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The most FAQ’s I get, besides a “how-to paint” question is… “Where did you get that?”

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    1. Hi- My Shop pages are links to other stores. I do not sell anything directly from my site, I am just an affiliate for other companies. Simply click on the photos in my shop pages to be taken to the store where you can order the items.

  1. Hi Diane,
    I thought I saw a link on your website the other day for a navy blue head board, that you commented was less than you could make it yourself. I can’t seem to find it now. Am I imagining things?
    Thanks, Kathy

  2. Hmmm… All the “rstyle.me” type URLs do not open a page for me. I’m not on a phone.
    I’ll try a different browser. No worries! Thanks for replying!

  3. Hi! I really enjoy your blog and like your style. I would really like to use your links, but when I click on the photos (such as those in the preceding section), none of the links resolve to a viewable page. They just open a blank page. What am I missing? I feel it’s something really obvious, or something very hip, which I am not up on. Help?


    1. Hi Katy – I just checked the links and they are working on my end. Are you on a computer or your phone? What I think is happening could be the speed of your internet connection or computer. When you click on a link it does go to a blank screen for a few seconds, then opens up to the site where the item is sold. Depending on the speed of your internet connection this could be instant or a few seconds or longer. Let me know if this could be the reason. If not, I will try to figure out the problem.

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