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How To Make A Curtain Rod and Finials with a Tennis Ball

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Window treatment time for my guest room.  So far I have been keeping within my budget and this project will keep me in check as it is very budget friendly.  In this post I am sharing one way to make a curtain rod and two different ways to make decorative finials for the rod. One uses an actual wood finial, the other a tennis ball.

I like lots of light in my home and have a big window in my guest room.  I wanted to use drapery panels, but I don’t want them to cover the window at all so I needed a very long rod. This way the panels frame the window, but don’t cover it at all.  To buy a decorative rod in the length I needed I would have had to spend  $30.00 and up.  That would wipe out my budget so I opted to use a PVC pipe that costs $4.00.

You can find PVC pipes at any home improvement store in the plumbing dept. They come in many different diameters and lengths.  There are two types – lightweight and heavyweight. If you have a very long span  – get the heavier pipe, as it will stay straight and won’t bow down and you won’t need to add a center support, otherwise the lightweight pipe will be fine. The pipe I bought cost me under $4.00.  It is a 1 1/4” diameter pipe.  Cutting the pipe is easy with a saw. If you know the exact length you need, have them cut it at the home improvement store – one less step for you to do.

How to Make a Curtain Rod Using a PVC Pipe

I used wood rod brackets from Lowes to hang my PVC pipe curtain rod. PVC pipe has writing on it.  You can spray some white primer over the pipe and then paint it any color you wish. I chose to keep mine white and just turned the writing to the back.   I did have to clean it up a bit with dish detergent to get the warehouse grime off of it.
The finials are where you can add your style. I had leftover gilded ones in my basement from a past treatment. I wasn’t planning on using them until I got really great looking mottled gold and black metal rings from one of my greatest resources – my friend Karen . She has a professional sewing workroom in her home and lots of cool stuff. Recently she stumbled upon a manufacturer who was going out of business and got lots of good deals and free goodies.  I was the lucky recipient of these rings. Thanks Karen.
You can buy them here:  Curtain Rod Rings

My finials have screws that are meant to screw into the end of wood rods. Since a PVC pipe is basically a hollow tube there was nothing to screw the finials into – time to come up with a way to make the finials work – corks and hot glue to the rescue.

1.  Screw the cork on the finial.

2. The opening on my PVC pipe is 1-1/4” so I needed to cut another cork in half.  Depending on the size of the pipe you use – you may not have to add more corks.  I used a very sharp bread knife and laid the cork in a channel on my kitchen cutting board to cut the cork in half.
3. I then hollowed each half out with a nut pick. (I was in my kitchen and it was handy – it worked well.)  You could use a craft knife – a Dremel drill with a bit that hollows out would work well also.
4.  Hot glue the cut sides of the cork to the center cork on the finial.
5.  Push it into the end of the PVC pipe.
6. No one will ever know how you faked it out – except you.


When I was thinking about what type of finials I wanted to use – I played around with a few options. The traditional gilded ones I used above and a more modern look – using tennis balls and fabric – yep tennis balls – it is an old trick that I have used many times.

1.  You will need 2 tennis balls – old ones that have lost their pep are much easier to cut than the brand new ones I used.
2.  Carefully jab the tennis ball with the closed tip of sharp scissors.  Make another jab about 1-inch away from the first.  Cut in between the two holes.  Once you have that cut line you kind of keep digging your scissors in and cutting off more of the ball.
3. You want to make the hole a tiny bit larger than the diameter of the pipe.
4.  Choose a fabric that will coordinate with your drapes. I chose the Houndstooth.
5.  Cut a 12-inch square of fabric and wrap it around the ball. Use your fingers to make sure the fabric pleats around the ball evenly. Push the excess fabric into the ball.
and then push it onto the end of the PVC pipe rod.  It will look like this.
Presto-Change –o a fun and very inexpensive finial for a curtain rod.
What do you have laying around your house that you could use as a finial?
There are many options….
… old door knobs for bigger rods – cabinet knobs for thin rods.
How to make curtain rods and finials
I used a glass door knob to make these finials. You can read how I did it in these posts:
Doorknob Finials and Industrial Pipe Curtain Rods

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  1. what a great idea – all of it! The pvc, the wine corks, the tennis balls – pure genious! Looks really great in your room. I’m far more impressed than I can even say. Thanks so much for sharing. Totally brilliant :)

  2. Wow Diane, that is just pure genius how you came up with the rod and finials. No one can ever say they can’t afford to dress up their windows now that you have shown these great inexpensive ideas. I love the tennis ball one, you are very creative.