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I had a decorating post planned for yesterday, but before I had all the photos taken for it, Ed and I got a very exciting phone call and dropped everything, packed our bags and headed for a 6 hour drive to meet our just-born granddaughter!

Diane Blogger at In My Own Style blog

Here she is…. XOXO  :-) I can’t put her down.  It is going to be so hard leaving after a few days. I think we will be traveling to a whole lot more now that this cute addition to the family has made her arrival.

When I get home, I will finish taking the photos for the decorating post I had started. Until then, I thought I would share a few other things that made my week.

I finally settled on how we are going to transform the exterior of our house. After 3 years of thoughts, ideas, colors, sampling paint colors, and affordable options to update the exterior, we are going to keep it simple by painting the green a neutral color, leaving the brick as it is, and re-staining all the decking around the house and dock. Then we’ll add some modern architectural details on the front of the house, new steps for the front entry, and then new landscaping to finish it all off.

I am still drawing up those plans and am hoping to get the whole project started in a few weeks.

The other big project that I have planned to start this spring is having the hardwood floor in the kitchen and living room refinished and stained by Bona Flooring. They are more than a company that makes and sells mops and wood floor cleaner. They also provide products for the installation, maintenance and renovation of wood floors. They have beautiful colors and finishes – I want to go matte or a finish with less sheen.  So stay tuned to follow the process and see the before and after as I share it with you.

And moving on to what I found inspiring online this week…

Here is a very creative way to make a unique headboard.

Have you seen this fascinating show on Netflix?  I can’t stop watching. It is so interesting and eye-opening.

Since I began walking every day last year to get 10,000 steps in a day, I found I enjoy listening to podcasts. Every episode on this podcast about decorating answers basic questions that will help you make your decor the best it can be in all aspects of design. I also like the interviews to learn tips and tricks from designers. I have been using these ear buds that are like pajamas for your ears and never pop out like regular ear buds do. Ed got me a pair and now sells them on his website.

Not a perfect size 6?  A real-life guide to swimsuits for women.

I first stumbled upon these tealight holders to place out on the deck, but then I found this one and liked it even better. I bought a few of them earlier this week. I plan to use them once the weather warms up and we start eating meals and entertaining out on the deck.

Have a creative idea to invent something new? Keep at it. His ideas didn’t always work, but he kept trying and made history.

Buying a new lamp or shade for an existing light in your home? Read this first. 

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  1. Oh boy, a real baby! I love those guys. Hope your daughter is getting some rest after that! and you too – tell your new granddaughter that I said ” woobiewoobiedooble, aren’t you just the prettiest little thing? yes you are, oh yes you are, you little bunny:”

  2. Congratulations on your beautiful & sweet granddaughter! There is nothing like grandchildren to keep us smiling and happy. You look beautiful in this picture too!

  3. I’m just getting caught up with my blog reading and was so excited to read your news!
    Congratulations! Zoe is beautfil! Enjoy every second with her. I agree you will be making that trip to VA more often. Being grandparents is amazing!
    We have 7 yr old granddaughter and a 7 month old grandson. Love every second I spend with them.
    Many blessing to you and your family.

  4. Congratulations to you and Ed on becoming grandparents! Baby Zoe is adorable. Your life will be forever changed!

    1. Hi Vikki – Thank you. :-) I am enjoying every second so far. We have to leave tomorrow to go back home, so today I am making sure I get extra grandmom time.

  5. Congratulations!!! She is adorable!!! I see lots of “girlie” crafting in your future!!!

    1. Hi Linda – Thank you. I wish they lived closer. If they did I would be decorating the room from top to bottom. I will have to settle for making things for her and her room that can be transported easily. :-)

  6. Congrats on baby Zoe! We just became grandparents (again) to a baby boy this week too! Can’t wait to see what you have planned for you house exterior. We just purchased a (new to us) home and want to change the exterior so I’m waiting with baited breath to get some inspiration from you!

  7. Congratulations! Zoe is beautiful! Being a Nana is the most wonderful gift I have ever been given—we have had 5 grandchildren in 9 years & we are so blessed by each one. Enjoy that precious little girl, Diane.

