How to Make a No Sew Fabric Covered Cushion For a Piano Bench

How to Make a No Sew Fabric Cushion Cover For a Piano Bench Without Sewing

Making a no sew cushion cover is one of the easiest DIY home accents you can make to decorate your home in your own style. I have made many. I made long cushion no sew covers for my kitchen banquette and striped no sew cushion cover for a porch swing.

How to make a no sew cushion cover for a piano bench.

Piano Bench – Before

Since both the piano and bench are both the same dark brown, I wanted to add some color.

How to make a no-sew cushion cover for a bench with a hinged lid

Piano Bench Cover – After

Looks much better now.

How to make a no sew cushion cover for a bench

How To Make a No Sew Fabric Covered Cushion Cover for a Bench

1.  Remove the top of the bench.  I left the hinges on the bench. I just removed the screws from the top. No need to make more work for yourself.

No Sew Decorating ideas

2. I added 3 layers on top of the lid. Foam that I cut from an old mattress egg crate, white fabric, and the orange fabric. I bought the fabric at JoAnn’s. It is called –Fun Floret by Waverly.  Normally I would use quilt batting between the foam and the fabric, but I didn’t have any.  This layer softens the edges of the foam when the fabric is wrapped around it.

TIP: Foam can be costly. I buy it only when it is 50% at JoAnn’s Fabrics  You don’t even need to buy expensive foam – an old egg crate mattress pad can be re-purposed and cut to size. Cut a few pieces of the mattress egg crate to size and layer the pieces on top of each other to create the height cushion you want.  A little hot glue between the layers will hold the layers together.

No Sew Decorating Ideas

3. Flip it all over and start stapling the fabric to the lid using a staple gun.

How to cover a cushion with fabric

4. First the white lining.

no sew chair Cushion-corner making tutorial

5. Cut the corners as shown. You don’t want to add too much bulk to the corners.

Thrifty Decorating Ideas

6. Then staple the fabric on.  I fold the raw edge of the fabric over so it looks nice and neat.  You want to pull taut, but not too tight or you may mis-shape the foam.

How to staple fabric to chair cushions or bench seats

7. Fold the fabric on the corners like you were gift-wrapping a package.  Staple to secure.

How to staple fabric to furniture

How to make a cushion cover with no sewing
8. I simply cut away the fabric around the area where the hinges would go.

Before and After Furniture Makeovers

9. Before you start stapling, make sure if there is a pattern on your fabric that it is centered and aligned.

how to wrap fabric-around-foam for seat cushions

10. Then reattach the lid to the bench.

Furntiure Transformations

Decorating Ideas with fabric

All done.

How to make a cushion and decorative cover for a piano bench seat with no sewing.

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  1. Thank you this! I haven’t seen any Reupholstery posts or how to’s for dated piano benches. My piano was my dad’s before he passed away last July 2018, and now mine. It’s from the 30s-40s. The bench has never been tightened or reupholstered. I can’t wait to do it, after seeing your tutorial. Thank you.

  2. Great job on your bench. Your piano is beautiful.
    I must say most piano benches are nothing more then a necessary piece of furniture when you own a piano. But this make over is outstanding! You just updated your whole area there. It looks bright and cheerful. And now it’s a nice focal point too.
    Who ever says “Oh look at my piano bench?”?lol
    I’m sending this to my sister who would love to do this!

  3. Thank you Diane. Like your ideas and the examples displayed here, quite clear. You’re a talented gal. Thanks!

  4. Lauren @ Mom Home Guide says:

    This is a great tutorial. Thanks for sharing! My family got a new piano this year! We gave away our old piano, but I kept the bench and would like to upholster it — the bench would make a great spot to sit by the front door when putting on shoes. Your instructions will be a great help!

  5. Jayne Bellows says:

    You should never put a cushion like that on a piano bench. When you play the piano you are supposed to slide on the bench. Putting a cushion on would be for looks only.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Jayne – A good tip to know :-) The piano has not been played for many years. It was my husband’s parents and when they passed away my husband wanted it even though he has never played. I covered the bench for decorating reasons.

  6. so happy i stumbled across this – just what i needed – thank you!

