Insta-Style: Match Box

If you missed my post last weekend, I started a weekend series called Insta-Style. You can read more about it in this post: Insta-Style: Candle. This week I have a quick transformation of a match box for you.

It is a series where I will share a simple project for which no tutorial is needed.

You may not own the same items I show in the posts, but I am hoping that the ideas will inspire you to look at everything around you with new eyes and ask yourself…”what if?” to come up with your own Insta-Style decorating ideas.


What do you get when you glue a scrap of gift wrap and an earring that lost its mate to a box of matches?


A way to light your holiday candles in style.  If you don’t have an earring, a pretty button will work, too.

Now your matches are not only handy – they become a part of your decor. You can also empty the matches out and use it for a small gift box.

If you like match books and boxes as much as I do, you may like this art print of matches by Danielle Kroll or the way I have displayed my match box and book collection.

Here are some more Out of the Box gift wrapping ideas to ignite your creative gift wrapping spirit.

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  1. Balionai Krisktynoms says:

    As it is not enough that it looks very stylish, it can also be the classiest way of giving the lost earring back! Of course after winter celebrations, because at this time it serves as a perfect decoration.

  2. Michelle James says:

    Another great idea. I am always digging in the drawer trying to find my matches right when we are sitting down to eat our Holiday meal. I am going to do this so I can find them but they don’t look like and ugly box of matches. Thanks!

  3. So chic and easy, Diane!! Only you could come up with this! Love it!

  4. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    Talk about style, class and genius. This is class with a capital “C”. And who could not love this idea?

  5. I love this new series–cute and simple. Thanks for the good ideas. Merry Christmas!

  6. I always love your ideas and this one is stellar!

  7. Cute. Would have never thought of that

  8. Striking idea Diane, thanks! ;-)

  9. Adorable! May have to try this one!