  8. OMG. Your life will never be the same now that grandparenthood has arrived! Congratulations from one happy grandma to another!

  9. Congratulations – what a joy!! She is precious and I love her name. What will she call you? I am always contemplating ways to say Grandma for when my turn comes. Enjoy!!

  10. Congratulations, Grandma (or whatever you want to be called)! Such wonderful news. This starts a different kind of ‘love’ for your family; grandkids lend a whole new blessing to your lives. Enjoy every minute with her, Diane.

  11. AWWWWW…How sweet and beautiful. Congratulations to you, Ed and the lucky parents.
    Post lots of photos as she grows up.

  12. What a wonderful time in your life. She is so beautiful. Makes me wish mine were babies again. Nothing like a grandchild. Congratulations.

  13. Congratulations on your beautiful granddaughter! So sweet?. Charlottesville is a beautiful place to visit grands…I have 2 there that I’m visiting in April.

  14. Congratulations! Nothing sweeter than holding your newborn grandchild! She is beautiful and precious??

  15. Congratulations to you and your family! I love the photo of you and baby Zoe, so very precious. Best wishes to you all!

  16. CONGRATULATIONS! Zoe is beautiful! Can you tell me the name of the Netflix show? When I click on the link it doesn’t provide the the title.

    Thank you!

  17. Congratulations on your new grand-daughter! It is so nice of you to share a picture of the both of you (you look as if you’ve known each other for ever)!

  18. Hi Diane, I am so happy for your family..so exciting! Baby Zoe is beautiful : )
    Have a great weekend : )

  19. Congratulations!! You and Zoe look beautiful! Congratulations to the whole family!

    Yes, I was clicking around your site yesterday when it got hijacked. I knew it wasn’t your fault, and just shut down my browser and went and did other things. Glad to know it’s all over.

  20. Congratulations and welcome to the wonderful world of grand parenting! You are beautiful and I love your hair!?

  21. CONGRATULATIONS! You and your heart will forever more be changed! You think you love your daughters? Well hang on Mama cuz loving a Grandbaby brings a whole new meaning to the words love, life, happiness, joy and etc. Your Facetime App will be getting a workout!

  22. Congratulations! You will be burning up that road a LOT now – lol. I am currently in the car driving the 6 1/2 hour trip to see my littles. (I’m not actually the one driving) Grandkids are amazing!

  23. The pic of you and your newborn granddaughter is waaaaaay better than than any decorating/diy pic ever! Congrats to you, Ed and all the family. So exciting.

  24. Oh Diane, she is soooo precious! I wish baby Zoe and her parents all the best. Congratulations grandma! :-)

  25. Hi, congratulations on your new grandbaby, she’s adorable. I know you will certainly enjoy her. Hope mama is doing well.
    The link to the Netflix show doesn’t work for me, can you tell me the name of the show you’re talking about? I’m always up for a good Netflix show.

    Thanks much

  26. Congratulations to all of you! Zoe is just adorable!! All the best to Kelli and the rest of your family. So exciting!

  27. Congrats on becoming a Grandma! She is too cute for words. ? I bet she’ll be a DIYer just like her Grandma!

  28. Congratulations!! This is a great picture of you and the baby!! There is nothing like being a Grandparent! She is precious! I have a question for you. With all the work that you do, how do you keep your hands so pretty and soft looking? Have a great time with the baby.

    1. Hi Kathy – I smiled when I read your comment about my hands. I do use a lot of hand creme. I have it in the kitchen, on my night table, car, and handbag. All different brands. Right now I mostly use Shea Butter. I warm it in my hands to soften it and then rub in. I like it because it is a natural product and is not greasy.

  29. Congratulations! Little Zoe is darling. Grandbabies are the best and what a sweet addition to your family.

  30. Congratulations on your beautiful grand daughter!! I always say my heart grew two sizes bigger after our grand daughter was born!!

  31. Ahhh, the circle of life draws all the family together! Ed and you will so love being grandparents! Such a lucky little girl! Congratulations to you all. Be quick on those pictures because they change way too fast!

  32. Diane, you are amazing! How you can talk about decorating with the birth of your beautiful granddaughter, Zoe? Congratulations and enjoy every moment!!!