionally went in looking for something and found it.

I have always loved blue and white ceramics and china and even after purging a ton of stuff before we moved, I kept all my blue and white pieces. I haven’t used them in a long time, but got two pieces out of storage and placed one on the new sofa table I bought a few months ago, but no longer have a sofa for. :-)  Still looking for that. :-)

blue and white china from Ina Garten

The other is my favorite’s jumbo teacup and saucer. Just like Ina’s.  You can find them here: Jumbo Teacup and Saucer 

You know I love her cookbooks, even though I am not a foodie. I like them more because they show her style which my own style and taste gravitate towards!


Eclipse Maps

Are you in the path to see the total eclipse on Monday August 21?  I am!  It will go right over Lake Murray. See where the pink arrow is pointing in the map above?  That’s where I live.

We are hoping for a clear sunny day so we can witness the awe inspiring event with front row seats. I bought cool eclipse-viewing glasses so we will be all ready.

If you want to learn more about the eclipse and how to enjoy it with your kids or grandkids, check out all the creative ideas in this post.


I clearing out files in my studioffice and came across folders filled with illustrations I used to do before I started blogging. After going through the files, I found myself wanting to get my markers and colored pencils out. I miss doodling away like this. I made this illustration for my first post which was about Finding Potential in Your Closet. 

While enjoying living in the slow-lane for awhile, I smiled when I saw this on my friend, Neve’s Facebook.

The older you get saying

… and of course wonderful readers like YOU!  XO


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  1. Diane,
    We all need to take some time off as all those holidays are staring us in the face. I am savoring whats left of the summer. Glad you are too.

  2. Hey Diane, Glad you have gotten a reprieve from the heat and humidity. We had some cooler/drier days also but they didn’t last long. I’m bummed Virginia is not in the path of the eclipse, however, I remember when we were smack dab in the middle of the path in March 1970. It was an unforgettable experience. I know you will enjoy being in the “shadow” LOL. I too am a fan of Ina and have made several of her recipes…all very good. I love her garden in the Hamptons, drool, drool. Vikki in VA.

  3. My hubby is all excited about drive to Lincoln NE where our sons are in grad school. I think traffic in the eclipse area will be insane.

    How much do you love all things Ina??? I was fortunate to meet her when she released her first cookbook. As genuine as you can imagine.

    1. Hi June – I love Ina and love when her books and TV show, show glimpses into her home. :-) Things about the eclipse are crazy here. No school that day and businesses are even closing. They even have security heightened as they are expecting a flood of calls from people who don’t know about the event and call in that the world is ending. :-) I hope you get a great view of it and enjoying it with your sons.

  4. I’m looking forward to the unveiling of your projects in the near future, and your post ended with such a perfect sentiment…thank you!

  5. We are also right in the path of the eclipse here in Salem, Oregon. It will be a fun experience, but I am not looking forward to the crowded traffic, etc. We have our glasses and are all ready!
    Love your blog – your place looks so relaxing and comfortable!

  6. Yes! We are in the path of the eclipse on August 21. Our area has been preparing for it for more than a year. We are in deep Southern Illinois where we will have the longest duration of the total eclipse. We are expecting hundreds of onlookers in our area to view the eclipse, including NASA and other world renowned scientists. I will be checking out the link you posted to make our day more festive. Thanks!

  7. Happy to see you relaxing for a change. I’ve been doing the same in this hot and humid weather. The older I get, the more I look forward to the cooling temps of fall – but yet I dread winter. Oh well, living in he midwest, I get it all, whether I’m ready for it for not. My summer hanging baskets are toast, but my tomato plants are producing like gangbusters. Taking the good with the bad. Looking forward to any new projects you have in mind.

  8. You are going to have perfect viewing for the eclipse….wonderful! I love that last sentiment….that’s exactly how I feel these days. I don’t want or need any drama in my life….even weeds can be drama, lol! Enjoy your weekend! ;)