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Plant based diet kitchen essentials
  1. Bag dryer – I reuse heavy duty gallon size freezer bags. After washing, this makes drying them easy. I keep it on top of my fridge where it is handy, but out of the way.

2. Sprouting lids – I found I really like crunchy sprouts and learned how easy it is to sprout them myself. Having these lids that fit on wide mouth Mason jars makes the sprouting process easy.

3. Berry Colander – I eat a lot of berries, this makes cleaning them a breeze.

4. Baking mats – No oil needed when I bake anything on them from veggies to healthy cookies.

5. Glass microwave steamer – For fast steaming of veggies and potatoes.

6. Enameled Dutch Oven – Perfect for making healthy soup.

7. Heavy wood cutting board – This is the most important item in my plant-based kitchen. It is large and heavy which makes it very stable when cutting.

8. Good knives – With so much cutting, having a good chef’s knife is necessary. Just be careful so you don’t cut a finger tip off, like I did. :-) (It is all better now.) One reader mentioned getting this knife glove to protect my fingers when using my knife.

9 & 10. Microwave Popcorn Maker and Concentrator Cups – I use this to make oil and salt-free popcorn. It is one of my go-to snacks.

Plant based kitchen essential appliances.
  1. Immersion Blender – Makes it easy to blend chunky soups and sauces into smooth ones.

2. Yonanas Banana Whip Maker – Makes a healthy version of ice cream – using frozen bananas or berries. You will think you are eating ice cream.

3. Food Processor – If you have a lot of chopping and prep work, having a food processor makes the task fast.

4 & 6. Vitamix or any blender and additional blending cups – Having a high speed blender and the smaller cups make mixing small amounts of ingredients much simpler and easier to clean up.

5. Electric Knife – Makes cutting tough crusted sourdough bread easier.

Plant Based fridge organizing essentials

1, 5, & 6. Wide Mouth Mason jars of various sizes with plastic lids | 8 ounce – I use these to organize everything I prepare in advance from chickpeas, salad dressing, soups, sprouts, cut veggies, applesuace and more.

2. Fridge bins – I use one long one to hold washed, ready and bagged greens so I can easily grab the bin and bring everything out to my kitchen island in one motion to fix a salad.

3. Salad Sling – Easier and faster than a salad spinner to dry washed lettuce and leafy greens.

4. Souper Cube – After making soup, I fill this up to freeze 4 – 1-cup servings of soup. It freezes the soup into blocks that you push out and then store in sandwich size freezer bags.

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