Double Duty: Movable Window Seat or Bedroom Bench

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Movable-Window-SEat-13 Before
In my house – I have this space above the foyer,  it is a hallway that connects two bedrooms, we call it “the bridge”.  It adds architectural character to the foyer, but has no real use.  It is basically an unused space, except when I have to vacuum the carpet. It is the only action the area sees besides the cat napping.  I haven’t done much with the space as I didn’t want to clutter it up in my effort to add some interest, but it needed something.

If you have been following my blog  and remember the kitchen banquette, I decided to make a bench like I made for the kitchen.  It is a smaller version and not attached to the wall so that the bench could be moved on a decorating whim- somewhere else.  It is not just pretty, it can be useful, too.   It performs double-duty!

 I made the cushion by simply covering a piece of foam gift-wrap style with a piece of fabric.  Use pins to secure on the underside.


This is it’s home most of the time, but it has another life-


Prest-O Change-O 

The window seat  becomes a bedroom bench in my guest room, a nice place for guests to place their luggage or their bottom.


I just slide it to it’s two locations. Super simple, so versatile.

Useful in the Bedroom

Movable Window Seat

Pretty in the Hallway, the cat doesn’t seem to mind as long as he has a sunny spot to take a nap.


To make it.  I measured the window width and then created a box with plywood.  It has no back, just two braces made from scrap wood.  I added a half-round piece of trim around the top, right under that is crown molding.   Baseboard molding and a decorative embellishment I found in the VanDyke’s catalog give the basic box some style.  A few coats of paint and I was done.


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  1. OH! I LOVE this project!!!!
    I am so so so glad I met you in Baltimore! I would’ve never found your blog otherwise….
    It was really great getting to know you over some over-priced Yuenglings ;)