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  1. Will you please share your link for twinkle lights. The one on your site is no longer working. Thank you very much!

  2. Love your bedroom
    Can’t seem to locate the wallpaper on the site that’s listed
    Can you help me with that?

    Thanks appreciate it

  3. 25 years ago we moved into this older house (lets say it has issues). Right now the one issue that is really bothering me is in the kitchen (kind of an open floor concept between living room and kitchen. Clear across one area above sink, counter and refrigerator is a crooked shelf that was built (it starts to go down and than it goes back up about an inch) and I want my husband to take it down. But he says he can’t because they must have built it as they went along putting it up and above one area it looks like they nailed in a board in the ceiling to cover something up because it has a gap there also. So my husband is concerned it may be a worse disaster. We can’t afford to rip everything out and put in new ones. My question is: How can we disguise that or distract from it. I would be more than glad to send you a picture. That is one of two big pet peeves I have. Thank you in advance.

  4. I love your site. I found it because I am looking for over the washer dryer shelving. I saw the wire shelf over a washer dryer where you are doing a skirt for the laundry sink. I have the exact shelving and mine is falling apart! Do you have any idea if that shelf is still available or who makes it? It is the only one that actually works over my washer/dryer. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Tracie – Your question about the over the washer/dryer shelving is one of the most frequently asked questions I receive. I wish I could tell you I knew where you could buy one, but I don’t. I have searched and a few years ago did find a source and linked to it, but then after a time, they were all sold and I had to remove the link. The only thing I have found recently is to go over one unit, not both. You can see it here:

  5. Diane, I’m so very sorry to learn of your health issues and accident. You will be in my thoughts. I’d like to mention that I was gifted a knife set and a cutting glove. I believe these were purchased at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Unfortunately, I was not wearing the glove and experienced a cutting accident. Needless to say, I use it all of the time now. Just thought you might be interested in the glove. Please take care and let others help as your body heals from the trauma you’re dealing with.

  6. Just saw my email with your post. So sorry about your finger and other health issues that you’ve been going through. Prayers for a quick recovery.

  7. Diane, I just wanted to thank you for the Chinese Almond Cookie recipe. I have now made this a Christmas tradition. (for 2 years). They are so good and had to go to the liquor store today to get some gin because I agree with you they taste really good with it!!
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy NewYear!!

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  12. My 52 year old eyes love the font, thank you! Please ignore my email to you looking for the comments page; I obviously found it.
    Looking forward to the next 10 years if your blog, thank you!

  13. If you are interested in purchasing AD inventory on my site, please contact AdThrive, info @ I do not respond to ad requests directly.

  14. Hi Diane,
    I love your blog and your style! You have such wonderful ideas and collections! I have redone our kitchen and bathroom by myself and find your ideas and solutions super helpful! I wish I would have found them before I started these projects! Thanks for all you do!

    1. Hi Jenn – Thanks for the nice comment. I am happy that you found me and hope I can keep inspiring you. It sounds like you are a DIY’er at heart. Taking on a kitchen and bath by yourself deserves LOTS of credit. They are the hardest rooms to makeover!!!

  15. I just found your blog through a post on Pinterest. I LOVE it! Thank you for helping those of us who want to know how to live more harmoniously but don’t know how to get there!

  16. Hi! I’m in love with the idea of The Planner Pad! I really think I’ll try one for this year. My problem is that the outside cover is SO BORING! Any ideas for jazzing it up? I think I would totally try the laminated-paper-glued-to-the-inside-of-the-planner idea, but it wouldn’t work on the outside. I’m wondering if Mod-Podging scrapbook paper to the outside would work. What do you think?

  17. Hi Diane, I am mailing from the U.K. I have chalk painted a large mirror and am now ready to wax it. The problem is, I am having difficulty finding the correct wax. I wonder if any of your U.K followers has found a suitable one? I would love to hear from them. I don`t think the one you use must be available here. Love your site. Keep up the good work !
    Kind regards. Joan.

