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Handmade Christmas Star Ornament With Surprise Inside

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When decorating my Christmas tree each year I always like to make at few new unique handmade Christmas ornaments.

Paper Star Christmas Ornament to Make  Name on ornament says Mandy.

This year I made one using scrapbook paper that has a surprise gift inside. Make a few, one for each family member as well as to give as gifts to friends.


On Christmas morning all the presents don’t have to be under the tree, they can also be hung from the tree… This star is an ornament, but it is also a gift in itself!

It’s made by sewing together paper with a small gift or money sandwiched inside. If you don’t have a sewing machine, no problem, you can use glue instead to make the ornament.

Brown paper star ornament that is glittered and had the name Kelly on it.

When I was growing up, my mom used to place money or lottery tickets in change-purse ornaments and hung them on the tree after my siblings and I went to bed on Christmas eve.

On Christmas morning, we always enjoyed searching the tree to find the one with our name on it.

Since I don’t have the change-purse ornaments anymore, these paper stars take their place.

You can start a new tradition for your family and make them every year for each family member. It is fun to go on a hunt around the tree to have one last gift to open after all the presents under the tree have been opened.

Handmade Christmas Star Ornament with Surprise gift inside

Once they find theirs, they can rip it open to find a small present inside. I have placed jewelry and money in the ones that I made, but anything small will work.

Handmade Christmas Star Ornament with Surprise gift inside

Adding some glitter and a few jingle bells transforms the paper star into a festive decoration. You can add a gift tag to write the recipient’s name on or…

Glitter star ornament made using scrapbook paper card stock.

…use a marker and write the name right on the star before adding glitter.

Christmas star paper ornament to make using scrapbook paper. It gets ripped open on Christmas morning to find a small gift inside.

I also made one using scrapbook paper and put a silver bead over the ornament hook.

various types of paper that can be used to make the star Christmas ornaments.

The ornament can be made using any type of paper that fits your style… kraft paper, gift wrap, leftover wallpaper, sheet music, maps and even the paper from a lunch bag.

How to Make a Christmas Star Ornament That Has a Surprise Gift Inside

Handmade Christmas Star Ornament supples needed

supplies needed:

  • Kraft paper or any decorative paper
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Star template – *link below*
  • Scissors
  • Glitter and tray
  • Spray glue
  • Paper hole punch
  • Ornament hanger
  • Jingle bells and/or beads
  • Optional: Glue for No-Sew version
Handmade Christmas Star Ornament template that you can use to make to fill with a small gift to hang on a Christmas tree.

*Free printable star and label template:

Handmade Christmas Tree Star Ornament Surprise Gift Package

Cutting out the star template on paper.
  1. Save the star printable on your computer and print out star and label printable to make a template. Cut out.
Cardboard star cut out to use as tracing pattern.

2. If making more than one ornament, trace the shapes onto a piece of cardboard. This will hold up to repetitive tracing.

3. Layer two pieces of paper together, trace the star template on top and cut through both layers.

Sewing the star.

4. Using any color thread you like, sew the star shape together using a long stitch. Don’t sew closed, leave two sides open so you can place the gift inside.

Gift wrapped package that goes into star ornament before being sewn closed.

5. Wrap the small gift with tissue paper and ribbon.

Placing surprise gift inside star before sewing closed.

6. Place inside the opening on the star.

Filled star.

7. Sew star closed.  Back stitch where you start and end to hold the stitches in place. Don’t worry if your stitches are not perfect. When you add the glitter it will hide any imperfections.

Two sewn stars on worktable.

8. Use a paper hole punch to make a hole in one point on the star.

Sprinkling glitter on one star ornament.

9. Go outside and spray both sides of the star with spray glue. Bring back inside and hold over a tray.  Sprinkle glitter all over the star and shake excess into the tray.  This keeps glitter from getting all over everything and allows you to pour the excess back into the jar.

Glittered paper star Christmas ornament hanging on tree.

10. Place a bead or jingle bells over an ornament hook. Place end of hook through punched hole in star and hang.

Variation for Non-Sewers

Gluing star ornament closed instead of sewing.

Instead of using a sewing machine, use glue. It will work, but it will just take some patience as you will have to wait for it to dry before you can place the small gift inside.

Scrapbook paper star ornament with silver bead hanging from Christmas tree.

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  1. I will have to do this for the kids this year even they are all grown including Grandson just turned 18 Thank you for the great idea God bless