How Do You Use Your Favorite Color in Your Home?

I like decorating with color and changing the colors around my house on a seasonal basis. I keep the basic furnishings in my living room neutral so these color swaps are pretty easy to do. When I changed things up for autumn one year, I used orange and rust.

Fall floral arrangement idea and decorating color scheme for autumn

I liked what I did, but the room was still missing something.  Every time I walked in the room, I said to myself, “what’s missing?”

Favorite color and how to use it when decorating your home

Life goes on… even though I am passionate about decorating, I don’t stress over it, knowing that eventually I will figure out what a room needs to make it just right for my personal taste and style.

Last week when I was cleaning out a closet I came upon…

….8 yards of purple velvet that I bought years ago to make dining room chair slipcovers for Christmas.

I never got around to making the slipcovers, but I loved the fabric and have kept it all these years knowing I would do something with it eventually.

How to decorate using your favorite color

Well… eventually has come.

I realized what my living room was missing… a pop of color and not just any color, but one of my favorite colors… purple!

Choosing the perfect decorating color scheme for a home

Being that the fabric is velvet makes it perfect for fall.  I have had this velvet for at least 15 years, but you can find similar at this online fabric store and an inexpensive velvet, here. 

In decorating, odd numbers always look better. The magical number is 3 or 5 of anything. 

Making a cover for a pillow I already had adds the third color to the space adds interest and makes it more pleasing to my eye.

Using your favorite color in your interiors is a no-brainer. No trends or designer color schemes to follow.

Decorating colors for autumn

Instead, simply follow your gut and the “use what you like formula”. We usually choose the color of our clothes simply by picking our favorite colors.

When you don’t know what color to use in a room, do the same, simply choose your favorite color and start adding items around it. “Like follows Like” which will help you create a room that well… will be perfect for you. :-)

How to use purple when decorating a room

I am a big believer in Color Therapy in all forms where the colors that surround us can make or break a mood, give you energy, make you feel hungry, happy and more.

Decorating tips when using favorite colors from House Beautiful

Source: Feng Shui Graphic

According to Feng Shui using your favorite colors will also help you live a better life. Another reason to add a little bit or a lot of your favorite color around your house to make your decor and life feel just right.

If you would like to find out more about how the colors that you live with every day can affect you, there is a wealth of information out there.

guide to healing colors

Just do a Google Image search for color therapy charts. Some are pretty basic, others very new-age, but many offer a lot of insight into the use of colors in a home.

For instance, did you know if you use the color yellow in your home, it may help with suppressing appetite, but don’t use it in a baby’s room as it may make the baby cranky.

Do you use your favorite color when decorating the rooms in your home? Do you use it a lot or just in small ways?

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  1. Great post. I love your advice. I used to get to tied into matchy-matchy and now I’m much more emphatic about only buying what I love. Sometimes I would try to rush the process or force something that was OK. Now, I just buy what I love and know that it will work out.
    Also, I love being able to move things around the house into different rooms and finding new ways to love those items.
    You’ve got a great blog – congrats on your eight years!

  2. I love orange, coral & yellow and try to find ways to add these colours in my home with pillows & accessories. These colours are so cheerful & just make me smile. I once painted a living room yellow & loved it. I’m trying to evolve to keeping the walls neutral and adding smaller pops of color but easier said than done.

  3. Katy Beacher says:

    The BIG purple pillow is exactly what the room needed. I love it! I like having the walls and large pieces a neutral color. If and when you tire of the purple or if you just change with the seasons a simple large bright pillow can make all the difference. Great!

  4. Diane Henkler Thank you for your post
    The article on how to use the favorite color was useful

  5. Norma Rolader says:

    Love the purple pillow and all your info on colors Thank you and God bless

  6. mary heicher says:

    Love the purple pillow. That’s such a royal shade of purple!

  7. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    I love blue purple! It looks fab in your room, although I would put it behind the orange. But that would be my room in that case and I would gladly take your room!!!

    And learning to do simple knit and then another few rows in a purl (which is not hard at all). If I can do them, anyone can! Seriously easy!

  8. Connie Meints says:

    Love the purple pillow – it’s perfect:)

  9. Now that is PURPLE! A few years ago I made curtains to cover a closet that were crushed purple velvet. I love velvet and I love purple. I used to have purple velvet pants…..ahhhhhhh.
    I think any throw with gorgeous purple pom poms would be great and you are so handy with making those poms!
    re: magenta, I have towels in raspberry magenta and I adore them.

  10. Orange and purple are Clemson University colors. Go Tigers!

  11. I understand your desire to keep things neutral because you love to change colors. I, too am that way. When I have used a color for walls or flooring, although I love it, i wonder what was I thinking! It may have been a favorite color at the time and that’s why I chose it. Who knows!
    Although I don’ t particularly care for purple, I think it looks great in your space and I would have never thought to put orange and purple together. Lovely room and thanks for adding the charts!

  12. Linda L Weeks says:

    I did a quick look on the Google but failed to come up with anything with your colors, but I’ll keep looking. I’m still looking for a plaid fabric that has green, grey, tan and maybe brown for my house!

  13. Barbara H. says:

    Love it. Maybe if you switched the pillows and put the purple pillow behind the orange one? In any case, you certainly found out what was missing.

  14. romeogirl says:

    LOVE the pillow – perfection!

  15. I love it! I’m amazed by how much more I like the same photograph angle with a purple pillow being the main difference! The fabric is such a gorgeous shade and rich texture that it’s perfect for fall. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. What an amazing wow factor that is! It’s beautiful!

  17. I love the information on color, it very interesting and made me reflect on some of my own design choices. Really fun to read. I love the purple fabric, it’s gorgeous, but I have to confess I’m not a fan of the purple pillow. For me personally my eye literally zeroes in on it, and that is all I see in the room. I feel like it needs some strong color pops to balance it out. For me I lose all your other beautiful touches to the white and the square of purple. I’m definitely a fan though of using things that make you happy, and not subscribing to the notion of decorating for anyone but your self and your happiness. Your mantle looks beautiful.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Darcy Lynn – I agree that I need to balance the pop of purple throughout the room. The room will never be static as I am always adding new things. I am hoping to find a plaid throw with a mix of orange and purple in it. Too bad I don’t know how to weave or I would DIY one.

      1. Christina in FL says:

        I love the purple! I think you could use some of your leftover purple velvet to MAKE a throw. If you are a stitcher, just stitch some beautiful orange fabric (fleece?) to the back (right sides together leaving about 10 inches open to to run), turn it right side out, stitch the little opening closed and you have a lovely, warm throw.
        Now, I know you aren’t bored and have a lot on your plate. maybe a friend is a sewist. :)

      2. Seem to recall you’re not a knitter or crocheter? Otherwise, plaid throws are easy to make (and you get exactly the color combo and look you desire). The pieces which are worked up on super large needles work up really fast and result in the oversize, almost whimsical stitches. You like to work with ribbon. You can weave all kinds of ribbon into the look of plaid with desired colors for pillow front. Could give you a quick fix and add different mix of textures.

      3. How about purple and orange pompoms on your ottoman slipcovers? I think that would be so fun!

      4. I think 1 purple pillow is all you need in that neutral space. I love purple and I had never thought of using my favorite colour to decorate a room. I’ll try that the next time I need an accent colour.
        Thanks for the article. By the way, I was excited to see your Website quoted in the Apartment Therapy blog. How cool is that?