Gift for a Foodie: Five-Star Chef

Gift giving ideas for foodies. 

I have to admit…I don’t like to cook, but it is something I need to do on a daily basis.  To make the process more doable I like to to pretend I am a chef.

Pretending calls for “props and wardrobe”. Most of us have the props – pots and pans like they use on the Food Network, but what most of don’t have is the wardrobe – this can be easily accomplished by wearing a chef’s coat when you cook.

Kitchen decorating ideas on a budget. White kitchen with pink peonies on the counter.

Instead of an apron that only covers the front of your torso, a chef’s coat covers your arms as well, so no stains on any part of your clothes. I bought mine at a local Uniform and Linen supply.  I found them by doing a Google search for “Uniforms in my area”.

It was very inexpensive. I bought the Economy Chef Coat.

You can buy a chef’s coat and then have it embroidered with your name, nickname, or a favorite restaurant at the uniform store or at a local monogram shop.

A Chef’s Coat Makes a Great Gift for Foodie Friends

Chef’s Coats are also make for a unique gift; give it to a friend with their address embroidered on as if it was a restaurant name, Willow Road Bistro or the name of the town they live in.

Food Lovers Gift Ideas. White chef's coat on a dress form.

You can get really creative with what you add to the coat.  I replaced the plain white buttons that came on my chef’s coat with silver ones with violet beads.  I also added a few decorative buttons along the edge of the pocket to personalize mine.

Cooking… can become a stylish event.

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  1. Sasha Kamfiroozie says:

    I really like the wait staff uniform. Very classy looking.

  2. Cute idea!! I think I need one!
    Thanks for linking up to I’m Lovin’ It! Have a GREAT weekend!