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How to Make a No Sew Chair Cushion Cover

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Update and transform worn out seating or a porch swing by making a colorful no sew cushion for it that can be made in minutes.

I like to make all the seating in my house comfy and pretty. To do this I have made no sew slipcovers for chairs and a no sew cover for a piano bench.  When getting my deck ready for the warm months I brought out the deck swing and noticed it needed some love in the way of a new coat of paint and a pretty cushion cover.

The biggest reason this project is complete in a timely manner is because friends are coming to stay with us for a few days.  This was the motivating factor in my sudden burst of energy to give this swing that hangs from the pergola on our deck a makeover.  I don’t think  there is anything more motivating to get DIY projects done than having guests to your home whether it be for over night or a party.

How to make a no sew chair cushion cover

This swing is very comfortable, but I wanted to add a colorful cushion to it, not only for comfort, but to add a pop of color as well.   I love the upholstered look of cushions, but also love instant gratification and being able to easily make something with fabric without sewing a stitch.

How to Make a No Sew Cushion Cover

For the cushion: I went to my local Joann’s Fabrics on a day when all the foam was 50% off.  I had no idea that it was on sale and was happy to get such a great deal!  I needed about 5 feet.  Cost was $24.00.  It is 2″ thick foam and very dense.  To cut it to the exact size I needed, I grabbed the electric knife from my kitchen drawer. (The only other time this knife gets used is to carve the turkey on Thanksgiving.)  I have a T-square and measured and marked where I needed to cut.

How to cut thick foam straight

Super easy to cut foam with an electric knife.  If you don’t have one, take your exact measurements to the fabric store and have them cut both width and length for you.   Take the excess home to use for another project.

How to cut foam

To make the no-sew cushion cover: pretend the foam is a gift box and wrap it as you would a gift, using fabric instead of wrapping paper.

No sew techniques and tips

Use large 2- inch safety pins instead of tape.  I got mine at the dollar store.

safety pins

Fold over the raw edge of the fabric and pin every few inches along this no-sew seam to hold the fabric onto the cushion.

No sew decorating techniques

No Sew chair cushion

Wrap the corners neatly and pull taut and then pin.  The width of my foam was almost the width of the fabric. Normally I would like to have a bit more fabric to pull over the side edges, but this works.  No one will see the pins.

No Sew Decorating with fabric ideas

Flip it over and then it is ready.  I placed it on my freshly stained swing.  I wanted this cushion to be easy to take on and off.  I didn’t want any ties to deal with, so I made sure the foam fit very snugly, so it stays put when I sit on it and easy to grab to take inside when it suddenly starts to rain.

Porch Swing AfterPorch swing after getting a paint makeover and new no sew cushion that can be made in minute

No-Sew chair or bench Cushion cover tutorial

How to make a no sew porch swing cushion and cover

How to Paint a Porch Swing

This porch swing sits out 24/7 and before putting it back out for the summer it needed to get a new coat of paint.

It was covered in a greyish cast of worn off  stain and mildew. I didn’t use paint to paint the swing, I used solid color stain that just wears away over time.  This was after 3 years outside, except when it stored in the basement during the winter months.

porch swing makeover

Wash with detergent and mildew remover, then rinse and let it dry out in the sun.  Look at the arm, do you see how it is worn?  I won’t have to sand this – it is very smooth.What Is The Best Paint for Outdoor Wood Furniture?

porch swing makeover

I have found Behr House and Fence Stain the best product for outdoor wood. It holds up beautifully, is easy to apply, and best of all, easy to clean up with soap and water – my kind of product.

You can see from this beaten and battered can – that it  has been used many times.   If you have ever painted with oil-based outdoor paint, you know it smells and can take days to dry.  When it gets old, it gets chippy and needs to be sanded before painting, not so when you use a solid color stain.

Behr Solid Color Stain

I set the swing up on a table in my garage and gave it 2 coats.  I let it dry for 1 hour between each coat.

Outdoor Furniture Makeovers

I then hung it back on the deck under the pergola.  This is my favorite place to sit in the evening, especially in the fall when it starts to get cold. I bring out a blanket, some hot tea,  and get all snugly and gaze at all the stars in the night sky.

No sew outdoor decorating ideas

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  1. You are brilliant! I have a canoe windowseat in my living room (it’s on the front page of my blog). I used the turkey knife to cut foam about 6 years ago for it. I have 2 microsuede blankets that fit pretty well over the top…but are always sliding just a bit. I never figured out how to get them to stay…until now. Yippee! AND I was heading to the $ store today. :) Yours looks fantastic. Love the happy stripes. I’m going to try that stain with my swing too. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Julie-

      If you find your fabric slips around, you can cut a piece of quilt batting the same size as the fabric and wrap them around the cushion together. It also helps make the cushion corners not looks so rigid. You will love the Solid color Stain.

    1. Hi Shelly-

      I learned early on in my career doing store displays that what you can’t see can easily be faked – which makes any project quick, easy, and inexpensive. Fun story – I once did a room for a Decorator Showhouse. There were many high-end designers doing other rooms in the house at the same time. I hot glued, spray painted, and stapled my way thru decorating my room. On the last day before the house was open to the public, one of the big name designers came to me pleading for my help to do something with the trim that he just recieved. There was not enough time for his seamstress to add it, so I hot glued $65.00 a yard trim to all his drapery panels. There were 6. No one ever knew the difference. To this day he told me he always uses hot glue now to add trim. Quick and easy techniques, though still expensive if you are using $65.00 a yard trim.