20+ Christmas Entryway Decorating Ideas

It’s that time of the year… the holiday season has arrived! Have you started your Christmas decorating? I always like to start in the entryway since it is the first space you see upon entering a home.

I am sharing my Christmas entryway ideas along with decor styling takeaways for foyer, staircases, and console tables that you can easily do in your home.

From creating impact with color to eye-catching accent details that make a difference. I hope these Christmas entryway decorating ideas inspire you to create a magical entrance for your home this holiday season in your own style.

Christmas tree in foyer with white lights

Christmas Foyer Decorating Ideas

Taking the time to add holiday cheer to your entryway or hallway is also a way to make a festive first impression as it is the first place you and if entertaining guests will stand when they enter your home. 

1. Consider UnTraditional Christmas Entryway Colors


When decorating your entryway for Christmas, using a red, green or neutral colors are always classic Christmas decorating color schemes that always look nice. However, consider a change and use cheery and bright colors that reflect your personal style. Cool or muted colors can look just as festive.


  • Hang two wreaths from the back of the front door using pretty ribbon. Add a bow to each wreath or leave them plain.
  • Spray paint a dead, needle-less pine tree white. Place in a planter and decorate it with shiny ball ornaments and a tree topper.
  • Cover the top of an entryway table or console with gift wrap for added color or as an accent.

2. Use Repetition in the Entry

Christmas decorating ideas for foyers and entyryways

When adding entryway Christmas decorations, repetition can make quite an impact on a console table. Line up three or more of any Christmas decor item or elements, like tabletop trees, candles, ornaments or even snowflake table placemats to create an eye-appealing display.

Christmas decorating ideas with Pier 1

Add even more drama to the entry by adding height to the display. Mini Christmas trees get added height by adding bare branches cut from a tree in your yard. When placed in front of a mirror they even get doubled.

Leave the branches plain or transform them into Sparking Branches.  To secure the branches, push the bottom of each branch into the styrofoam in the back of each planter that holds the mini trees in place.


  • Find new uses for garland ties besides tying pine garlands to banisters.
  • Use jingle bell garland ties (a garland tie with an attached jingle bell at each end) around lamps as shown in the photo above so they become part of the Christmastime decor.
Simple holiday decorating ideas
  • Repurpose jingle bell garland ties as their own simple decoration. Twist once over a door knob to hear the sound as you go in and out of the room. Your kids will love it in the entry, but even more if you put one on their bedroom door.
3 glittered spheres and candles on Christmas decorated console table
  • Line mercury glass candles along the foyer console or dresser to bounce the light all around the room. As dusk settles in… the warm glow of the candle lighting intensifies the magic of the season.
  • A little dusting of snow lining a tray, platter, bowl, or filled in a glass vase will help sprinkle a wintery touch to welcome you home and greet guests.
  • Felt snowflake placemats lined up create a wintry white to set the tone for the display.

3. Add a Bench With Festively Wrapped Presents


Using what you already own to decorate an entryway for the holidays is very budget-friendly. You don’t even need actual Christmas decorations to make the space feel merry.


  • For the entire holiday season or for one night if hosting a Christmas party, move a bench or simple wood chair from another area in your home and turn it into a foyer bench. Place wrapped gifts on, around and under the bench.
  • Place an evergreen sphere on a large urn and place by the door.
Holiday decorating ideas using urns
  • Or add a few sprays of pine with red berries into an urn.

4. Fill a Tall Wicker Basket in the Foyer

Red ribbon around large basket filled with branches. Christmas tree in distance.

Once you enter the entry through the front door, make sure to spread holiday color evenly through the space. Doing this will make the entry look welcoming and inviting.


  • If you don’t have any greenery to fill a basket, bare branches from your yard can look just as Christmasy when you add a red velvet ribbon around the basket and accent it with a large jingle bell and sprig of pine or faux greenery.
  • If you have the room, place a basket tote under a full size Christmas tree. Fill with wrapped gifts and a plaid throw blanket.
  • For a tree skirt, consider wrapping a quilt, blanket or a small fur rug around the tree stand.
  • And don’t forget to place the gentle tingle of jingle bells on the doorknobs.

