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Look What You Can Do With Film Canisters

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If you find an old film canister in a junk drawer don’t throw it away. Instead repurpose it into a very cute and stylish gift box or Christmas Ornament.

I am collector of throw-away” stuff”.  Not junk, but honest to goodness – discards.  My friends and family know to give me their throw-aways, which are different than cast-offs. Cast-offs are unwanted items like furniture and lamps.  Throw-aways are bits and pieces of packaging, parts of items – stuff that seems useless once it’s original purpose is complete.

Throw-aways are what I can’t seem to say “no” to.  I love the challenge of coming up with some new use for these discards that will be Oooohhh… la la worthy.

Repurposing Idea for Film Canisters

Craft Ideas with film canisters

Recently, when I saw a bag filled with film canisters at a local camera store being thrown away – I had to speak up.  I couldn’t bear to see it tossed and asked the salesman, if I could please have them.  He handed the bag right over to me and asked what I was going to do with them.  I told him, I didn’t have a clue, but I will come up with something sooner or later.

These plastic film canisters are becoming obsolete, but can still be found at camera stores and where film is processed or maybe even in a junk drawer in your home.

What Can You Do With Empty Film Canisters?

Craft Ideas with film canisters

Prest-O Change-O ! Add some decorative paper, buttons, an earring, tulle, and some sheet music to the plastic film canisters along with some hot glue and you have…

Pretty mini- gift containers.

Film canister craft ideas

They make giving a gift… a little… extra special.

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gifts that will fit into a plastic film canister:

Anything small – earrings, rings, and other jewelry (if the jewelry is on a hanging card, discard the card and place the jewelry into a piece of tissue paper), rolled up dollar bills,  a key to something big, like a car.

How to Turn a Film Canister into a Mini Gift Box

Film canister craft ideas

Vintage clip-on earring with the clip removed hot glued to the top.  Cover for Canister: A cut section of a Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog cover.

Gift boxes made with film canisters

A gold and pearl button on top of a larger black button glued onto top.  Cover for canister:  Scrapbook paper

Crafting with film canisters

Mother of pearl button with a tulle rosette and rhinestone button glued on.  Cover on canister:  Gift-wrap

Craft Ideas with film canisters

Black vintage button glued on top of black top. Cover on Canister: Sheet music

Film Canister crafts

Square button with a silver pearl button glued on top.  Cover on Canister:  Wallpaper scrap.

Don’t they make pretty little gift boxes?   They were practically free – only the cost of the materials I used to decorate them with – most of which were throw-aways, too.

Christmas Tree Ornaments Made From Film Canisters

glittered covered film canister becomes a Christmas ornament when you attach ribbon to the top

Apply spray glue all over a film canister and the sprinkle white or colored glitter over the surface. Let dry. Punch a hole in the center top and thread a ribbon through it and presto…changeo… you have one very cute gift box to hang on your Christmas tree for someone to find on Christmas morning.

How would you add your style to a film canister and what would you put in it?   I would love to hear your ideas?

Trash to Treasure: Used Film Canisters make the perfect small gift box. Add your own style for added charm.

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  1. Very clever and pretty too! I used film canisters for change and money, buttons, safety pins things like that. It seems like decades ago. I never would have thought about decorating them….I’m a big fan of the plastic cases my razors with the built in cream arrive in. I use them for vitamins to storing safety pins of course. They may just be in need of some decorating.

  2. What a very cute idea! My Mom saves quarters in them and then gives them to the great grands when they come to visit. That would be a great gift for a college student who has to use a laundromat!

  3. What an awesome idea! Love it! My Dad is a photographer and he may have a bunch of empty canisters….lol

  4. These are just darling, and so easy to personalize. Thank you for sharing your gift of creativity with us. I look forward to more!