How-To Make a Valentine Gift Tube

Gift Box made from paper towel tubes

I am sending this covered gift tube to my daughter, Mandy who is away at The University of Vermont.  It is filled with lots of kisses – Hershey Kisses that is.  I want to send her something unique and that won’t fit into her dorm mailbox.  This way the mail-room will have to put a note in her mailbox saying – “You got a package, come to the front desk to get it.”  Making it’s arrival more dramatic.   This is a recycling project, re-using cardboard tubes from paper towels, toilet paper, or giftwrap.    By using two tubes, one inside the other gives them more pizazz then just wrapping tootsie-roll style.  I simply covered the tubes with coordinating gift-wrap and used poufy pink tulle to tie them together.  It is very easy to make and can hold many different items, depending on the size of the tubes you use.  If you have something large you could use mailing tubes as they have a wider diameter. 


Since Mandy reads my blog she will know she is getting this.  It will still be fun for her to receive. 



2 cardboard tubes – one narrower to slide snuggly into the other
2 coordinating wrapping papers
Tulle or ribbon to coordinate
Hole Punch
Spray Adhesive
Glue Stick
Download Valentine design template (below)




1.  Determine how long a tube you want to hold the gift, add at least 2-inches for tubes to overlap.  Cut the tubes so that you have two that are equal lengths.


2.  Cut a piece of the first gift-wrap slightly larger than the first tubes end and place face down on work surface.  Place one end of first tube on the wrong-side of paper and trace around tube, then draw a dotted line about 1/2 -inch around it.  Cut circle out on dotted lines.  Do the same for the other tube and the coordinating gift-wrap.




Make cuts into the the 1/2 -inch excess as shown. Repeat for other tube.




3.  Glue circle on to end of tube, overlapping tabs if necessary.  Repeat on other tube.



4.  Cut gift-wrap to size to cover tube.  Spray wrong side of this piece with spray adhesive and carefully wrap around tube.  Make sure to smooth down edges.  Repeat this step for second tube using the coordinating gift-wrap.


5.  Punch two holes (as shown) about  1 1/2 – inches apart on the seamed side of each tube.


6.  Thread tulle or ribbon through holes in smaller tube, then through holes in the larger one.



7.  Make sure smaller tube is inside larger tube.   Pull tubes together by pulling the ends of the tulle or ribbon.  The tulle acts as a hinge. 



8.  Place gift inside.  Pull tulle and wrap around front of tube.  Tie into a bow and trim ends of tulle if necessary.


Get a copy of these cute cupcake toppers here:  They are 1″ little circles that you can cut out.  I used one as an embellishment on the tube.

 Link to download at:

The Creative Party Place



Find a button that coordinates with your gift-wrap and glue a 1″ valentine graphic that you downloaded onto center of button.  You can also use a round sticker and write the recipients name on.



Glue button onto center of bow.



I couldn’t decide which button I liked better, so I made two.









  1. Mandy says

    Thanks Mom! I can’t wait for my first package of the semester. All the other kids will be wicked jealous :) XOXO -Mandy

  2. says

    Hello and thanks for stopping by for a visit and entering my giveaway. You are the craftiest gal I have met in a long time. I love your blog and I am following you now.
    I was not aware of Kim so I will have to google her and learn more.
    Yes we are neighbors and what you don’t know is that I lived near you for many years in Holmes and I had an Aunt & Uncle who lived in Landsdale.

  3. Erika says

    This is such a SWEET idea, I will have to try it for my daughter who is away at school. :)

  4. says

    I just found a mailing tube to send it off, so I am off to the post office tomorrow. Thanks for the stumble, Meg at The Brassy Apple and all the nice comments everyone has left for me.

  5. says

    This is soooo cute!! I think I’m going to make them for my girls. They would love them. And we always have paper towel and toilet paper rolls on hand! Thanks so much for linking up. Featuring you today on my “Readers Rock” post. :)


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