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Why I Painted My Brand New Dishwasher

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After having to wash my dishes by hand after my dishwasher decided to stop working about 3 weeks ago, I am happy to report – those hand washing days are OVER!  It wasn’t too bad at first, but it did start to get old around week #2.  I noticed I wasn’t so quick to wash the dishes right after I used them, instead they started piling up in the sink.  :)


Now I have a new dishwasher. I went with the GE since it looked the best with my GE oven.



We like the new dishwasher – much quieter, but I did not like the fact that you could see the black base. All models seem to have this.  I knew I would be whipping out some paint to fix it to my liking. The white dishwasher that this stainless one replaced, had a black base also that I painted, as did the base on all the cabinets when we first moved into the house.  I painted that base after the first few weeks of moving in.  I am not a fan of black cabinet bases.

It is not that I don’t like black, I actually like black and think every room could use a little bit of it to create balance and interest, but your eye goes right to the floor when the cabinet base is black on light color cabinets. I like to create visual flow, so out came the Antique White paint.


I put down painters tape, roughed up the surface with medium grit sandpaper, which I found out was plastic – not metal!  I cleaned it well and let it dry. I then rolled on a light coat of Gripper primer.  It was hot and humid here yesterday so it took a long time to dry.  I then rolled on a coat of paint.

The floor is going to be refinished very soon – my summer project.   I may have to repaint the entire baseboard around the cabinets, but that is OK.  For now I am happy that the black is gone.


When I redo the floor, I plan to add “feet” in front of the dishwasher like I did on the end of each section of cabinet. (photo below)

Painted Kitchen Cabinet tutorial

When you own a house and like it to look “just right” for your style  – there is always a project that needs doing.  Now having two stainless appliances in the room, I want to replace the brass faucet and drawer pulls  – will be doing that soon.

My summer is going to be filled with lots of projects – floor work and painting mostly. I am most excited about my plans for the floor in my mudroom. Will be starting on that soon now that the dishwasher project is behind me. *Update: Here is how I painted a colorful rug on my mudroom floor.

Painting Baseboards: Designer Tricks to a Beautiful Home



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  1. Oh you & me both on the black bottoms on kitchen stuff. I can not believe no one else does this!!! I did it way back when I painted the entire inside and outside of my parent’s (only mom left at the time) and everyone was what did you do and how did you do it…… with me it was good old ORIGINAL Kilz. I love that stuff. It works on plastic, fake wood cabinets, real wood, what else? I too then did the white paint over it all. And I learned a valuable lesson in that kitchen…. well several actually. One is to NOT use semi gloss on the walls!!!!! Only on the cabinets. I hated the walls, but seriously… I was just done with it by then. lol It was a lot of work all by myself.

  2. Hi Diane, So happy to hear that your dishwasher problem is solved and it does looks nice. As far as your brass hardware, instead of replacing it, since they are very nice, why not use a metallic spray in stainless or brushed stainless? A can or two of spray paint is inexpensive enough that it might be worth a try before replacing all hardware. They have many metal finishes available now, even a hammered one. Good luck!

  3. What an amazing difference just that little bit of painting made! It looks great! I am of the opinion that dishwashers are one THE best inventions. Ever.

  4. If you decide to change out the brass pulls, why not consider painting them? It would be a huge savings, and you could choose any finish you like! I did a custom paint treatment on ours and they’ve held up beautifully!

    1. Hi Nancy – I will probably end up doing that, I have had a Rustoleum color chart that shows all their metal finishes, but I can’t decide if I like one color over the other. I think I am going to go with glass or a mix of glass knobs and metal pulls. I know oil-rubbed bronze and black are popular, but I don’t want dark hardware. What paint and color did you use to paint yours?