Christmas Tree Ornament Made From a Curtain Rod Finial

How to repurpose wood curtain rod finials with paint to make them into pretty Christmas ornaments.

If you are a DIY decorator you may have a pair of wood curtain rod finials laying around your basement from an old window treatment. If you have a set that you are not using, they make decorative Christmas ornaments to hang on your tree. 

When wrapped in a pretty box they would also make a great hostess gift.   If you don’t have any – check out Lowes, Target, and Walmart.  Just make sure they are not too heavy.   I found my pair at a yard sale this summer.

Handmade Christmas Tree Ornament Ideas

How to Make a Christmas Tree Ornament Made From a Curtain Rod Finial

Handmade Chistmas Ornaments made using Curtain rod finials
  1. Remove the screw with a pair of needle-nose pliers and replace it with a screw-eye style hook.
Hwo to make a Curtain rod finial into a Christmas Oranment

You can leave the finials in their original state or paint them. I sprayed one with white gloss and antiqued the other one with gold paint and a tiny bit of glaze.

I let it dry for about 10 minutes and then wiped it off.  The paint stays in the crevices and ages the body of the finial.  You can spray the eye hook to match the finial.  I tied a small piece of ribbon around the top and hung it on the tree with a decorative ornament hanger that I found at The Dollar Tree.

How to make an ornament out of a curatin rod finial

Simple, pretty, and the perfect ornament for a DIY decorator’s Christmas tree.

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  1. What a cute and simple little ornament! Love!

    jamie @

  2. This is wonderful — and just MY style! :) Thank you very much for sharing your creative talents, Diane!

  3. The enchanted home says:

    Very clever and very beautiful…sometimes i buy something just because I love it but dont’ have a reason for it and keep it and voila find the perfect way to use it!! This is fabulous!

  4. Ashlyn@Pinecone says:

    So clever – as always!!

  5. Kim @ Cheap Chic Home says:

    You’re killin’ me, Diane! I found some finials at the thrift store awhile back and bought them because they’re so pretty… I’ve got one more fabric gift I want to make and baking!

    1. Hi Kim – They are like small pieces of art. I have some more cookies to make. I made a few batches already, but they are all gone. Those elves keep eating them.

  6. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says:

    Great idea, Diane! I’ve taken some larger size metal finials and just used them for interest in vignettes on occasion. I’m sure I must have a few of these floating around though. Nice hanger from the dollar store, too. Who’d a thunk it? : )

    1. Hi Kathy-

      Thanks. The ornament hangers came in a package of 40 for $1.00. I love the dollar store <3