5. Christmas Entryway Kept Simple

Entryway decorated for Christmas

There is no need to have to remove your everyday decorations to make room for Christmas decorations.

Low Zen bowl style planter on sideboard decorated with white and green for Christmas.


  • Keep things simple by accenting decor with greenery – lay a wreath on a table or add sprigs of pine and cedar in a planter.
Fuchsia satin ribbon and evergreen garland on a foyer staircase railing
  • When hanging an evergreen garland on the staircase, use only one ribbon bow at the bottom of the staircase. No need to have a bow at every draped swag in the garland as it wraps around the banister.

6. Use Garland Ties on Foyer Staircase

If you have a large staircase in your home’s entryway and dealing with long lengths of garland made of evergreens is too time consuming to put in place or expensive, then try inexpensive garland ties. Using them will have your stairs decorated in merry style in no time.


  • Hang pine cones or Christmas tree ornaments from each garland tie tied onto the staircase spindles.
  • Place one or more lanterns on the floor by the staircase. Fill the bottom with faux snow and place candle inside or strand of battery-operated Christmas lights called fairy lights.

7. Hang Christmas Stockings on the Foyer Staircase Banister


If your home doesn’t have a fireplace to hang your family’s stockings, the next best place is along the staircase banister in the foyer or entryway.


  • Hang a few favorite ornaments or Christmas cards on the garland in between the stockings going up the banister.

8. Let It Snow In the Entryway

Snowflake window decor. 3 rows of Paper snowflakes hung in a tall window for winter decor.

Cut out paper snowflakes and hang them to create a snowfall window treatment in a foyer. Learn: How to Make and Hang Window Snowflakes


  • If you have a music stand, place in the foyer with a piece of your favorite Christmas music on it.
  • Use real of faux greens to fill planters on the floor.

9. Decorate the Entry Door With Joy, Jingle or Merry

Fun ideas for Christmas decorating

Add a fun touch to greet guests in your entry by using different lengths of ribbon attached to cardboard craft store letters that spell out the words, JINGLE, MERRY, or JOY or word that has special holiday meaning for you. Paint the letters or cover with holiday gift wrap.

Christmas Decorating idea for doors
  1. Once you have each ribbon the length you need for each letter, place a dab of glue on the top center of one letter. Fold over one end of ribbon about 1/4″ and push a straight pin through the fold in the ribbon where you placed the glue and then into the letter. Let glue dry before hanging.

2.  When all the letters have ribbon attached and the glue is dry, place the opposite end of each ribbon under each other and push a thumbtack through all the ends of the ribbon as shown. Stand on a step ladder, open the door and press the thumbtack into the top center of the open door. Trim ends of the ribbon if needed so they do not hang out the other side of the door.

Entry Console Table Styling Ideas Done in Minutes

Here are a few more Christmas home decor ideas for entryways that you can do in your foyer that will only take a few minutes to make your house holiday ready.

Christmas decor using a tray
  • Fill a tray on the console table with a mix different sizes and colors of ornaments.
  • Fill a vintage glass candy dish with peppermint candy.
Christmas cards on tray on console table.
  • Place a tray on the console as the designated spot to place Christmas cards you receive. As an accent, wrap a few jingle bells around the end of a sprig of pine using florists wire.
Tabletop Christmas tree decorating idea using tuna cans
  • Set 3 mini identical Christmas trees in between two identical lamps. If the lamps or trees need more height, cover a few hardback books with gift wrap to use a decorative risers. Add a few sprigs of greenery and 3 shiny ornaments.

Christmas Porch Decor Ideas

If you have a front porch where you enter your foyer, don’t forget to add a few yuletide touches here to enjoy before you head through the doorway to the inside of your home.

Outdoor-Christmas-Planter DIY
  • Add a candle and hurricane to a planter. Fill in with snipped evergreen holly or boxwood.

As you can see it is not too hard to add some Christmas decorating magic to your entryway of your own this year with affordable ready made decorations.