    1. Hi Joan – I have not heard from any other UK readers with a brand of wax and don’t know of any myself to recommend. Maybe another UK reader will comment here. :) What you want to use is a soft paste wax. Not a liquid wax or a hard wax. Is Fiddes & Sons available in the UK? It costs a bit more than Johnsons, but less than Annie Sloan. You can’t go wrong with Annie Sloan. I know that is sold in the UK. It is amazing wax. It does cost a lot, but since it goes on like butter – you will not need much.

  18. I absolutely love your blog and find the majority of your post’s to be precisely what I’m looking for.

    can you offer guest writers to write content for yourself?
    I wouldn’t mind publishing a post or elaborating on a lot of the subjects you write regarding here. Again, awesome web site!

  19. There were several references made about not using chalk paint on doors or trim. Could you please expand on that as to why chalk paint is not feasible for that type of application?
    Your response is appreciated. Thank you

    1. You could use chalk paint anywhere. If you want an aged distressed patina on your doors and trim, then you should use it. It will look beautiful. Some people want to use chalk paint thinking, Wow- cool, a paint I don’t have to use primer with. It is going to be fast and easy. Chalk paint is very flat and chalky and it needs wax to protect it. Leaving chalk paint unprotected will scuff and mark right away – not a look anyone wants. It is just as much work to wax as it is to prime, plus every so often you may need to re-wax – adding even more work. It is for thinkers who think chalk paint is an easy fix that – I would say – just use regular paint on your doors and trim.

  20. Hi,
    I made my own chalkpaint and have left it dry for 2 days now and when I try to scratch it off it chips very easily. What have I done wrong?


  21. Hello
    Well I have finished chalk painting one of my chairs. After all the paint I found out the chairs are not wood at all. They are a parchment marteral.
    Now I dont no if this will hold up to chalk paint or not but I went forward
    with it. I am now threw waxing the chair. It has a little shine and not so bad for my first time. So any comments wound be helpful.
    My Best
    Dotty N.C.

    1. Hi Dotty – Chalk paint will stick to anything. The only problem that could happen – is the parchment could expand when the paint is applied. If it is already dry and you have the wax on it – the problem is passed. – I think it will be fine.

  22. Now I have found your comment space. I have sent an email asking how I comment, then I found the space!
    I would love to have a chance to win one of the handwriting books you are giving away.
    My favorite letter to write is “B”. My name starts with B and my grandchildren call me “Bee”. I am always trying ways to make the letter “B” standout when I sign notes to the grands!
    Thanks for the chance to win,

  23. I stumbled onto your site and I love it… I have had some decor ideas, but your are so much better and I love have the directions, makes it so easy. Easy and budget friendly, Love it. Thank you for putting up this site for people like me. :)

  24. Really enjoy your site. Halloween book is intriguing. Although I have dozens of ideas and photos in my iPhoto album, I am always searching for Halloween and other holiday projects as I enjoy decorating for them. Halloween is actually my favorite one of all! charisse

  25. LOVE your blogs and website. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the Apartment Guide Your Picks Your Style sweeps.

  26. Really loved your stairs makeover. I am planning on sanding and painting my stairs too–you have given me inspiration!!

  27. I love the idea box, but what has me obsessed is how you attached the label to the box! If you have the time would you let me know what you used and how you did it?
    Thank you for your blog!

    1. Hi Gretchen-

      I meant to add a link on how I made the labels. I just added it to the post. I attached the label with two brass fasteners that you buy at an office supply store. They come in many different sizes. I used small ones for this basket. I made small holes with the tip of pointy scissors in the basket so that the brass fasteners could go through it exactly where I wanted to place the label. Once the label was made I punched two holes in it on either side and then put the brass fasteners through. You can get a better idea here-

  28. I would love to have a canvas print made from one of the photos I took of my grandchildren helping out at our 2010 Susan G Komen, OC Race for the Cure.

  29. I found your website by accident and fell in love…thank you for great ideas!!!

  30. Just read your banquette post. You did a lovely job. I am considering doing one in our kitchen. I don’t know if I will attempt it myself or hire someone, but your post is very inspiring. Thanks!

  31. I found your lovely and interesting blog through Finding Fabulous, and I’m so glad I did. Will be following to see more of your wonderful projects.