This Will Put You In the Holiday Spirit

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I am way behind in my preparations for the holidays and feeling a little stressed.  I had many good intentions to have posts and projects for you, my house decorated, gifts bought and wrapped, but it all took a backseat so I could spend time with my dad.

Yesterday, I finally got out to do some Christmas shopping. Today I am going to wrap it all up and place it under the tree that we decorated late Sunday night before my oldest had to head back to med school.

Ed sent this to me yesterday. It made me smile and reminded me of the magic of Christmas.  It is only 5 minutes long, but will have you smiling and crying tears of joy at the same time.

A commercial company finding ways to spread Christmas joy!

The video reminded me of a few lines in one of my favorite Christmas movies, Miracle on 34th Street.


“Oh, Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a frame of mind…”   – Kris Kringle

Insert – “WestJet”  in place of “Macy’s”  in the movie quote below.

“Imagine a big outfit like Macy’s putting the spirit of Christmas ahead of the commercial. It’s wonderful. Well, I’ll tell ya. I never done much shopping here before, but I’ll tell ya one thing. From now on I’m going to be a regular Macy’s customer.”                                                                                      – Store shopper played by Thelma Ritter

Instead of trying to prepare for the holidays with exacting perfection, seeing the WestJet video has me searching for finding ways to spread the holiday spirit in simple and joyful ways. It also reminds me what the season is truly about.


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  1. I too am way behind, just got the tree tonight but am not going to stress…just going to go with the flow and remember the reason for the season. Happy Holidays!

  2. West Jet just made an entire flight worth of people customers FOR LIFE! I watched it and laughed my butt off at the guy that only wanted socks and underwear. I’m sure he’s not only thankful but kicking himself :) The lady that wanted a camera is a woman after my own heart, I’m a photographer and nothing makes me happier than a camera in my hands.

    1. Hi Gabby – I thought the same thing about the guy with the socks and underwear – but he smiled big time when he opened it – Simple pleasures :-) The little boy with the Android tablet was my fave – super cute.