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Working on “The Creative Wall”

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I was away over the weekend so I didn’t get much done on what I am calling “The Creative Wall” in my Studioffice.   It is going to be a wall filled with all the stuff I need to create.

The desk side of the Studioffice that I showed you last week is where I write and organize, but The Creative Wall that is opposite the desk is where I will actually create and make things.  I want to have everything I need readily available and accessible.

The Desk Side of the Room


Since I can design this room anyway I want – except of course for budget constraints, I thought about what I needed to do in the room and made a list.

1.  A place to write posts and be online.
2.  A place to wrap gifts.
3. A place to make projects.
4. A place to take photos of projects.
5. Lots of organization.
6.  Has to have lots of natural light as well as lamp light in the evening.

I sketched out a plan and have tweaked it to where I am ready to start making it happen.

How to design a room - drawing plan

The design of The Creative Wall started because of this – my urn filled with gift wrap.  It is not a good thing, the one edge of all the wrap stored here gets all chewed up, plus it is always falling out.

Giftwrap organizing ideas

“The Creative Wall” Side of the Room

As you can see there is lots of potential.  Since painting the room – it is nice and bright which I am loving.

Design ideas for a home office

A view from the other side. The foyer steps are on the other side of this wall.

How to design a home studio or office

I gathered inspiration from Pinterest to come up with the plan for The Creative Wall and posted about it over on Momtastic.  Just looking at the image below – makes me smile. All the yummy colors and blissful order!


My scanner and computer are not being buddies as of late, so I used my very basic Photoshop skills to sketch my plan on a photo for you to see what I have in mind for the wall.  It will be divided into 3 sections, each one with a different purpose.  It will all be removable in case we have to move. I will be able to just lift the whole works right off the wall so I can set it up in a new space.  I also want it to look built-in so I will be using lots of molding.

How to design a craft room

I have always wanted to live in a chic downtown NYC studio apartment and never had the opportunity.  I think that is why I don’t mind changing the traditional room layout of my house and using what the architect labeled as the “formal living room” as a creative space.   I have never tried to hide or close it off as it is truly an extension of who I am.  I would not work as well if I felt isolated. The only thing that would make this room perfect for me would be a water view out the windows.  Someday….

I am off to Lowes to buy the supplies I will need to get this started.  It won’t be an overnight project, but I will post updates until it is completely done.

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