Guest Room Ready

In my quest to get everything done on my To-Do list by next week, I am trying to take my time and enjoy the process. I am working in slow-mode, listening to Christmas music and watching holiday movies while I work and get tasks checked off my list.  I don’t want the most wonderful time of the year to become the most stressful time of the year. I want to enjoy every detail.


Yesterday, in between baking cookies, I did a check of my guest room to make sure it was guest room ready for overnight guests. It was clean, I can thank Ed for that, but I like to add a few details to make sure the room looks and feels inviting and comfortable so that it meets the needs of guests who stay with us for a night or a week.

I have had a guest room in all the homes that I have lived in except one. Even without a separate room to accommodate guests in that house, it never stopped us from having guests, we just had to be creative and used a sleeper sofa in the living room. No one ever complained, but it is nice to have a room to give guests a place they can call their own while they visit.

Some of us are natural hostesses, but for some of us, overnight guests can lead to a bit of anxiety.  Below are my tried and true tips to keep guests comfortable and happy, while leaving me relaxed and able to enjoy the visit, too!

The bed:   I make sure there are fresh clean sheets, a warm blanket, and a few pillows of different firmness so every guest can choose the one they like. Since I have a strong preference for a flat pillow, I like to give guests options. I also make sure there is a light blanket at the foot of the bed or on a chair in the room for easy access if the night turns chilly.


Clear Out the Clutter:  I often use this room as a staging area or AKA…a dumping ground of stuff I don’t know what to do with when guests are not visiting.   I make sure the dresser top is cleared so whoever is staying with us can easily lay out their stuff.


I also clean out a few drawers in the dresser, a free section of the closet, and recently added this luggage stand.  Guests need a place — other than the floor to place their stuff.  Before I found this luggage stand, I used to use a piano bench. It was small and fit nicely at the end of the bed or in the closet.


Lighting:  I have swing-arm lamps on each side of the bed. I like using them since they don’t take up any table space.

I replaced the bulbs with new soft white LED’s by Cree. I was sent one to try out. I tried one in my family room a few weeks ago.  I didn’t think I was going to like the light it emitted, but I was pleasantly surprised by the color of the light, not grey and cold, but warm and incandescent-like.

Since they use less energy, last for 10 years, and for me most importantly, are dimmable, I bought a few more at Home Depot to add to all the rooms in my house as the old bulbs burn out.

When I placed the clip-on lamp shade back on after changing the bulb, I got a pleasant surprise. The bulb’s rubber safety coating helped hold and keep the shade straight. :-)  The shade would always tilt in one direction before.  No more fussing over tilted shades anymore :-)

For window light filtering, I have a roller shade and curtain panels on the window so that guests can filter the morning light as much as they desire.


Comforts of home:  I use a basket that was once a purse as a place to hold snacks.  I have found that many guests can be shy about asking for something to eat or searching the cabinets in the kitchen when they get the munchies. When some snacks are out ready and waiting in the guest room, they will know they are especially for them. It your guests are staying for a few days, make sure to restock it.


I used to have a clock in the room, but nowadays everyone uses their phones so I removed it. I did however add the free printable to display our WiFi password. It is one of the FAQ’s anyone who stays with us asks.


Bathroom:   It doesn’t take a lot of time to make it feel special so that your guests will feel pampered. I put travel size toiletries on the counter just like a hotel. This way if a guest forgets something, they won’t have to ask me for it. I found the little white tray at the thrift store. I tied two sprigs of fake greenery with ribbon to add holiday cheer.  I made a label for a basket that holds extra towels.


We added this… a Temp 2 0 Shower head made by Delta right before Thanksgiving. It was easy to install – it simply screws onto the existing shower plumbing pipe coming from the wall.  It has an LED digital display where the color indicators signal different temperatures: blue represents below 80 degrees, magenta is between 80 and 110, red is greater than 110 degrees but you can also read the degrees on the display. Plus it has 6 different spray modes so your guests will feel like they are at a spa. I  found the perfect temp for me is 109 degrees and like the rain shower effect that feels like you are getting a massage.


And one last thing that always becomes a problem when hosting overnight guests…what to do with wet towels.


When guests are sharing a bathroom with the family and other guests – wet towels and what to do with them can become a problem. Having a place to hang wet towels in the guest room opens up the towel racks in the bathroom. I used simple hooks on molding in the corner of the room as a place for guests to hang their towels. Having it clearly marked as a place to hang them keeps the multiple wet towel problem at bay.

Are you expecting overnight guests in your home for the holidays?  Do you have a guest room, a pull out sofa, use Aero Beds, or do something different?


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  1. alice morgan says:

    I am a beginner to the DIY world and some home yours is the my first. I have gotten several ideas from your sharing your room and outdoors. ( you have been doing this a long while from the blog history)

    I am interested in the fabric name and where to shop fot it – it appears you have covered the head board to the older
    double bed. it looks like malls diamond shapes.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Alice – I bought the fabric at JoAnn Fabrics a few years ago. It is a quilt weight fabric. I am not sure if they still carry it, but if you look through their selection of quilt and novelty fabric you may find it.