  7. TexasPrairieGal says:

    I am soooo glad I found your tutorial!! Your piano bench looks awesome… and I love your fabric and the orange!! I have an old blanket chest that my Daddy made (it’s like 7 feet long) and I’ve wanted to make seat cushions for it for just about forever. It never ever occurred to me to just take off the top and attach the cushion directly to it. Absolutely brilliant!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! :-)

  8. This tutorial and the finished result are FAB! Would this be the comprehensive shopping list for this DIY Project?:

    1. Power screwdriver
    2. Foam ‘piece’
    3. White fabric (any kind in particular?)
    4. Quilt batting
    5. Glue gun
    6. Scissors – What was used to cut the foam?
    7. Fabric covering of choice

    Anything else? I’m going to attempt this on a bench for the end of the bed and also a headboard of a yet to be purchased canopy bed. But I also want to incorporate buttons or other decorative element- any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

  9. Glad I happened upon your site via Pinterest today! Lots of great ideas. I’ve been wanting to make a cushion for my piano bench for awhile…tucking this tutorial away for when I finally find fabric I like!

  10. Tiffany Brown says:

    Hi, I LOVE your technique on this cushion and am going to use it to create 2 cushions for our new built-in benches. I was wondering if you had any problems with the staples sticking up through the cushion? Can you feel them when you sit near the edges of the bench? Maybe this is a silly question…I’ve never used the no-sew staple method. :) Thanks!

  11. I am so excited that I stumbled upon this website! I was searching for piano bench cushions, as I am in need of one – but, my goodness, they run from the $60-$100 range and up. Your “no sew” option caught my eye – not to mention the endless fabric choices! Sky is the limit!
    Thanks for your inspiration!

  12. Palmetto Home and Garden says:

    We have a home and garden shop and love to find DIY projects for workshops with our customers. Thanks for this great post! Love the fabric you chose as well!

  13. Thanks for the ideas and the inspiration. I especially like how your cushion is so thick. Your cushion actually looks comfortable! Your photos and instructions are very clear and easy to follow. My piano bench doesn’t hinge, and I don’t really want to staple directly into the word, but you have given me some good ideas to adapt to my needs. I’m thinking I may attach the cushion with a serious amount of Velcro so it doesn’t shift.

  14. I love this idea. I’ve been wanting to do a fresher take on a piano bench cover and this looks great! Did the staples damage the top part of the wood? Would you be able to take this project apart ever if you decided you wanted the bench to be like it was originally? (We have my husband’s grandmother’s piano, and I’d hate to permanently damage it.)

  15. Janet Blahovec says:

    Diane, you are brilliant! I have used this method with dining chairs, but it never occurred to me to cover my piano bench like this! I was browsing for a ready made bench pad and the prices were outlandish! I am going to bookmark your site so I can get more inspiration from you! Bless you! I am so excited to get started on this. Thanks, Jan

  16. Piano Cushion says:

    This would be terrific to add a little height to the seat!

  17. Thank you so much for the wonderful tip. I have been looking for a bench cushion for my infant’s nursery and have not been able to find one to match her fabric. Now I’ll just make it myself! I am so happy that you posted this! I’ll upload a picture to you when it is finished. Thanks again

  18. Diane, your cushion looks great after you updated it! I sure hope it’s comfortable. I’m glad I looked at your recommendation for how to do this as I too bought fabric and foam at JoAnn’s as they were both on sale. I didn’t think to put any batting around the foam before stapling the new fabric to the foam. Great idea! I’m going to try to tackle this project soon as I just got myself a staple gun at Lowe’s. Thanks again for your post!

  19. Lauren from MomHomeGuide says:

    Love what you did with the piano bench. I recently recovered mine, but didn’t have good padding — have to go out and get some foam and redo mine!

  20. This looks great. I’m planning on building my own sofa from scratch, the only major challenge has been how to do the cushions. I actually had an idea just like this at one point and now that I’ve seen that it works, I think this is what I’ll do. I have no sewing skills at all. I can barely patch a hole in my jeans.

  21. Hi, Found you while searching Pinterest for piano bench cushion ideas. My hubby won’t let me staple into the piano bench. Any ideas on how to temporarily attach a cushion to the bench?

  22. Fantastic! I had been searching for not only for the right look but height in a piano cushion, and Voila! Thanks so much for sharing this on line! Janie

  23. Katharine from Kat's Almost Purrfect World says:

    Hi Diane, I haven’t commented on your blog lately. Happy Spring, again! I never thought of covering my piano bench. I already have a leather or fake leather cover but a touch of color would be fun. I like what you did with your bit of orange. That is the same colors of my Marimekko duvet covers that my Mormor (mom’s mom in Swedish) made for me when I was a teenager in the late 70’s. It’s funny cause the same pattern came out at CB2 for 2011. I had huge brown orange and white flowered wallpaper that my sister and dad put on upside down. It’s so busy that you have to stare at it to notice that the leaves are not the way they are suppose to be. lol

    Did you husband ever find a new job? I know it’s been a rough patch for the two of you.


