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Clipping On Some Style Around the House

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After making the no-sew window treatment in my last post using a pair of vintage clip on earrings from my collection – I hated putting the rest of them back into my crafts armoire.  They looked so pretty out on my worktable. I just love them – they are so yummy – I am totally addicted and can’t get enough of them – they make me smile.   Each one is the perfect little piece of stylish art that has its own story and appeal and they are too pretty to be hidden in a drawer.

I used to make and sell bracelets with them, but since I don’t need them for that purpose anymore I had to find some more ways to re-purpose my collection so I can enjoy their prettiness all day long.  I had to ask myself, “Why am I collecting them if I don’t use them.”   So I went around my house and…

Vintage button collection

I clipped some to my desk lamp.

Decorating Ideas for Lampshades using Vintage clip on earrings

Glued some to magnets and stuck them on my fridge.

Refridgerator Magnets made with Clip on Earrings

Embellished a gift by simply clipping one over the knot on the tied ribbon.

Gift wrap ideas - Clip on Earrings

I also remembered I posted about making Quick and Easy Place Card Holders with them when I first starting blogging.

Tablesetting Ideas - Placecard holder using Vintage clip on earrings

Then I went searching online  – Look what Disney from Ruffles and Stuff did with them – she added them to her drawer pulls.

Ways to repurpose vintage clip on earrings

I have even used them as a quick fix to replace a lost button until I have time to sew one back on.  You simply run the back of the clip-on earring sideways through the button hole opening, clip it to the adjoining side and shut the earring securing the garment together.  It works beautifully – no pun intended.

Are you addicted like me?  How do you re-purpose them?  I have lots and lots and need more ideas!

Decorating with Clip On Earrings and Buttons

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  1. Very nice job repurposing them! I love the magnets on your fridge, the one holding the ribbon and the placecards. Great ideas!


  2. Love that lampshade Diane. Also love the pictures that give us a quick peek of your house. It looks like such a bright, cheery and happy home!

  3. I love vintage costume jewelry! I like the magnets and knobs too.

    I actually wear mine alot but if I find one missing or come across a pair (often) at the flea market, I like to put them on bows on gifts or put them on the tieback to a curtain. One of the coolest things I’ve seen were vintage brooches used to make a wedding bouquet!

  4. What a cool use of all those wonderful buttons you have!! I especially love the magnets and the drawer knobs! Always something creative and fun with you Diane! :)