  2. Please share with me how is the mirror attached to the drapes? thanks

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Wanda – I attached the mirror over the bed drapes by hammering in a heavy-duty nail and picture hanging hook right into the drapes and wall. I made sure the folds in the fabric were straight and then used the hook I attached to the back of the mirror over the picture hanging hook.

  3. Sharon Jackson says:

    I love the Wi Fi password frame. That is so nice to include. I always have to ask and then they usually have to go find it on the back of the box!! Very good idea. I am going to do that before my next guest arrives!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Sharon – I cannot tell you how many times our friends and guests have commented on displaying the password. It makes it easier for everyone all around. No more fussing trying to find it on the router or a scrap of paper that always seems to get lost. I hope you have a wonderful time with your guests.

  4. Fran Gabiatti says:

    Love the decor and the details! Congrats on the great job. Your guest are very lucky.

  5. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    I love your guest room….. in fact if I had the space in my own bedroom, I would have that very same dresser.. it is my favorite dresser of all time and your 3 d wall of mirrors is my favortie wall too……. then there is that mirror on the backdrop of your bed….. I still want one just like it and it is still on my wish list. as are so many ideas you have given.

  6. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    So so pretty. I love everything. And I didn’t even know there was a Temp2O like that without the handheld function.

  7. What a lovely room! Love the snack basket idea. I also put out a coaster, a couple books or magazines in the guest’s area of interest–oh! and make sure the trash can is in a logical place.

  8. Beth Coburn says:

    Check-in time is when?? Love all the special touches. Our extra bedroom is our overflow for laundry right now and for our college aged son. Not very inviting. Hopefully someday…

  9. Ruth Anne says:

    You have certainly created a comfortable and inviting guest room! I was not familiar with the Temp 2 O showerhead–looks like a good thing, to quote Martha–something I will keep in mind when it’s time for a bathroom update.

  10. Your guest room has all the right stuff! I especially like the drapery panels behind the bed. I think I’m going to commandeer this idea; my room could use that soft, textural element. Thank you for sharing, as always.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours…

  11. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says:

    Your guest room looks so welcoming and pretty, Diane! I would be delighted to be a guest staying at your home. You have thought of everything. We have a guest room here at our condo and we always had at least one at our old house in NY. I used to like to pretend I was the guest and try and think about what I might want/need in the room.

  12. You have a great guest room…very welcoming! Thanks for reminding me about the wi-fi password….great tip! We have a nice guest room, queen bed, two luggage racks, plenty of lighting…it looks warm and inviting. My son and his wife are coming for two weeks…I better get busy, I have to fluff it up a bit! ;)

  13. Morning Diane, When do you start to take in paying guests :)

    It looks so very inviting, cosy and peaceful

  14. Charles Tanner says:

    Really like your ideas for the guest room. You really did a great job, it looks so inviting. I’m new to your site was wondering about the top of your dresser, is that painted on? I would love to do something similar to one i have.

  15. So beautifully organized, and so inviting.
    I too will have to add the wifi password.
    I usually leave a plate of home made cookies pitcher of water ( with lid and glass( we don’t buy plastic bottled water)
    I always show my guests where all the goodies are in the kitchen and to help themselves.
    But I think I will now add some more treats to their room just in case they are too shy to explore the kitchen themselves.
    Thank you again,
    Happy holiday to you and your loved ones Diane.

  16. Linda Weeks says:

    I’d like to just rent this room! As for guests, we don’t have them, so I use all of our space for ME.

  17. Michelle James says:

    Such great ideas. I am going to add the wifi password too. I have the LED bulbs in my kitchen that are dimmable and I love them. I also love the dresser in your guest room. I remember a tutorial you wrote which inspired me to re-do a dresser we had for our bathroom. Thanks!!

  18. love the wifi password idea! And I love the top of the dresser. may i ask if you did it and how?

    thanks much!

  19. What time is check in? ha,ha Diane, love it as always!

  20. I have a very nice guest room with nearly all your tips in place, EXCEPT I love your wifi password idea! You are right…everybody needs it! And while we’re making suggestions, I provide a power strip with USB plugs built in and also provide a sound machine so guests can slumber more peacefully and not be distracted by noises from an unfamiliar house.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Carolyn – What an excellent idea to add the power strip! With everyone needing to charge a cell phone or gadget, this is a brilliant idea. I am going to add one this afternoon. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  21. So comfortable and the touches are realistic!

  22. Katherine Stephens says:

    ALL wonderful…a checklist. I especially liked the Framed ‘Password” !
    Many thanks !

  23. Just curious…..what size bed is in your guestroom?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Trudy – It is a double bed. If we ever get around to replacing it, I would buy a queen.

      1. Thanks….my spare upstairs is also a double….the room is lovely, really like the hook for towels idea…..

  24. Lisa In The NW says:

    Just darling! The bed is so sweet and your color combination is very inviting. Beautifully done!!