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Hola all…

I am way off my posting schedule this week due to waking up feeling sick on Wednesday morning.  It threw me for a loop and wiped out all my energy. I missed out on a few things including an anticipated evening out in town last night to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. A Mexican restaurant near us goes all out for the celebration. There is always next year. :-)

Pretty peonies

I am feeling better today and to get back in the swing of life, I thought I would share a few things that caught my attention recently.

Style Notes from In My Own Style blog

I feel so strongly about personal style choices in all areas of life that I named my blog using the term, In My Own Style.  I enjoyed reading how Kristi terms living confidently with your personal choices.  A good read for anyone who may need a little confidence boost in loving how they decorate their home no matter if it is trendy or fits into any one decorating style. No hoity-toity design do’s and don’ts to follow, just your heart and what feels right for you.

After being sick the last few days with GI issues, I am seriously considering eating like this for 4 – 6 weeks to see how it makes me feel. Has anyone ever followed this eating plan?

These look like a healthy frozen summer treat to replace a dish of ice cream.  I think they will work with the above eating plan. :-)

These gardening gloves do double duty. They are waterproof, plus have claw tips for your dominant hand or both which makes planting and weeding easier. They smell a little right out of the box, but are ingenious. A perfect Mother’s Day gift for moms that like to garden.

I have been working on this for the last few years. What could you live without?  A real take on living with what you love and need.

Have a good weekend, friends.  I will be back to my regular posting schedule next week.

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  1. Hi Diane,
    I have had GI issues for years and it worsened recently. After testing I was found to have fructose malabsorption or intolerance — with fruit, juices, etc. and somewhat lactose intolerant. On the fodmap plan now and also
    have eliminated fruit and high fructose corn syrup and feel so much better. I am still being a food detective as some days are better than others.

    Hope you find what’s best for your digestive system.

  2. I have celiac disease and have been gluten free for 37 years now (when I went gluten free – NO ONE had heard of it and I had to visit a hospital dietician for counseling – my how things have changed). I’ve not heard of this FODMAP diet – but for us gluten free – some items on the ‘okay’ list are not okay for us. Like one person wrote on here – I try to stick with ‘whole food’ items – food in its most original state. It’s those sauces and additives that get me. I also suffer with post-cholecystectomy digestion issues – so the raw fruits and cruciferous veggies can play havoc with my guts. It’s a learning process – listen to your body and if it makes your tummy upset – leave it off. I have to say – I still do dairy – not a lot of milk per se – but cheese – with no ill effects.

    Seems like every week, it’s a new diet – a new cleanse – and yes/no article that is a rebuttal to the one from the week before. A lot of information overload that may be out there to sell a new product or a new book.

    Bottom line: if you have normal digestion, don’t worry yourself with restrictive food plans. BUT do try to limit those bad carbohydrates and overly sugared foods (yes, I’ve worked in the medical field 30+ years). “Everything in moderation.”

    1. Hi Becky – I agree with you on all the points you brought up, especially just eating plant based whole foods as much as we can and everything in moderation. High 5!!! I have a history of digestive issues and have been pretty much dairy free for 18 years. Milk, butter, and most cheeses are not my friends. From what I read so far about the Fodmap plan, it seems basically not eating what I would consider gas producing foods. I will see what my doctor orders after getting test results back this week.

      1. Booo…. lactose intolerance is totally a bummer. Those of us with gluten allergy supplement a lot with cheese and milk products. Hope you get good test results – or at least results don’t limit you further. Love seeing pics of your lake home. Beautiful!

  3. Hi, Diane! Sorry you are having gut issues. A year ago, I did an elimination diet and discovered that onions were my cause of leaky gut. I mostly follow the AIP – Autoimmune Protocol Diet – except I am eating sugar again. (insert sad face)
    A good probiotic is important, too. I have found the Garden of Life Women’s 50 billion to be very beneficial. Hope you are back to your old self this week!

    1. Hi Terry – Thanks for your note. Happy to hear that you found out the cause of your problems. I will be eliminating quite a few things to help me discover what is causing my discomfort. My sister followed the AIP diet for a year and now eats pretty much Paleo. She didn’t have any digestive issues, but other issues that the diet has helped her overcome. The saying is so true… We are what we eat.

