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The most FAQ’s I get, besides a “how-to paint” question is…

“Where did you get that?”

Most of the items I makeover and decorate my house with are hand-me-downs or stuff I find at the thrift store.  I accent these pieces with new items to update the look and feel of my home for the seasons or decorating trends. I frequent HomeGoods on a regular basis.

I also shop at these retailers:

Amazon | TJMaxx | Walmart | Target | World Market | Overstock | Etsy | Pottery Barn | J. Crew

Below are some of the items that are in my home with links to where you can find them online.

I also am adding items from other aspects of my life, like fashion which I love, but don’t write about much.

My Latest Purchases

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  1. New to this page an I would like to know more about Purple painted lady, Thank you

  2. Oh Gosh, I’ve just seen how LONG my ‘comment’ was to you! I’m so sorry for taking up so much of your time … but as I’ve been following you for so many years, I guess I just opened up to you like a long time friend! Sorry.

  3. Hi Dianne,
    I just wanted to tell you how much joy I feel every time I come in to look at your blog! I ADORE Everything that you do! In fact, I’ve been ‘stalking’ (LOL) your pages for years now & only just got around to tell you how much I love your whole decorating style. I feel that I know you as I’ve been reading your blog for so many years … & even chased up your site when my laptops have died & I’ve lost all my data! lol
    I’ve been s;lowly working on organizing my home to get it the way I want it … including painting my bedroom furniture white & I used new crystal knobs. I also purchased a vintage bed with half tester to which I attached antique lace. I’ve also put lace on the glass of my bedroom windows using the cornflour method, & sheers with a slight pattern that I’ve just draped aside a little using tie backs with flowers. Like you, I also love peonies! I’ve also recovered the shades on my lamp (gorgeous pink magnolia flowers on a white background) & painted all the furniture white. Unfortunately as I don’t own my home, there is only so much I can do, so I’ve added good sized rugs on the floors soft silvery grey tiled floors, including a soft grey rug in my bedroom that has a dark grey carpet. It’s a very modern house so needed a bit of ‘warming up’ without making it too ‘warm’ as I live only 400 meters to the beach in the sub-tropics on the east coast of Australia in Hervey Bay, Qld., which is at the entrance to the Great Barrier Reef & just opposite a glorious sand island that is the largest in the world. We also have the whales swimming at this time of year as well as regular visits from the dolphins, along with a large turtle hatching beach just north of here. I guess this goes a long way to explain why I have chosen the decor & colours for my home. Even though I’ve lived in other ‘beach side’ towns, they have either been too hot, too humid or too cold in winter, so I moved here for the latitude as it’s the perfect climate for me, not too hot & humid, and only about 2 weeks that I need to wear a long sleeve top or a jumper! :) I’d love to hear a bit about where you live if you wouldn’t mind sharing.
    I especially adore your office/craft room, both the way in which you have organized & decorated it, as well as the colour scheme! Like you, I too have a mixture of furniture with different woods & colours so it’s a fabulous excuse to paint it all so that it matches/so-ordinates perfectly! Aren’t we lucky to be able to do this, as though who have to start off with all new furniture don’t have the joy of putting their own ‘stamp’ on things. I have actually purchased a pink tint so that I can mix it into different shades of pink for my office/sewing/craft room. I took a photo of your craft room when I went to buy the tint! :) It’s only a single bedroom sized room, but as my only housemate is my Cavalier King Charles spaniel – Bess, who likes to lie under my desk while I’m sewing, etc. & I feel her little furry body touching my legs as she comes in & out of the room, :) I don’t have the need for a huge house & the guest room ill be the last to be done as I hardly ever go into it. I have a LOT of bedding in various sizes as I had a single size bed for my grandson when he was young, a king size bed for my partner & me, and a regular double bed in the guest room. However when I bought the vintage bed, it was only a double, so heaps of spare pillows, doonas/quilts, & mattress protectors, etc. in Single & King size, as well as some gorgeous antique lace battenberg lace large cot covers that I bought for my grandson when he was a baby, but wasn’t ‘needed’ … Anyway, it means that I have a lot of adorable linen & lace covers with which I can make European size pillowslips & shams, as well as some large antique damask battenberg linen & lace tea cloths that will also become large pillow slips/shams or attached to my all white King sized bed linen. The pillows I’m saving to make my cushion fills for the pillows for the couches. I love the way that you can put that knife edge shape into your cushions and I realised that the only way to achieve that is by using my feather/goose/duck pillows. You have no idea just HOW much your decorating has inspired my own! So, I say a HUGE Thank You!
    I actually have a couple of neurological & autoimmune diseases (one similar to MS & the other is like Parkinson’s disease) so I need assistance with most things, either holding my hand from shaking while I’m trying to hand sew something or using the glue gun & staple gun, etc. so my Carers who come to me for a few hours, 4 days/week help me when I ask. They know how determined I am to have things as per my vision so know when to offer assistance, and when to let me do it. My hands shake considerably so I can’t write, butter bread, or even pin things on a bad day. I have actually managed to get little spots of blood on everything I’ve made so the ‘spit’ has come in handy to dissolve it for me. I always think of Echidnas (spiny ant eaters in Oz) or Hedgehogs copulating when I prick myself & it makes me laugh! So you can imagine the real ‘adrenaline rush’ I get when I see a project finally come to fruition, and in the image that I’d had in my head for ages! I don’t know about you, but when I see furniture, a room, etc., I don’t see it as it ‘IS’ but I can only see it as it WILL BE. :) So, is that what you are like when you see an unloved piece of furniture or fabric that’s just crying out for some TLC & a purpose? I’ve often wondered this about ‘decorator junkies’ … lol In fact we’ve just completed painting my antique rosewood round dining table & chairs. The pedestal has really thrilled me because when it was dark wood, the carving wasn’t as noticeable, but it shows up beautifully now! I guess this is yet another reason we get so much pleasure out of giving love to what we do, because we get to appreciate each & every little bit of it as we sand, paint, polish, renew knobs, line drawers & shelves, or reupholster each piece. There isn’t a part of each item that we haven’t given our care & attention to. Of course mt dining chairs are now white, with a gorgeous French blue velvet upholstery. I also made velvet piping that goes around the bottom of the seat part, as I’ve also used white gimp just to ‘finish off’ the look & if I’d not done the piping the gimp would have been lost against the white paint.
