15 + DIY Christmas Ornaments You’ll Treasure

It’s easier than you think to make DIY Christmas ornaments. Handmade, heartfelt Christmas ornaments always make a family tree special and are a Christmas craft that all ages can enjoy making. They also make great gift box topper or as gifts from Santa.

With a few craft supplies and this list of homemade and semi-handmade ornament ideas, you can create personalized ornaments for the holidays in no time.

A Homemade Christmas Ornament…

  • MAKES A NICE HOSTESS GIFTS – Tie an ornament around a wine bottle or a pot of Poinsettias to give as a hostess gift.
  • CREATE MEMORIES – Make homemade ornaments for every family member’s tree that they will cherish more with each passing year.
  • TO TAKE TO A ORNAMENT EXCHANGE PARTY – If you attend an annual ornament exchange party with family and friends. If not, consider hosting one this year, they are a lot of fun.
red and white striped ribbon covering a star cookie cutter to make an Christmas tree ornament.

Using a spool of 1/4″ – 1/2″ wide ribbon that coordinates with your holiday decorating scheme, winding it around cookie cutters is one of the easiest ways to make DIY ornaments. Use a dot of hot glue to secure. Hang it with a loop of bakers twine or yarn.

2. Stars With a Surprise Inside


On Christmas morning all the presents don’t have to be under the tree, they can also be hung from the tree. This paper star is an ornament that you place a small gift inside.

Once it is opened, you can’t reuse it, but it sure is fun to search the tree for a surprise gift. Learn how to make this Handmade Star Ornament

3. Hearts From a Loved Ones Shirt

Christmas Ornaments that have a special meaning

These heart ornaments were made into Christmas tree ornaments using a no longer living loved ones favorite article of clothing. I used all parts of my dad’s red velvet Christmas shirt to make one for all my family members.

Here are the step-by step instructions and heart pattern showing how to make these Heartfelt Ornaments.

4. Hand Script Glittered Ornaments

How to transform a ball Christmas ornament using glitter and paper strips of hand writing script paper with the lyrics from the classic Christmas movie Home Alone. Free printable to use to make your own ornaments.

Revive worn Christmas ball ornaments using strips of free printable hand-script paper or any decorative paper, decoupage medium and glitter to give it new life.

Learn more and get the free printable in this post – French Script Ball Ornaments

5. Paper Doily Snowflake Ornament

Paper doily made into a snowflake Christmas tree ornament

When it comes to DIY Christmas decorations, there is nothing that says Christmas better than snow on the tree. To make paper snowflakes even prettier, use paper doilies to add a wintery touch.

Find out how to Make Paper Doily Snowflakes for your tree this year and get the free printable.

6. Vintage Paper Ornaments

Paper Christmas tree ornaments.

To make handmade Christmas ornaments easily, all you need to make them is using a template patter of Christmas ornaments in classic shapes using decorative paper. Scrap book paper or card stock work the best. Embellish each one with glitter, beads, ribbon and what ever you like so the ornaments reflect the light as a real vintage glass ornament does.

You can also make paper ornaments with small gift bags, see how festive you can make them for your tree this year – Semi-Handmade Paper Ornaments

7. Acanthus Rosette Architectural Molding

How to make a acanthus rosette christmas tree ornament

Turn a white piece of decorative polyfoam Acanthus Rosette from the molding aisle at the home improvement store into Christmas decor for the holiday season.

Using paint, faux greenery, cinnamon sticks, berries, rhinestones, small pinecones, twigs, ribbon and buttons are a few ways the rosette can be festively embellished. The same can be done on Mason jar lids as well as pre-made plain wood slice ornaments you can buy at the craft store.

Follow the tutorial – Acanthus Rosette Ornament

8. Merry Christmas Coloring Ornament

paper printable of a Christmas ornament that you can color in

This is an ornament most kids of all ages will like to make and use all the colors they like. Get this retro free printable Merry Christmas ornament to cut out, color and hang on your tree with baker’s twine, ribbon, or an ornament hook.

9. Monogrammed Ornament

How to carve a monogram into a wooden cut out ornament to decorate your house or give as Christmas gifts

If you have a wood burning tool you can burn any design into a pre-made wood cut ornament from the craft store or one that you cut out.

Find out how to make this Wood Monogrammed Ornament.

10. Memory Ornaments


You don’t need classic style Christmas ornaments to make Christmas trees look special. In fact, creating ornaments using fond items and keepsakes will give the tree more meaning and memorable stories to tell that go with each found item made into an ornament.

Items that you can use – the key to your first home, a graduation tassel, game playing pieces. See all the Christmas Memory Ornament Ideas

11. Photo Ornaments

two photo DIY Fabric Christmas ornament

There is nothing more special to see hanging from the tree is photo of smiling family members and loved ones.

Make holiday ornaments using school photos, cardboard, and fabric each year for your children as they grow up. Over the years they will have a nice collection of ornaments to use on their own tree one day fondly enjoying seeing the photo ornaments that started when they were babies.

Another idea is to make photo ornaments with photos of family members that are no longer living. See a photo of them on your tree each year will bring back fond Christmas memories of them.

12. Jewelry Box Ornament


Why throw the pretty box jewelry or small items come in. Repurpose it. Once the gift is given, make an ornament from the box.

Or have fun and keep the jewelry gift in the box and hang it on the tree instead of under it. On Christmas morning, the recipient of the gift will have to go in search for their gift heightening the thrill of getting a gift.

Check out how to make this Tiffany Box Ornament

13. Gift Inside Ornament

glittered covered film canister becomes a Christmas ornament when you attach ribbon to the top

Here is another idea where a homemade Christmas tree ornament holds a gift. This one is made using a film canister. See all the festive ways you can embellish them to make One-of-a-Kind Christmas Gift Ornaments.

14. Wood Finial Ornament

wood curtain rod finial repurposed into a Christmas tree ornament

Look around your decor storage areas for items like curtain rod finials. They make very nice vintage looking ornaments. Paint with glossy acrylic paint so they reflect the tree lights. See how to make it: Curtain Rod Finial Ornament

15. Garland Tie Mini Wreaths

mini wreath ornament - spray painted gold with a purple ribbon box.

I am a big fan of decorating my house for Christmas using garland ties in ways they were not intended. Using them with colorful ribbons made into bows make this Mini Wreath Ornament one of the many ways I use them.

How to Store Christmas Ornaments

When Christmas is over and it is time to store all your pretty DIY holiday ornaments safely until next year, don’t miss this ingenious way to store Christmas ornaments.

15 easy and unique handmade Christmas ornament ideas

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  1. Barbara at Mantel and Table says:

    Great ideas Diane! I love how you used everyday things to make beautiful ornaments. :) Thanks for all the inspiration!

  2. There are a lot of great ideas for ornaments! I always try to make homemade Christmas decor with my girls each year, thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Suzane – Enjoy making and creating with your daughters this holiday season. :-)

  3. Lots of great ideas….I especially love the Red Velvet Hearts ♥️.

  4. Love all these ideas❤️ Is that you and your sister in the one with two little girls? That has got to be Ed in the other one. Thought that as soon as I opened your blog.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi June – You got Ed right – when he was a little kid. It is one of my favorite photos of him. The one with the two girl are my daughters. They are now 32 and 35 now. XO