  4. Hi Diane…thought I’d weigh in on this food plan. I have had Ulcerative Colitis for almost 30 years, and have experienced 3 major flares during that time…that all happened as a result of diet choices. I have been adhering to the SCD diet ( Specific Carbohydrate) which seems similar to FODMAP…basically no complex carbohydrates, refined sugar, or lactose. Of you google it, you can read the details. I use ground almonds to make muffins ., ” bread” etc. It is the only thing that has saved me from surgery, and unfortunately every gastro doc I’ve been to ( at least 5) will not even talk about the impact of diet on my condition…I could write a book on it! All the best….Deb

  5. Diane, I’m so happy to hear you are back on your feet and feeling better! My daughter is 35 years old. For the last 10 years or so, she has battled various gut issues which seemed to run in cycles. She got no help from her primary, a gastroenterologist or a naturopath. She met a woman who is a representative for Arbonne. The company offers a 30 day cleansing diet program and maintenance diet to follow after the 30 day cleanse. I wish I could tell you more specifics, but many of the foods she eats are those which appeat on the FODMAP. She has found that doing a cleanse every 4-6 months and then staying on a modified version of the maintenance diet to be excellent for her, keeping her gut healthy and her energy high. The cleansing and maintenance experiences have helped her to identify foods that are a definite ‘NO’ for her. I think for people who deal with GI issues on a regular basis, working to find a healthy food program is essential to living their best life.

  6. Well, I don’t know about the diet here, but I’m 64 (in two weeks) and I hope to continue to grow older and keep eating. Hope you’re feeling better very soon!

  7. Sorry to read that your gut is under the weather. I would avoid all dairy products including yogurt for a minimum of 4 -7 days. I highly recommend this home remedy to restore your intestinal flora: 1 cup of water, 1 teaspoon each of lemon juice, Apple cider vinegar, and honey. Mix the three ingredients in the water. Drink 1/4 cup and wait 15-20 minutes noting if you are having a negative reaction to the concoction. If there is no reaction, consume the remainder of the concoction. Your tummy should settle down in no time. Your gut will benefit from consuming this concoction for three more days, once a day. Hope you feel better soon.

  8. So sorry you have been sick. I have been following Kristi and I had commented to her that she needed to check out your blog , you had just finished your counter tops and she was looking to redo hers. You and her have amazing insight to what you like and how to do it, and ya’ll have accomplished so much on your houses…such inspiration. My hope is one day I will be able to have time to try some of the projects y
    but until then. I will enjoy watching your progress…Feel better soon

  9. Hi Diane,
    I was always eating beans, apples. Onions, to be healthy… and I had constant IBS-D. A friends gastro recommended this diet and I have using it for over a year. Most doctors have not heard of it except very tuned in doctors. Changed my like , some of those “healthy” foods were the worst, so no beans, no onions, apples.and I can eat small amounts of some things. It is a game changer!
    I just turned 70…and I even take meds that cause issues.. but the low fodmap really helps! Good luck!
    Holly Rigby
    Spring, TX

  10. I forgot to mention which yogurt you should eat. My doctor recommended Yoplait original but Activia is also good since both have probiotics. Just be sure to eat it plain with no fruit.

  11. I had gi issues after gall bladder surgery. My doctor recommended I eat yogurt twice each day which helped but didn’t totally solve my problem. Then I found this diet and have mostly followed it for a year. Anything made with wheat is not good but I can eat Arnold’s and pepperidge farm oatmeal bread. I already didn’t eat sweets but some of the fruits and veggies were hard to give up.

    I hope you try this diet. Feel better!

  12. I too am on the Fodmap diet for a year plus. The diet has helped me immensely. I have been able to add back some foods and if something bothers me, I no longer have a serious reaction. What I find so interesting is so much of the diet is portion control. You are going to feel so much better:-)! A digestive Probiotics is helpful too. Good luck to you.

    1. I second what Marny says. If this is your underlying issue, eating low FODMAPS will completely change your life and eating low/no FODMAPS kicks in really fast! They diagnosed me after testing every other possible cause. There is no direct test for IBS. I find the most challenging thing is eating out. Trigger ingredients can be added in the food preparation process. To aid this, I always order “whole” foods – as in, “Can I see the whole food?” An example of this would be a baked potato. Sorry to tell you, the treat you posted today is not completely FODMAPS. The dates, peanut butter, and pistachios are not on the program. You can probably fiddle with the recipe to make it better for you. Yes, you can start introducing eliminated foods back eventually, however, you will likely find some that you really can’t ever tolerate. I think of this as a customized eating plan just for me (sounds more uplifting!) but your feeling great all the time is a small price to pay to skip foods that your body says “NO” to. Lesson learned: my gut always wins!

      1. Hi Janet – I agree that whole foods are the best and we have to listen to what our bodies say. I have done some research and find there is quite a lot of conflicting information about what is considered Low Fodmap foods. One list says peanut butter is OK, another not. A few other foods seem to show up on both lists. I need to start figuring out the winners for my gut. :-)

  13. The low FODMAP diet changed my life! I started it a year ago on my doctor’s recommendation and have been able to add back some foods to my diet without having GI symptoms. Others, though, are gone permanently or can only be tolerated in small amounts, such as wheat bread, artificial sweeteners, soy, and certain fruits and vegetables. The artificial sweetener issue was the biggest eye-opener – all these years, I thought it was my friend when it came to weight control but actually it was causing most of my symptoms. In the first month on the diet, I lost 10 lbs and a couple of clothing sizes because I wasn’t bloated any more. I’m 65 but I feel 20 years younger. It’s worth it!