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How To Make a Gift Wrap Organizer

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I finished Part 3 of 5 sections on the “Creative Wall” in my studioffice.  It is a handy place to organize gift wrap. 

Before making this gift wrap organizer I had all my gift wrap stuffed into a planter style urn.  Not a good system – as it ruined the paper. Now all my paper is easy to reach and will stay perfect, plus – it looks so pretty hanging on the wall.

I rounded up a few gift wrap organizing ideas on Pinterest that I posted about over at Momtastic and took bits and pieces of each idea to make an organizer that would work into my Creative Wall plan of 3 frames across the wall – each frame to be used for a different purpose.

Gift wrap organizing hung on a wall.

How to Make a Gift Wrap Organizer to Hang on a Wall or Door

Hooks for Organizing a Creative Wall

supplies needed:

  • Frame – You can see how I made them in this post – Putting the Creative Wall Together
  • Drill and drill bit
  • Cup hooks – Lowes sells them – 2 in a pack
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Café style curtain rods – the rods each come with brackets to hang, but they were too big. I used cup hooks because they are simpler to attach and look aesthetically better on the frame.
  • Saw tooth frame hangers
Empty-frames lined up along wall to figure out placement.

After assembling and painting the frames, I leaned them against the wall for hanging placement. Here is a link to how I made these frames:

The size of the gift wrap frame is: 33-1/2″ wide x 39″ long

How to Attach Curtain Rods to the Frame

How to make a gift wrap holder showing how to drill the holes for cuphooks that will hold curtain rods and rolls of giftwrap.

1. Once I had the exact placement on the wall figured out. I removed the gift wrap frame and drilled holes along each side of it in even increments to hold cup hooks. The cup hooks will hold up café style curtain rods that slip through each roll of gift wrap.

3 white cup hooks screwed into a white frame.

3. I have 8 rolls of gift wrap so I needed 16 cup hooks, but you can add up to 12 rolls of gift wrap on this 33-1/2″ wide x 39″ long size frame. (See photo at the end of post).

White cup hooks in white frame and brass curtain rods in cup hooks. How to organize gift wrap

4. You can see how nicely the curtain rod ends fit into the hooks. The caps on the ends of the rods keep the rods in place.

Close-up-of-gift-wrap-frame on a creative wall with 3 rolls of gift wrap.

5. Simply insert a roll of gift wrap over a rod and place into the cup hooks.

Note: It can be a bit tricky if the cup hook is placed into a recess on the molding. The first side went in easy, the second side I had to gently push in.  If I placed the cup hooks on the highest profile part of the molding – the rods would not have anything to block the tips from going into the cup holder. If you use flat molding you won’t have this problem.

Sawtooth hanger on the back of gift wrap organizer frame.

6. I then hammered a saw tooth hanger to the back to hang the frame.

Gift-wrap organizer on wall.

7. Hang up your gift wrap organizer as you would a picture frame on a wall.

Gift Wrap Organizer Holding 12 Rolls

Craft room showing wall with tools, ribbon and gift wrap organized in large white frames.

When I moved to a new home, I took each section of my “Creative Wall” down and reassembled it in my new craft room/studioffice at my current home. I also added a few more curtain rods on the gift wrap organizer so it would hold more rolls of gift wrap. It now holds 12 rolls.

More Creative Wall Craft Room Organizing Solutions

Craft room wall showing tools, ribbon and gift wrap organized in large white frames.

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  1. This is really a great idea! I need to get organized!! Spring is certainly the time for it…thanks for sharing your fabulous idea!

  2. LOVE your whole blog, and this idea is great. I was thinking a couple strategically placed paper clips on each end, until you need to use it, would make it even neater. Thanks for all your inspiring ideas!

  3. That looks great, Diane! I have a gift wrap organizer that I’m waiting to hang up {we have to spackle and paint the laundry room where it will be going} and I can’t wait to get it up. I’m going to use up what I have in printed paper but then I’m just going to get plain white and plain kraft paper for wrapping.

  4. Oh, I must/have to do this one very soon. And it is surely a work of art and beautiful on your wall.

    Thank you once again for a wonderful idea and wonderful instructions!!

  5. I love the gift wrap organization you made! It looks like a piece of art itself hanging on the wall.

    One question I have though is, is it easy to tear off sheets of wrapping paper off the roll when you need to use it? Or do you just take the roll off the hangers?

    1. I have it mounted above my worktable so I can stand in front of it and simply pull the end of the gift wrap I want to use and cut it with scissors.I don’t have to remove the roll from the organizer. When the roll is empty, I will take it off and replace with a new roll. That is the beauty of it – simple and easily accessible.