Colorful Guest Bedroom Makeover on a Budget

Wake up your overnight guests with these simple bedroom decorating ideas using a happy mix of vibrant color accents and pops of patterns and texture to create a cheerful and welcoming guest room for your guests to enjoy. 

My goal for this guest room was to make it more feminine. I have another guest room in my house. It is more masculine in color and decor. So when guests come to stay, I can now let them choose which room they would like to stay in. The more feminine or masculine one. In my previous house, I DIY’ed every aspect of a bedroom to make it guest room ready.

My house has 4 bedrooms and my kids are grown and out on their own which allows me the use of two rooms for guests. The fourth bedroom in my house is a game room.

Pink and turquoise decorating color scheme

For the color scheme for this guest room, I used a kaleidoscopic approach. Pops of vibrant color come to life in the room against the white painted walls.

Guest Room Makeover BEFORE


As far as bedrooms go, this room was pretty neutral. It just needed cosmetic changes, along with some simple bedroom decorating ideas, no demo needed to get it guest-ready. I brightened it up a little with white paint and lots of pops of color.

Guest Room Makeover AFTER

Decorating with colors in a bedroom

You know I like white walls to showcase and highlight everything else in and about a room. I thought of painting the wall behind the bed, navy blue, but I know from 33 years of decorating my homes, I would not be happy with it. It would look dramatic in a photo, but just not my style.

Colorful bedroom ideas for girls

Cheap Decorating Ideas for Bedroom Walls

To add color to the wall, I waited for a sale on 24″ x 48″ stretched canvases at Michaels, they are a cheap way to decorate a wall in a bedroom that offers a lot of impact!

I bought 5 and used a mix of craft paint to paint them using colors taken from the bed spread.  To hang them evenly with each other was made easy with this home-made picture hanging tool. 

In a perfect world, I would love to have wood floors in the bedrooms, but for now the beige carpet has to stay. I guess I can play the “Pollyanna Glad Game” and say… I am glad it’s neutral. :-)

DIY decorating ideas for bedrooms

I have always wanted to make a white pom-pom pillow and finally did, with the words, Be Our Guest painted on.

How to Make:  Be Our Guest Pom-Pom Pillow with Tutorial

Be Our Guest pillow in colorful bedroom

Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas That Also Work for Guest Rooms:

  • In all bedrooms, especially guest rooms, I always like to have a throw at the end of the bed so that guests can take a nap and get all snuggly without having to un-make the bed.  This throw is reversible – pink on one side and orange on the other. It is actually a twin-sized bedspread.
DIY decorating ideas for bedrooms and guest rooms
  • I made this bench for under a window in my previous house. It is the perfect place for guests to place their bags.

To update it for the bedroom, I painted it white and covered the cushion with fabric from JoAnn Fabrics. It is an outdoor fabric. I used my no-sew cushion cover method to cover it.

Pink and turquoise decorating color scheme

The bedspread is called Dreamcatcher. It is from Birch Lane. (Resource at the bottom of post.) I like that the bedspread is reversible so I can change it on a whim or seasonally.

Fish motif on bed sheets

I loved the color of the sheets and thought the fish were fitting for my house that is on a lake.  The set comes in a few different colors.

Guest room set up ideas to make your guest feel at home
  • On the white dresser I placed a few goodies for guests to feel right at home. Treats in a tall Apothecary Jar and water and glass on a tray.
Customized notecards for guests to use with the name of your house on them
  • I still love getting snail mail and think many others still do, too. To give my guest that vacation feel, I had note cards customized at Minted for guests to use to write to their friends and family when they stay with us.
Customized Photo stamps from Minted
Guest room decor on a budget

To make the notecards even more special, I ordered custom stamps from Minted, too. Look close at the stamp. That is a photo taken from the guest room out to the lake. :-)  They are Forever stamps, so they will always be good to use.

  • I elevated the card on a small white cake stand. When not in use for notes, I may put a-just-from-the-oven, muffin or cupcake on it as an extra treat for anyone staying with us.
Chalkboard art for lake homes

I love chalkboards and added this one to welcome everyone that comes to stay with us…

Lake-house-chalkboard ideas

…hoping that they will relax, stay awhile, and have a great visit, even if there is a storm brewing outside.

WIFI printable for guest rooms
  • One thing that EVERYONE that stays overnight with us asks is… “What is your WiFi password?”

I made the answer easy by making a printout of it using my computer and printer.  Placed in a Yates frame in a visible area in the room makes it easy for guests to see.  This frame comes in a set of two. The frame itself can be placed in the holder vertically…

WIFI password display ideas

… as well as horizontally.  I plan on using the second one in the other guest room.

Decorating with vivid colors in white walled rooms

The XOXO art is from Minted.

Bedroom ideas for teen girls

The brass bedside Deegan lamps are from Birch Lane.

Cheap Bedroom Makeover Ideas

  • The beside tables are not really tables, but act like them. To save money, one table is a tray table that I had and spray painted blue.
  • On the other side is a tall stool that I bought at a thrift store. It was stained brown and I painted it using chalk paint I made to get just the right shade of green. It makes the perfect bedside table for a lamp and cell phone.
Fun guest room decor

To make it easy for guests to charge their phones and devices, I make sure there is easy access to an electrical outlet and also an extension cord.

I also did a full remodel of the Guest Suite Bathroom

Colorful guest bedroom with white walls and pops of vivid color throughout the room.

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