    Anyway, I’ll be working on my craft/office/sewing room early in the new year, but first I have to paint the rosewood sideboard & a bookcase (cupboard with glass door). The dining room is blue & white to go with Chinosoire wall plates that are going onto the wall & some darling Ming blue & white (well, the white has aged to a yellowy colour after all the years they had been buried) dynasty pots, etc. & some lovely blue & white Delft plates. These pieces were the inspiration for the colours of the space, especially as I love the colour combination anyway. :)
    I’ve just finished sewing drapes for my living area in a type of floral silvery blue/grey & I made panels of a blue & white/off white type of ticking that looks fabulous next to the floral. I have soft silvery grey velvet/wide corduroy couches & a large deep red/burgundy French chest as a coffee table – this gives a lovely grounding to the area. I also have enough fabric left to make a couple of cushions just to tie it all together as I also have some grey velvet oblong tufted cushions … but Grandchildren’s hand made gifts have to come next. One each main hand-made gift & some smaller ones for their Advent calendars that have little pockets in which to put tiny gifts. As I have a boy & a girl, I’ve made some finger puppets & adding some matchbox cars (to go with the felt garage that’s the big gift that I’m making him) as well as fun erasers, hair ribbons & clips & some more hand-painted wooden peg dolls to go with the felt mushroom fairy house & fairies that I made her last year, along with a tutu that I made with 12 layers of ruffled tulle, a plain white t-shirt that I edged with the prettiest 3/4 inch pink & white gingham pleated ribbon & a Unicorn transfer that I put onto the front & 2 pieces of lace that I found on Ebay that looked just like angels wings in white satin & edge stitched with silver. I also bought a small’ish canvas for her wall on which I stitched a matching tutu skirt draped with tiny flowers that matched her tutu, & a cut out shape of a t-shirt & made a ‘string of pearls’ for around the neck. I then put a ruffled strip hanging down for all of her hair ribbons & clips. I love to do these things for them as they are on the opposite side of the country (6 hour flight + another hour to get to my local airport), so I haven’t seen my granddaughter since she was 6 wks old and I’ve never seen my grandson apart from the occasional video & phone call. I think it’s nice to include something for them that’s special & hand made, that can be kept for years to come. It’s easy to just go out & buy gifts, but to also create something that no-one else will have, but is made purely for them, I think is so nice. I wish that I’d had things that my Grandparents had made for me.
    I would love to send you some photos of what I’ve done so far … & maybe ask you for your suggestions for my craft/office/sewing room please. I’m just uncertain about which shades of pink I should use on the furniture as it’s not a huge room but I have a lot of furniture (all used! lol) & after looking at your office/craft room again tonight, I’m even considering removing a bookcase & bringing in a sideboard that I have to replace it. In fact, you have been my inspiration for a lot of my decor. I was recently asked by a lady if I had French blood in me … I said No, and asked her why …. & she said “because of your decor” … it has a very strong French vibe about it!!! She couldn’t have said anything better to boost my decorating confidence as I’ve been trying to achieve a combination of French Country & Hampton’s decor! The added bonus was that she also loves decorating, so she knows what she’s talking about … & the house is still a work in progress! :) I guess that you are used to constant compliments, but although my friends say how much they love what I do, they aren’t as ‘into it’ as that lady was! :) I guess it’s like your best friend saying it … & a total stranger saying it. Your best friends are always going to tell you it looks great … whereas strangers don’t. Most of my friends who are keen on decorating, blogging, etc. live in the USA as I’ve met them through their blogs & other sites, and become good friends with them over the years of theirs & my decorating, etc. Do you have an email address where I can send some photos?
    Anyway, I think I’ve waffled on long enough now & taken up your valuable time, so I shall bid you good-night (here) & good-morning where you are! Warm regards, Wendy

    1. Hi- My Shop pages are links to other stores. I do not sell anything directly from my site, I am just an affiliate for other companies. Simply click on the photos in my shop pages to be taken to the store where you can order the items.

  4. Hi Diane,
    I thought I saw a link on your website the other day for a navy blue head board, that you commented was less than you could make it yourself. I can’t seem to find it now. Am I imagining things?
    Thanks, Kathy

  5. Hmmm… All the “” type URLs do not open a page for me. I’m not on a phone.
    I’ll try a different browser. No worries! Thanks for replying!

  6. Hi! I really enjoy your blog and like your style. I would really like to use your links, but when I click on the photos (such as those in the preceding section), none of the links resolve to a viewable page. They just open a blank page. What am I missing? I feel it’s something really obvious, or something very hip, which I am not up on. Help?


    1. Hi Katy – I just checked the links and they are working on my end. Are you on a computer or your phone? What I think is happening could be the speed of your internet connection or computer. When you click on a link it does go to a blank screen for a few seconds, then opens up to the site where the item is sold. Depending on the speed of your internet connection this could be instant or a few seconds or longer. Let me know if this could be the reason. If not, I will try to figure out the problem.

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