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Christmas Tree Ornament Made Using a Tiffany Box

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My sister received a gift from Tiffany’s and asked me if I would like the box to repurpose it. I happily took it knowing the teal color would work well in my decor. After some thought I came up with the idea to make a Christmas tree ornament.
Handmade Christmas Ornament that you can make easily by following this easy step-by-step photo tutorial using a small store box
If you happen to get something shiny and pretty in a cute little box with a famous logo on it this Christmas and don’t want to throw it out because it to is special – here is an idea to enjoy the package for many Christmas’ to come… I am calling my ornament… A Little Bit of Fifth Avenue at 57th Street for your Christmas Tree

How to Make a Tiffany Box Christmas Tree Ornament

supplies needed:

  • Gift Box
  • Pencil
  • Hole Punch
  • 8” length of ribbon
  • Beads
  • Button
  • Straight Pin
  • 20 gauge wire (jewelry making)
  • 3 – 2” long endpins
  • 1 large jump ring and 3 small jump rings

1. Open box and mark center on the top part of the lid and box with a pencil. Using a hole punch, punch a hole in each, making sure they line up when closed.

2. Fold ribbon in half and thread a large-hole bead, decorative ring, or button onto the ribbon.

3. Thread ribbon through the lid hole first, then the box.

Tiffany Box Christmas tree ornament

4. Tie ends into knot. Pull ribbon so knot is securely against the inside of the box and the bead, ring, or button is against the outside of the box.

How to make a Tiffany Box Christmas tree Ornament

5.Turn the lid so the box and lid are lined up correctly.

Cropped box

6. Mark center on bottom part of lid and box with a pencil and push a straight pin through each to make a small hole. Cut a 5” piece of 20 gauge wire and tie or wrap it around a jump ring. Pull wire through hole from the inside to the outside of the box until jump ring is against the inside of the box.


7. Thread wire through lid and then pull wire through and close the box.


How to make a Christmas tree ornament using a Tiffany & Co. box

8. Thread a button through the wire so it is against the outside of the box. Create a wrapped loop right against the button. Clip excess wire off.


9. Make beaded dangles on endpins and create wrapped or simple loops on the top of the top bead.  Cut excess wire off. (see post archive: “Jeweled Paper Clips” on how-to make dangles and a wrapped loop.)


10. Attach dangles with small jump rings to the wrapped loop on the box. Hang on your tree.

DIY Christmas Tree Ornament to make using a Tiffany & Co. box

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Tiffany box Christmas tree ornament

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  1. What a great idea! Who would not want a Tiffany & Co Box on (OR UNDER) the tree! Happy Holidays!

  2. This is such a pretty box I don’t blame you for repurpsoing it like this. Great idea. I wanted to thanks-you for all your comments in 2009. Have a great Chrsitmas and New Year. Simone xx