A Quick Trip to Los Angeles

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Are you back to your post-summer routine yet? I am about 85% there. I lost a little time when I took a trip to Los Angeles last week for a Swiffer event. I took the red eye back to South Carolina. The flight didn’t leave until 11:30PM. I arrived home at 9:00 AM the next day and have been trying to get caught up with sleep and life since then.

Flying to LA for Bloggers trip

I had never been to LA and was excited to go.

Hollywood Sign

We stayed in Hollywood for 3 days and got to do some of the more popular touristy things… like find the Hollywood sign.

Swiffer Fanatics on the Friends Set at Warner Brothers Studios

This is the 3rd year that I have been a Swiffer Ambassador… AKA… a Swiffer Fanatic. The team at Swiffer always mixes up learning about what’s new with the Swiffer brand (I think you are going to love a new product that comes out next spring) along with some fun.

Does anything about the above photo look familiar to you?  It is the set of Central Perk from the show Friends. It is on the Warner Brothers Studio Tour.

Set of Gilmore Girls House

And so is this house….Do you recognize it?  I have never watched the show, but my youngest did. It is the exterior for The Gilmore Girls house. I bought my denim dress, here.

The set for Lukes Coffee Shop in Glimore Girls

This is the set for the exterior of Luke’s from the same show. The day we toured, it was getting set for another show that has a Polynesian theme. It was truly amazing how they stage and style the sets. A job I think I would enjoy.

After seeing all that has to be done to get one of these sets, set up,  I now have appreciation for all those names that roll along the screen at the end of TV shows and movies.

Tinkerbell the dog at the Swiffer blogging event

Most of the Swiffer bloggers are humans, but there are a few, four-legged Fanatics in the ranks. Tinkerbell is the tiniest and is a star in her own right. A true star….and best of all, she was a rescue dog!  Her owner found her at an animal shelter in NYC.  One day she was walking Tinkerbell along the street and a Ralph Lauren talent scout saw her…. the rest is history. :-)


On the last day, I had some time to explore the town with another blogger who was leaving on the same red-eye flight I was.  I had one thing in mind to do.

Grauman's Chinese Theater in Los Angeles

If you know anything about me, you know I adore old movies from the 1940’s through the early 60’s.  My favorite actor of all time is Cary Grant.


I went to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre so I could put my feet into Cary’s.  :-)  What fun!!! I am not a star struck person, but I do LOOOOVE all his movies. My faves are Mr. Blanding’s Builds His Dream House , Father Goose, and Destination Toyko. He made these impressions in the sidewalk back in 1951. I wasn’t even born yet!  :-)

Los Angeles at Sunset

It is always fun and exciting to go to new places, but as the saying goes – “There is no place like home” and that is exactly what I am feeling right now as I sit back at my desk in my studioffice  thinking just as Frank sang –

No more packin’
And unpackin’
Light the home fires
Get my slippers
Make a pizza  

It’s oh, so nice to go trav’lin’
But it’s so much nicer, yes, it’s so much nicer to come home.

Or in my case – get in my yoga pants and make a hot cup of tea.  :)

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  1. Oh my gosh, you got to see the Gilmore Girls lot!!!! I’m kinda jealous. Looks like fun.

  2. As always a wonderful post filled with interest, LOVE the Cary Grant mention, what a guy, what a looker!!!!!!!!!! gorgeous…lucky you to stand in his shadow, so to speak…..
    On a more sober note, I hope that you all come out the other side of the hurricane safe and sound without to much damage to your homes or those you love…thinking of you all…God be with you…xxx

  3. Fun post today! Seeing the Friends set would be a thrill for me since I’m a huge fan. I agree with you about Cary Grant–LOVE him! (Did you know his real name was Archibald Leach?!!). And that cheeseball is so clever and will be fun to bring to a party. Thanks for posting and I hope you all stay safe and sound when Irma comes.

    1. Hi Nancy – I haven’t read the books, but have many friends who have and loved them. I have only watched the series on Starz. It is so good and addicting. :-)

  4. The dog is so adorable…:) Thanks for the creative ideas – there is always not enough of creativity:) Greetings!:)