  24. Thanks for the great idea. I gathered foam, batting, fabric from my stockpile and finally covered the piano bench in less than 30 minutes. It looks great and it is so much more comfortable. Thanks again!

  25. Hi, thank you so much for that tutorial :) I just used it to redo our new/old piano bench and it looks awesome!

    Love your site :)


  26. Kathryn Griffin says:

    I so need to do this to my piano bench. Love the fabric choice. Thank you for sharing. Hope you have a grand evening. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  27. That poor piano. Wurlitzers aren’t even made any more and you went and put staples in it. Sad day.

  28. Bernadette @ B3HD says:

    Beautiful fabric, beautiful bench, easy tutorial. Pin worthy (smile). And….I need a much better staple gun.

    Happy new year! One of your newest followers.

  29. I totally love this!! And the color is so perfect, can’t wait to do my own…I’ll have to do this soon!

  30. Debra @ Bungalow says:

    Amazing color and I love the fabric, but I have always been a fan of orange. Tangerine tango is a great accent color.

    Come on over and enter the giveaway for a great cleaning product that I love.

    1. Hi Debra-

      It is very appealing. About 10 years ago I painted my dining room in a orange shade. I love the color, but it was too much. I agree with you that it is the perfect accent color.

  31. gertie @ The Old Block House says:

    I LOVE the pop the orange gives to your bench. It certainly brings some sunshine into that corner.

  32. I love orange in my decor and so I had to let you know how terrific your bench looks.

  33. Wow…it’s amazing how such a little thing can make such a big difference to a room! Thanks for sharing…I’ll definitely be trying this!

    1. Hi Vanessa-

      That is why I love fabric so much. The color and or pattern just pop and add some visual interest without having to do much else. I live for simple, affordable, and 50% off fabric sales :)

      1. Simple, affordable, and sales are my favorite words! I love all the no-sew ideas since I unfortunately did not inherit my mom’s gift of sewing {I inherited my grandmother’s and great aunt’s gift of crochet}. I’m your newest follower! :)

  34. rebecca @ olderandwisor, who's PIANO bench is covered with paint splatters since she never USES dropcloths says:

    ….and obviously doesn’t proofread for spelling either…..

  35. rebecca @ olderandwisor who's paino bench is covered with paint splatters since she never usues dropcloths says:

    Followed a link on Pinterest, and I am in love. Trend or no trend, it’s not the orange that I’m drooling over (even though it’s stunning), but the idea of a cushion OVER the bench itself. GENIUS.


    Follower #1704 :)

    1. Thanks Rebecca – Don’t you just love Pinterest? It is the best online network ever for us visual types. I have to set time limits for myself or else I would be over there 24/7.

  36. Sarah@Adventures of Our Fami-Ly says:

    This looks great! I have a piano bench that would definitely benefit from some color but unfortunately it’s a cheapy one that doesn’t have a hinged top. Hmm…now I want to do some investigating and see if I can get it off anyways….

    Thanks for the inspiration! I’d love for you to stop over and check out my topless table thrift store make over!

    1. Thanks Sarah –
      Depending on how your bench is constructed you may still be able to cover it. Place the foam, lining, and fabric over the top and makes sure you have enough fabric to wrap around the sides and staple it under the bench or if there is a lip – under the lip of the bench top. You may have to cut out the leg sections. This can be done by making some cuts in the fabric and folding the edges over where you cut so they look finished – then wrap around and secure underneath. It is a little tricky, but can be done.

    1. Thanks Lindsey. I love your site- so much creative inspiration in one place. I have to remember to submit my projects to you more often. Thanks for the reminder.

  37. Steph @ The Silly Pearl says:

    Thanks Diane for the great tips! I would never have thought to use an old egg crate mattress.
    The orange fabric looks great…totally breaks up the brown!

    1. Hi Steph –

      My motto has always been – ” What you can’t see, can easily be faked” No one will know the difference- foam is foam. I cut it with an electric knife. I love that I am re-purposing too. I save all the pieces and have even made a bed for my cat. I cut the foam to size and made a pillow style cover for it with some leftover fabric. No need to buy a pet bed at the pet store.

  38. I love this! I have a piano, it’s old and the seat is a little beat up. Perfect!

  39. I love this idea!! Thank you for the great how-to complete with pictures – it’s exactly what I need to do to my bench!! Happy New Year and all the best for you in 2012!

  40. simona - artsy ants says:

    The fabric you picked for this project is beautiful, right up my alley! Unfortunately we don’t even have a piano although my hubby learned how to play it. Great project, thanks for sharing!