A little greenery mixed with some sparkle and festive colors thrown into your home will say… the holidays have arrived!

How are you going to decorate your Christmas entryway this year?

Looking for more inspiration? Don’t miss browsing through all of my Christmas Ideas.

3 images of Christmas Entryway Decorating Ideas

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  1. Wooo hooo! Glad you’re regaining some independence and are driving again already! Isn’t that amazing? Thanks for the post. I’m getting excited about decorating for Christmas too. Thanks for all the inspiration. We were going to move this fall, but it didn’t work out. I thinned my holiday decorations down by giving them to family, friends and charity. Looking forward to repurposing what we have and creating some new holiday magic here.

  2. Mary Steveens says:

    Didn’t realize you were moving!! Will you still be on the lake?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Mary – I am not moving. :-). Did you read an older post of mine from back in 2015 when we did move? I do have some older posts that I need to edit so they don’t read in a chronological order anymore.

  3. Deborah Feeney says:

    Fabulous ideas Diane!

    I have quite a few of the snowball Kosta Boda candle holders as you do also😁. Any new ideas for using them would be truly appreciated ♥️♥️ Thank you!!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Diane – The tree is still available. I have it in two sizes. The one in my foyer is the 6.5 ft tall one and in my living room I have the same tree in 7.5 ft height. It comes pre-lit. I did add a few strands of twinkle lights to both as I love them.

      Here is the link to the trees:

      7.5′ – https://amzn.to/3AkR8Nh
      6.5′ – https://amzn.to/3gjuwGb

      Twinkle lights I added: https://amzn.to/3UKqbuB

      You can see the 7.5 ft tree in this post: https://inmyownstyle.com/christmas-decorating-home-tour-with-takeaway-ideas.html

  4. Norma Rolader says:

    I love this elegant decor for Christmas thank you for sharing and info on how to:

  5. Mark Joshua says:

    Very creative. Simple yet very elegant. Nice post!

  6. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    I love how the trees look and I so so can’t wait to see what you will be up to in the new house. I wish we could have squeezed in having one more time to hang out before you leave. I will miss you.

  7. Lisa @celebrate creativity says:

    Hi Diane, beautiful holiday decor. I really love your layered arrangement on the credenza.

    Lovely styling and photos.

    Happy holidays!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Lisa – Thanks so much. I had to take the decor down since we are moving this week, but I plan to recreate it at my new house. It means a lot to me to hear you like my photos since yours are always beautiful! XO I hope you and your family have a very happy Thanksgiving.

  8. Diane, I think there is something to be said for simple beauty. The felt fabric, natural decorations, the candle light and the touch of sparkle you brought to your sideboard speak of the simplicity of the very first Christmas . There is something very comforting in that. I think your home looks beautiful!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Judy – I agree with you…simple beauty is comforting. What I also like about the items I used is that they are classic and I will be able to use them for many years to come.

  9. Diane, I know how you feel! We are moving December 29!! So real tree for me this year! With packing and having gifts for our family, we will not be decorating this year! It is so hard for me! I’m sure I will sneak some stuff out of the Christmas containers!!!
    Thanks for your lovely messages!
    I truly enjoy them!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Nancy – We are using PODS to store and move our stuff. In the first POD we filled up, we placed all the Christmas stuff so we could get to it first. I hope to get at least the tree up by Christmas, but only time will tell if I am able to get it done. I will be thinking about you come the 29th. Moving is hard, but even harder around the holidays. I hope your transition goes smoothly

  10. Love the faux cedar trees, but can’t really afford to spend over 100. (for just the trees) to get the look. Do you know where I might be able to find them for a more reasonable cost?

  11. Connie Nikiforoff Designs says:

    I already have many similar items you’ve used. Great ideas :-) As soon as we’re past Thanksgiving, up goes the Christmas decor :-)

  12. Love the snowflake placemats. I truly thought they were a runner. The Jingle on the door has also given me inspiration :-D

  13. Love the Jingle on the door….you give me inspiration:) Happy Thanksgiving

  14. Very Nice! Good ideas. Thanks!