  41. I love the change this made! That orange really does lend “just a touch” of great energy to the corner.

  42. Love the touch of tangerine. I was watching that movie right along with you! Hope you have a wonderful 2012, Pam

    1. Hi Pam –
      Love that movie and all the others from that era. Doris Day’s clothes are just to die for. My favorite is the beaded top over the dress in the scene where she finds out that she is really with Jerry Webster. It just shimmers. Irene was the name of the designer – she was quite talented. I could watch the old movies all day. :)

  43. Diane@LongabergerLifestyle says:

    I never in a hundred years would have thought to actually attach the cushion to the bench. I love it! And the color and pattern is fabulous!!

  44. Great tut! It’s not always easy to show the steps in a process, but you pulled that off perfectly here. I didn’t know about the orange color trend. It’s got me thinking….might have to add a little something too! :)

    1. Thanks Lesley-

      I can’t say orange is my favorite color, but a little pop here and there do liven up a room. It could even be as simple as adding a bowl of oranges in a white bowl to a table.

  45. Janette@The2seasons says:

    Orange is the “it” color for 2012. You are ahead of the game. It looks adorable.

    1. Hi Janette-

      I bought the fabric in the early fall. It was just so refreshing I had to take home a piece. I have a few scraps left and want to use them somehow -perhaps on my desk for some energy providing inspiration.

  46. I like your “touch of color” piano bench . . . A bit more seating comfort too! Very nice indeed . . .

    1. Hi Lynne-

      Thanks. The piano is a hand me down from my mother-in-law. She had a needlepoint cover on the bench that had straps that wrapped under the bench to hold it on. It provided no comfort at all. It was very thin and moved all around, plus it was navy, red, and green – not my colors. :)

  47. Lovely and no sewing even better.

    1. Hi Cathy-

      I do love no-sew projects. I have a sewing machine and can sew simple stuff, but usually go for the no-sew option if I know it will be just as good as a sewn version.

  48. Alison at the Polohouse says:

    Hi Diane!
    This transformation is amazing!
    Love what you did with your staple gun.
    That pop of color is awesome,

    Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Alison –

      I learned my staple gun techniques in my early days working in retail display. We used to cover wall size panels of Fom-Cor with fabric. When the merchandise was sold – a new item would be displayed and new fabric would have to be added to the boards. After all these years it still is one great tool. Nothing yet to take its place – just better designed models that are easier to use and not so hard on your hands.

  49. christine says:

    I knew if I waited, you would show me how to add a cushion to my piano bench, You make it look easy. This might just be my first project for the new year.

    As always, looking forward to seeing what you are up to this new year.

    1. Hi Christine –

      If you have the fabric, foam, and staple gun – it truly is not hard at all. Takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. The hardest part is making sure the pattern on the fabric is on straight. Having a small power screwdriver makes removing and reattaching the top – quick and easy.

  50. You had me at “no sew”! I mean, I CAN sew, but why bother when there is a better way?! The bench looks GREAT and I am highly considering investing in a staple gun… like, tomorrow :) Thanks!

    1. Hi Chrissie-

      I could not make half the tings I do without my handy dandy staple gun. I have two – one is ergonomically designed, but I find I usually grab my classic Arrow T-50. It is not a finicky – just load and staple. You can buy different size staples depending on what you are working on. I usually use the 5/16th size. They are medium sized and work on just about everything thick or thin.

  51. Diane, it looks great! Way to start the new year with a cheerful project! I am thinking about using tangerine my soon-to-be finished basement for a little pop of fun color and I love the fabric you chose. I’ll have to scout out Joann’s. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Lisa –

      Tangerine would be a great color to add to a basement, especially if there are only a few windows to bring in natural light. The color is warm and bright at the same time – not many colors share that trait.

  52. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    Wonderful instructions Diane……..

    I don’t see this color with you, but love anything you decide.

    1. Thanks Sheryll-

      I do normally decorate with light blue, green, pink, and purple, but in my family room and kitchen where there are white walls I love to add a pop of color to add some interest. I grew up in a house with all white walls and it is what I got used to. Now I find them comforting and very versatile as I can add any color I want to these rooms and it goes! The area where this piano is is kind of a no man’s land. It is an awkward corner in the room, but can be seen from the foyer when you first enter my house. It needed something bright to give it some life of its own.

  53. Anne @ Wine & REdesign says:

    I’m so glad you showed this! I have a piano bench in a room that needs more color. Thanks for the fun tip!

    1. Hi Anne-

      So happy to help. Fun thing with a project like this – once you have it done – you can change the fabric easily when you tire of it for an entire new look.